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  1. Good Lord, There are so many I want I need to win the lotto, can we have a potion for that ? The artwork is fantastic to. Ok now I am gonna have to scramble for some extra money. Do you think the family will mind eating Macaroni and cheese for a week LOL Tisha
  2. I got my order yesterday Thank you Mara Of course I baptised myself with everything, I have a bad habit of that LOL . I really love the scent of super and normally I dont like vanilla. I find when I try things here scents I normally dont care for I end up loving. I will report on the phero effects as soon as I test it out more. I got a sample of Heartland of my gosh is wonderful. I grew up in the country and we would play in the fields out back alot and it just reminds me of a glorious summer day without a care in the world. Tisha
  3. Tish23

    Sugared Melons

    Oh god Inkling I got a sample of this to and its amazing. I am loving it. My list is forever growing Tish
  4. I just received this one and I love it. Have to test more on the Phero effects but so far it looks promising. Tisha
  5. Sheeeettt I want everything LOL Mara your killing me, you may have to talk to my husband for me when he gets the bill LOL I am so excited, I had to miss out on ordering last month but I have been holding my breath waiting for this months fabulous creations. Tisha
  6. Dang, this will be on my list for next purchase. Great post dolly
  7. Tish23

    Nasty Habits

    I wear EOW 8 to 10 drops straight from the bottle and it smells fruity on me as well. Smells like butt cheese in the bottle though. Its easy to cover but on occasion I have worn it uncovered and amazingly I got compliments on how good I smell. My Package should be in the post office today. Dosnt mean the PO will deliver it today though. If they dont I will run.......ah hop down and get it. One of the perks of working there is I dont have to wait for mr postman if I dont want LOL. Tisha
  8. Snort Tell me about it, I got to much a-none on me once and turned into the horny B$tch from hell. I backed my poor husband into a corner LOL. To much can certainly make women cranky. Tish
  9. Sorry to revive a old topic ladies but I wanted to say a little something about Valentines chocolate. I had one day surgery on my knee last week and when I arrived home all sore and grumpy there was I little brown box sitting on the table waiting for me. HMMM so I got myself all comfortable on the couch and dug in and it was a lovely gift from Mara of Valentines chocolate scent and a few samples. It is incrediable. I sometimes have trouble with certain chocolate scents coming of sort of plasticy on me but this one is rich and yummy on the skin. I had to laugh because when I was lounging on the couch later that evening, I could hear my son rummaging in the frig so after a few minutes he comes in and says to me. "mom where you hiding the chocolate ice cream" I told him we dont have any. He said yes we do I can smell it LOL I told him it was my perfume and he couldn't believe it. He just said wow thats amazing and asked for the keys so he could go buy some chocolate ice cream LOL Thank you so much, Mara for making a tough day so much more enjoyable. Your creations do so much more then make us smell pretty. They bring us joy Tisha
  10. I am loving this one, Its sweet and girly. I got alot of complements wearing this. I have been on leave from work due to surgery on my knee and I stopped in to drop off some paper work and the office staff told me they knew the minute I entered the building because of the heavenly smell. I get that alot when wearing LP scents they are so unique that people know your there before they even see you LOL Tisha
  11. LOL I know you dont leave out much, I cant wait to read them I should be getting mine sometime next week, Im so excited to try them out. If they are anything like PG DOM this is gonna be fabulous. Tisha
  12. Hey, Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I was wondering where you ran off to, Glad your here so I can still chat with ya. My knee is starting to mend and I am so happy I was getting a bit stir crazy. Hi Yep that would be me. Been a customer here for a while but I am very excited about the pheroblends. Well truthfully everything that smells good excites me LOL (((((Dolly)))) Hey you, Great to be here. I am really looking foward to getting some more scents here. They work perfect for cover for my pheros and smell divine. Tisha
  13. Thats on my list to LOL , I got a sample of Victim, you know the one for shameless hussies by David Hess and its fabulous. Tisha
  14. Oh Wow I got mine and it is so gorgeous. Its not a overpowering rose which I was happy to discover. On application I got the subtle waft of chocolate then it dried down into a soft lovely rose. I feel like I am in my grandmother Garden. I havent picked up on the coffee scent. I am loving this. I cant stop smelling myself and I notice my husband hasnt left the room since. I am so glad I got the bit bottle right away. I may have to get another in case the ever stop making it LOL Tisha
  15. Ahhh (((May))) How are you, Yep finally moved my butt and decided to join in. They have been running me ragged over there LOL No not really, you know I love it. I Hurt my knee at work so I have had more time to explore lately. Tisha
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