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    Just got a sample of this today, and it reminds me SO much of PG: Dominance, which I loved so much, but unfortunately, as much as I desperately want to be bad-ass, the phero comes across a little inauthentic on me. I just can't do dominance. So I am thrilled to have this scent! I am currently crushing on someone who is in the magical arts, so this is perfect. I may amp it with LFN or CB, both of which are a little more in line with my mojo.
  2. If this is anything similar to the original, it is a fabulous cover for cops!
  3. BI LFM Cuddle Bunny Occo Daily when not working. Just a smidge to put a bounce in my step
  4. Good boundary! We all need to learn to ask for what we need. I really respect this! We teach people how to treat us, and if we don't speak up then they don't get the opportunity to learn and self correct. I had a client text me at 7:30 this am. Not cool. Will address it later today.
  5. I have used LFM extensively in networking situations and love it. I try not to wear pheros in session because I want authentic response from clients, but I have seen rapt attention from male colleagues holding on to every word wearing LFM on many occasions. It actually makes me giggle when I put it on, it doesn't really seem fair!
  6. Nobody does tea like Mara. All of her tea scents are among my favorites. This one is no exception. It is bright and perfect for the humid southern summer!
  7. Does this remind anyone else of Silken Moonlight? I am trying to put my finger on what it reminds me of and I think it is that, however I can't be sure because I am out of it. This is lovely and I can't wait to wear it to two weddings I have this month (both on the same day). It feels pure and clean and with the TH it should be a perfect vibe.
  8. Everything looks so yummy and I still haven't been able to sample December! Argh I so miss my monthly sampler!! I just picked a few and ordered samples hopefully with full bottles to follow. Gosh they all look DIVINE!!
  9. therapygirl


    LV your reviews are the best. Always. Just ordered the sample pack because I have to try the lady like fuck. Love you.
  10. Awww man! Ive got no pics! Love the names, though. and the ideas! SO glad to see Ambrosia back! Is is much the same as the first? And can't wait to try velvety Lavender! When I first came to LP (I think 2007) Sugared Lavender was one of my first loves. I think I have adored every lavender since!
  11. Love this one so much! It is my go to if I have an early meeting or if I have to be in meetings all day. I love the phero and the scent. I love the male one too!
  12. You guys are amazing!! Mara, you are literally the most creative person I know!! xoxo
  13. I had the same experience with LFM, it makes him stand down and also kiss my butt a bit and want to spend time around me.
  14. Xev is totally right about the Beta Blockers. They are great for any kind of social anxiety. I used them during my divorce trial to great avail. I ordered mine from overseas and still have enough to last til I die!
  15. Eggers, yes please! I speak often and still have stage fright. I tend to use Leather or LFM because they give me a bounce in my step. Leather makes me feel a little more competent. I don't normally use it because I feel bitchy and not myself when I do, but for speaking I feel a bit of an edge. I am going to try audacious next time though!
  16. It's more like Sugared Melons than Night of the Fae to me. Absolutely slurpalicious!!!!
  17. If there is any left I would be so grateful if someone doesn't end up getting a bottle or doesn't care for it! Let me know!
  18. I wore this to a practice meeting today and was astounded. I had already tested it before in my office and two male clinicians would not leave for anything. They both sat down and wanted to talk to me. They each stayed about an hour after work. This was remarkable because they are each very business like and keep to themselves. This was in a marked contrast. Today in the meeting we had a guest speaker. He addressed me directly the entire meeting, showed me deference and asked three times if we had met before. He worked to keep eye contact with me the whole time. At the end of the meeting the practice owner asked me to escort him out, and afterwards told me it was because we had an "obvious connection." This is serious good stuff!
  19. And every month I gasp at the brilliance and creativity! And I can't wait to get my hands on the precious!!!
  20. This one is snuggly and beautiful and the phero is WONDERFUL for self effects. I have been having issues with anxiety and this makes it go right away! Much more effective for this than tranquility potion (which I still love).
  21. Dream order!! Would include a beta spray of sugared pomegranates amped with treasured hearts for my daughter, who used all the other one I gave her, a beta spray of LFM, samples of the months I missed when I had no money, and bubble bath in tons of scents!!
  22. I have chased my postman down MANY times over these last years trying to get my smellies I have delayed trips while I sat in my packed car at the head of my neighborhood waiting for him to enter the neighborhood with children bitching in the back seat, and I have made friends go wait at my house to sign for them when i couldn't be at home. Nothing SUCKS more than having to go to the post office to pick them up because you missed the postman by a few minutes, or having to go on a trip and miss the box all together! The happiest days are when LP's arrive!!!
  23. I second the Blue Bunny, this is a combo I wear frequently and adore!!
  24. I adore my body bubbles! I got them most recently in LP Red and Cuddle Bunny. I reserve them for special occasions, LP Red when I am going out and want to feel beautiful, and Cuddle Bunny when I want to feel pampered. I am sure when I have another SO I will use the Cuddle Bunny to prepare for intimate times, but currently it's my papmer me scent!
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