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  1. Many thanks to both Mara and Lainey for the good info, and for Mara's generous shipping offer. Amazon is even more horrible than I thought! Their behaviour doesn't surprise me though. Glad I don't want to buy from them.
  2. Yeah IndieAna, I won't use Amazon Australia for anything except Kindle ebooks. Just out of curiosity, yesterday I searched a few random items available on Amazon Australia, and looked at the difference in prices compared to Amazon US. When looking at the US price, I then converted $US to $AU and added on 10% for the upcoming GST. If Amazon was being fair and competitive the GST and difference in the dollar values should be the only price difference. The mark ups were EXTREME! Most things were at least twice the price, some things almost three times the price. For example, shoes by
  3. LOL! Don't worry Mara, we have our own little group of moronic douchebags dictating at their leisure over here too. I would happily pay all extra fees necessary at the checkout, as long as it means I don't lose access to my beloved LPMP perfumes. IndieAna, it's been worrying me more the more I think about it. Will I still be able to order from the Book Depository (considering it's owned by Amazon)? Perfumes/pheromones and books are the big things I order from overseas because they simply often aren't available in Australia (well, not most of the obscure small press books I'm thin
  4. On the first of July this year the Australian government has decided that all items bought and sent from overseas will incur a 10% GST. Some companies will no longer bother shipping to Australia after this date, and I'm wondering whether Love Potion will be doing so? I haven't bought anything for a few months due to lower funds, but may have to do a last panic buy soon if access is blocked next month.
  5. Yep, that sounds very like my experiences with PM- even without the extra DHEAS it is almost like you start to emit an aura of natural charm and grace that people around you can't help but admire. Good luck with your romantic interest, sounds like it's capturing his interest. The little bit of added cops probably tips the scales even more in your favour. Hope all goes to plan. This is one of those pheroblends that seems to make people randomly fall a bit in love with the process of interacting with you. Lumina is another that does that for me too.
  6. This is juicy, gorgeous, warm, pink/purple/orange swirled floral goodness. Like FlowerPower I'm finding that I'm having really great responses from people when wearing this. But they often want to know what I'm wearing, as they love the scent so much. And, selfish thing that I am, I don't always want to tell them. Partially because I don't necessarily want them all knowing about the presence of pheromones, and partially because I want to save some more of its yummy goodness for myself.
  7. Tinkerbelle, I've worn PM in the equivalent of up to 5 or 6 unscented sprays in one go without ghosting. At that point I noticed a lot of random (often older and middle aged) people giving me compliments out of the blue as I wandered around at work. It seems to give people a feeling that you are familiar (even if you're not), and very likeable and competent and comfortable to be around. It makes a lot of people more affectionate in how they speak to or behave towards me, including increased random touching during conversation. I've never worn it around a man who was a romantic target thoug
  8. This perfume is the scentual embodiment of feminine beauty. It is so simple, but so utterly, addictively gorgeous. Wearing it brings out your inner goddess: I feel like Aphrodite, floating about on a cloud of sensual loveliness, sipping/munching offerings of rose lassi, chocolate coated rose petals and musk sticks. It reminds me of a deeper, redder, more sophisticated version of a perfume called Marshmallow by Mor.
  9. Very late reply here sunshinekitten, but I have Gotcha in the spray, and ordered it unscented. I don't get any smell of cops or anything bad, and have now just lightly scented it myself with some Totem Deer (a light floral fragrance). It doesn't overpower the light scent at all, and I spray it on my clothes and hair as well as skin, because it lasts really well that way. I had a great day at work yesterday with Gotcha, everyone just smiling and being so nice and accommodating towards me. Love this one so much.
  10. What a brilliant hit Tyvey! Gotcha is definitely a koala-huggy-bear phero- not only does it make other people all touchy-feely, it also creates a sort of warm, fuzzy aura around the wearer. It's like a spray on version of the "Vaseline lens" effect, except instead of making people seem younger, it makes them seem generally sweeter and more appealing, like a fuzzy little animal just begging to be petted, indulged and looked after. Love it.
  11. Love this one. It's fruity, but somehow soft and creamy as it settles in. I have it I spray form, and while it becomes quite soft when it settles, it also lasts well. I've had quite a lot of compliments on it too- people really seem enamoured with the elegant, rounded fruitiness of the scent.
  12. StacyK, that's really interesting that you've found Gotcha to be too much for work. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if anyone reacts badly, but so far all is very good. My work place is a friendly but reserved mixture of women and men. We all work alongside each other, but are sort of doing our separate thing, so it seems good so far as it's helping to facilitate some really pleasant interactions in moments where we're working in the same area, but they're not constantly surrounded by the Gotcha aura when I'm further away. So far the only person it seems to have made emotional is me- and
  13. Every time I wear this scent people rave about it. They absolutely adore the rich berry fragrance- I've been followed around by scent stalkers. Teddy BB is an odd one for me. I have this phero blend in both Nox and The Big Easy, and with both fragrances the blend has the expected effect of making me feel calm and content. But it has this odd effect of also making me very attractive to men, particularly older men- WTF is up with that?
  14. I've been wearing this one to work the last few days, just to experiment with something I don't usually wear. The best way to describe it is like being encompassed in the aura of a warm hug that just follows you around everywhere- and every person who enters the field of your personal "hug aura" behaves very warmly towards you.
  15. Yay Eggers! So glad it worked so well for you. The reactions you described there are exactly the kind of thing I experience when wearing Lumina, including increased touching and affection from both men and women. It's like wearing a lovely glowing faery glamour that attractions all good things to you. When I wear Lumina I usually notice that my whole day seems to flow better, and I have really good luck, probably because it makes people actively desire to be almost indulgent with me, and therefore to do nice things for me. Hope it keeps working well for you too.
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