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  1. Dolly, just out of curiosity, do you *look* like your avatar? And by that I mean, Gypsy, dark haired and caramel skin? It seems like resin scents would go perfectly with that look; as a glow-in-the-dark Irish-Norwegian blonde, I'm wondering if I can handle darker resins, although I love the smell of them in the bottle and on men, especially. There's a real swoon factor to resins you don't get with florals or any foodie smell except for vanilla. In fact, I think of vanilla as almost a resin, not a flower at all. I have to be doubly careful with any flower scents, they seem to be the most likely to be headachy~
  2. Okay, two more: BAM with sandalwood and resins: Can't smell any pheros or cops in this at all; the scent itself is dreamy and wonderful. If the pheros in it are anything near what they're purported to be like, this is well worth a full bottle. Or several. Honeyed Love Potion! I want to post a video of George Takei saying, "OHHHHHH MYYYYYYY" to this. Full on but sheer apricots dosed with caramel sauce at first, then the apricots die down after an hour or two and you're left with honey caramel sauce. This has pheros too? My present targeted victim's birthday is tomorrow. I haven't yet tried out anything on him but I'm thinking Honeyed LP and Perfect Match with a side order of BAM sandalwood might be a good mix. Or is this overkill? I'd hate for his first dose of pheros to be a headache or ghosting effect... are there any annointments that are almost foolproof or will I just have to take my chances?
  3. One hour in: Warm butter slathered apricot honey cakes. If there's patchouli in this, it must come out to play later. Damnit, I need a victim to try Gotcha on.
  4. Hey!!! What happened??? Grumble, grumble... this is what I get for looking at an aged thread. Ladies! Newbies need to know, what happened? Or are you still recovering?
  5. Okay, two more. Hunter and the Woodland Nymph on my left arm: very subtle, absolutely sheer; but a lovely mix of forest floor and bakery. I could easily do a full bottle of this and rev it up with some kinda phero blend that would become a signature scent for wayward sinners For some reason, I'm smelling 'library' with this, also. Something from my memory banks that's too subtle to identify. Maybe lakeshore, sun and algae on sand. The other arm is sporting Rocket Fuel. Dunno about this one. I don't think I like the cover smells and I've got no way to test the pheromones. Damnit. And I'd like to state for the record that this is the first time in my life I've been able to try so many different scents in a few days' time and not get a headache from any of them. I agree with the 'Demeter' perfume guy. I hate perfume. I love this stuff. They smell REAL. All the churches in the world, and none of them devoted to Potion Master worship? Now I tell you, that's what's wrong with this planet!
  6. Ohhhh! This is LOVELY! Working my way through my extensive sampler collection Sweet forest smell, like there's a bakery at the end of the mossy path. This could be easily mistaken for 'just the way someone always smells' in that haunting sense. Add some cops and mones to this and...oh, I would bury my face in a furry chest with this.
  7. Yup, I think you're onto something. I was trying to think of sandalwood earlier and drew a blank. Start saving up for a Private Edition, girl!
  8. There's lots of different resin smells; tincture of benzoin is supposed to be the smell of J&J's Baby Powder (who knew?) Then there's various pine tree resins, etc. You can go over to Basenotes and read for hours. Gawd knows I do. I think I'm obsessed and trying to ignore all my other problems by learning to be a bloodhound.
  9. Playing with Fire: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Resins and Woodsmoke? Oh Potion Master, has this been Done?
  10. THANKS!!! It's so hard to keep referring to the individual listings and try to keep them straight. I'd love a one or two page synopsis I can print up, of each available scent, whether it's 'enhanced' or not, maybe some good mixes to use together, etc. Okay, rethinking this, it would probably be a small book. I'm finding so much information but it's spread out over the entire forum. I would REALLY love a cheat sheet to the oft-used abbreviations. I spend more time looking around to remind myself what all the initials mean. Maybe a decoder ring, like in the 50's cereal boxes...
  11. Go here: http://www.basenotes.net/ID26129015.html and read the description: Top Notes Fig Leaf, Sicilian Bergamot, Pear Blossom Middle Notes Hibiscus, Mimosa, Freesia Base Notes Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Olibanum Absolute, Woods, Amber This is a great site for figuring out what's in any perfume you might be curious about. I used it to find the fragrance notes for Neutrogena Rainbath Original Scent, after years of wondering! Found a perfume that's similar but weirdly, the perfume smells more soapy than the soap does. You could either look through the LP Perfumerie descriptions to find similar ingredients, or buy the pheromones either singly or in blends and experiment with them combined with a scent that you know he likes. He won't know what hit him I love stealth
  12. Okay, today's choice was from my tiny little sample bottle of Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla... ten minutes after putting this on I was craving cinnamon sticky buns and they're in the breadmixer now rising Even though I'm supposed to be avoiding sugar, fuggit, I'm tired of being carb-poor. And I cleaned the kitchen. Twice. And rearranged the cupboards. And brushed the shedding dogs who are driving me crazy with fur everywhere. And I'm considering rearranging the living room and painting all the walls white, rather than the cabin-y light green some of them are now. I think I turned into my grandmother.
