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  1. I'm still not fully recovered from the Sept releases and yea I totally forgot about the Oct releases and that usually doesn't happen . Does anyone know if the Yule scents will be released this month or in Nov? TIA
  2. This review is for the pheromone enhanced LP: Red w/IS First of all LP: Red is one of my favorite LPMP scents. Well it started off this morning right after I applied my LP: Red w/IS. As I was preparing my morning shake my hubby slides right next to me and he states... Hubby:"ooh,you smell good...whatever your're wearing is turning me on". Me: "it's just my LP Red" Hubby:"there must be something in that stuff you wear" Me: "oh moveover I have to finish getting ready for work"*sly grin on face* Well @ work I have a daily morning meeting with my co-managers. I was the first one in
  3. Oh yeah!!! I have both of these...I'll have to try this combo with my hubby
  4. So what did your concoction consist of besides the True Confessions and what a true confession day you had
  5. Oh I hope my order gets here on Monday. I ordered a bottle of this and I can't wait to try it.
  6. Would it be the same? Since I'm a newbie to Pheromones I somehow feel more comfortable purchasing it from LPMP.
  7. I was also planning on getting the EST spray but didn't realize it was sold out until you mentioned it,bummer . Will the EST spray be back in stock any time soon? Thanks,J
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