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  1. Favorite five on my guy: Gothic Xmas. (No kidding--he smells so good in this. One of the best parts of the season!) Blood Martini (You'd think this would be too sweet, but on him the sweetness is rounded out by all those wonderful woods.) David Hess's Maniac for Men (wow, in the way-back machine for this one!) North Pole for Men (Woods, ginger, lovely.) Thane (More woods . . .) Conclusion? My guy smells great in woods. He turns spices and vanilla into gold too, as long as he remembers not to apply after a shower--ouch!
  2. I want the full sample pack, and I think I need more Darling Catalina. NEED, I tell you.
  3. Just a little while ago I finished off my entire bottle of the original. I reached for it * a lot*, especially at night. Summer nights, winter nights, autumn nights . . . So comforting and cozy, and the scent remained true to the last drop.
  4. I was not going to order anything else for a while . . . But this week I've been wearing Verhext over and over again. I have been completely seduced by this scent. Usually every fall I'm wearing the super-sweet foodie stuff. Not to mention . . . Leaves? Patchouli? I would never have picked this if it hadn't come in last year's autumn sampler. But it has just won me over. LOVE.
  5. I've been out of communication for a while (wireless card had a meltdown) and had no idea the sale had expanded! Let's see, the boyfriend's birthday is next month, and he was making jokes about wanting a scent based on Conan. (!) I'm thinking some Thane for him. Then I had a friend who asked for Sugared Forest and Little Goth Girl. Now, the real question . . . Which ones am I going to knuckle under and buy?
  6. It took me about 30 minutes of negotiation between my Good and Bad Angel, but I finally placed a modest order with two sale bottles and a few samples I'd been eyeing, including a couple of new April releases. I think I may have even done some early Christmas shopping! I think I can live with this compromise . . . But once I get those samples, I suspect the Bad Angel will be at it again.
  7. OK, a sinus infection just knocked me off my feet for a couple of days. But I'm almost through with grading, I turned in my grad school work on time, and I'm heading into exam week. I have been very, very good. I think I am overdue for some Love Potion Love! I'm thinking Blood on Snow due to my love for red currant, but I'm a little torn over Garland & Lace . . . I have a lot of gingerbread scents already, and that seems to be the predominant note people are getting. Maybe Empress of Persica instead? Or Offering? I can only afford two bottles, so this is a tough decision!
  8. Raven Moon and Raven Moon 2009 Deep, dark, wickedly sensuous & deliciously rich. 33 bewitching ingredients in all, encompassing the magickal properties of Love, Lust, Fertility, Eternal Youth, Playfulness, Fascination, Riches, Luck, Healing, Protection & Hex-breaking. Includes 3 types of rich Amber resins, 3 kinds of aged and Indonesian Patchoulis, and 3 types of delicious Vanilla and Vanilla Bean, plus Apricot, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Honey, Maple, Musk, Myhrr, Peach, dark Sugars, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Violet, and more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When th
  9. It got so cold last week that I finally broke out my winter coat. I stuck my hand in my pocket, and what did I find but . . . Love Potion Black! I thought I'd lost this sample forever, but apparently it was just hiding. Which is fabulous. I'd almost forgotten just how much I love this oil. It's got that lovely, almost edible sweetness, but it's balanced with a bit of a darker edge. On me it's incredibly rich vanilla and luscious honey, edged with other, darker notes. It's like the scent equivalent of a soft black leather jacket, the kind that, whenever you put it on, you know it lo
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