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  1. RE: Suki's Boy Bait(Celrynnya's Custom Sugar Scent) White Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon Received my order today and this scent is just delicious . The balance of the notes are perfect just the right amount of honey and not too much cinnamon perffffect. This is one of my favorite custom scent's. Great job!! Edit to add I also love the name
  2. Just ordered the monthly sample packs for both months although it took everything I had not to order full sizes of a few I just know I'm going to love .
  3. Yes when can we order . Everything looks Super Fab.... just don't know how you gals do it .
  4. Oh does this mean that maybe the Yules will be released this month ?
  5. This week is STALKING week :banana044: and I'm ansy to get my hands on the "Flower and Flame" .
  6. I'm still not fully recovered from the Sept releases and yea I totally forgot about the Oct releases and that usually doesn't happen . Does anyone know if the Yule scents will be released this month or in Nov? TIA
  7. I'll take a bottle. Please send me an invoice. I'll be placing an order today. Thanks,Josie
  8. Just received my Sept releases and I'm so happy with all of them . At this time I can't say which one is my fave as they were all fab to me...even the Goblin Goo which I wasn't to sure about based on the description was delish...nom nom. Mara/Danna lots of XOXO you did an amazing job as always with Sept scents. P.S. Thanks for the ATD :angelstar-kaos058: . Edited to add... Vivica,awesome job on the label for Autumnal Equinox 08...love it
  9. I've been using the EST spray for a few months now. I use just a couple of sprays on my hair and have had no issues with the scent whatsoever. Neither my hubby or co-workers have ever commented on any weird scent. I do however use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week. Ones olfactory system are different so hopefully you'll be okay with it
  10. seamonkey

    Top Five

    Top 5 1. Cuddle Bunny 2. LP Red 3. Everything Nice 4. Nox 5. All other LP scents I have
  11. Karmiel, I'm glad you liked it. Mara & Danna did a wonderful job creating this scent. I was very happy with the way this scent and the Cocoa Fae turned out.
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