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Sugared Melons


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Thank you for the Sugared Melons Mara!


This is nice, just got it today. My head is congested so my review is definitely off a little, because I smell cucumber. Maybe it is the guava, I don't think I've smelled guava before. I like it! :)


My first impression is that it isn't as sweet as some of my other sugared fruits. I have pineapple and fried bananas..so far. Great melon scent, I can even pick up on the watermelon. And rind!


Can't wait to layer this with sugared honeycomb or a few other of my favorites!

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Had to add this. I was telling hubby how great Love Potions are for sending a replacement and was making him sniff, it was the first time I had talked to him about them besides the I spilled half a bottle of banana perfume oil in to the carpeting and that's what you're smelling. LOL


Anyway I showed him my other bottles (not my pg blends, shh those are a secret)and he had an ahhhh "thats how you smelled like chocolate on Valentines day" moment. It was so funny!


Thanks again!

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