  13. Welcome, Fellow Newbie Addict Let us know what exactly that was you wore the first day, and keep track of it yourself. Start a journal, it all starts to meld together in your brain and it's hard to keep track of individual hits and the more successful days unless you do. 'Specially when you get old like me. Also, Be Aware that engineers are the easiest to influence of all men. Except for computer dweebs. Something about the way their brains work, but this stuff just does an end run around those highly rational minds and hits them right in the lizard brain. Bwhahahahahahaahahaa!
  14. P.S.; I'll go look up the thread, but would someone like to explain exactly what effect 'Leather' has on people? I can guess, but I'd love to hear the anecdotes
  15. Great thread!!! I can't add anything except I wonder if all the possible solutions have to be in the Un-Scented department. Most hospitals and offices have strong no-fragrance rules now due to allergies, etc. Besides which if you come in under the radar, you'll be better able to determine which pheromones might be working either to make you happier in spite of her, or morph her behavior. Keep in mind even if you find something that works, you might need to mix it up every so often to keep everyone from becoming inured to the effects. Aaaannndddd, look on the bright side; I returned to work for a grand total of a few HOURS after my first was born. I fell apart being away from him, like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. If she's financially able to at all, she may just decide not to return full time and her influence in the department will diminish. BTW people, even though there's days I feel like I *look* like my avatar, seeing Celrynnya's picture gave me a double take. For me it's like looking into a mirror 20 or 30 years ago. Weird
  16. Okay, now I'm quoting myself, my short term memory being what it is, I was going to start a new thread about this but realized I'd already voiced the thought. Sheesh. Okay peeps, here's the deal. I'm 59, almost 60, decidedly post menopausal AND post total hysterectomy so my endogenous estrogen levels are only being replaced by the adrenal glands. About 13 years ago now, I started researching 'smart drugs' or nootropics (too much info to share, you'll have to do the research yourself if you're interested, or I can start a cheat sheet thread elsewhere) and decided to start experimenting with them. Long story short, I devised a supplemental program that included three different hormone replacements, DHEA, pregnenolone, and black cohosh. The combination was incredible on a nearly Fountain Of Youth, Ponce De Leon style level. Combined with over the counter lecithin supplements which improve the acetylcholine levels in the brain, for the first time in my life since I was pre-pubescent, I had rock-solid emotional states, access to my entire IQ rather than constant bouts of brain fog and mood swings, and people who have just met me usually guess I'm between 43 and 45 years old based on skin tone, etc. I also managed to realize I'm a writer for the first time in my life, rather than just a reader Fast forward to present issues, and I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with very low level breast cancer. And yes, there's a possibility that the hormone supplementation these past 13 years triggered it; there's no way of knowing. Could have repressed it or slowed it, too. But I've been ordered off ALL hormone supplementations, had a lumpectomy, now I've agreed to limited radiation with brachytherapy with great trepidation, and after that, they want to put me on aromatase inhibitors which will tank my remaining endogenous estrogen levels to 2% of normal. In other words, a chemical castration of epic proportions. When I asked the idiot means well 'chemo guy' doc if that didn't mean severe acceleration of aging, he just looked at me like I'd been on the internet too much or something; well the side effects of AIs are: severe joint pains, bone density loss, cardiac damage, and I'd be willing to bet, incipient crone-level skin wrinkling. And ladies, if your skin is turning to a collagen-less form of leather, so too are the rest of your internal organs. At some point, pliability gives way to calcification and you croak. After I had to stop the three supplements I had grown very used to and also grown to LOVE the effects of, my mood tanked so badly that within a few days, I was an emotional wreck. Granted the recent diagnosis was bombing my stress levels, but I'm no good to myself or anyone else if I'm sobbing uncontrollably while trying to make breakfast or slamming doors so hard I break the hinges... :-/ I overnight turned from a thoroughly rational, emotionally solid post menopausal female into a pile of quivering, hysterical jello. So here's my plan: I want to discover which pheromones might make up for the lack of internal, blood circulating estrogen. Not only for mood uplift, but possibly for actual effect on the body, anti-aging properties, without any remaining cancerous or precancerous cells getting a boost from blood-circulating hormones. I know a lot of you have knowledge about which pheromones are the mood enhancers; the other is a more complicated question but worthy of some thought. If someone wants to forward this post to the Stone Research people, they might have some thoughts along these lines, or perhaps they've long since been working on it... there's not a small possibility that cancer and other diseases of aging could be fought with diet, exercise and hi-tech aromatherapy with pheromones...
  17. I was reading last night in the 'sold out' section about Portmanteau. It looks like one I'd really love; if I understand it correctly, some 'out of stocks' can be recreated as private issues, but others can't because the ingredients are no longer available?? I've started taking notes on which ones I would like to sample and play with but it's hampered by the language's inability to amply describe smells. I love being able to nail a thought with words, and this is a true challenge; how do you describe even the commonplace experience of walking past a bakery, much less the smell of 'chypre' which I'm still quite unsure of. Even my beloved oakmoss, which is a single note, is nearly impossible to describe to another person, and everyone I've given the bottle to, to sample, has reacted without much... err, reaction. It sends me over the moon, far back in time to a place only my ancestors really knew...other people - meh. How surpassingly odd it all is! Update for this morning, Love Potion #9 still on my wrists and the drydown aftermath is still lovely and calmingly elegant. I got really angry about something that happened yesterday, wrote a scathing email I was wise enough not to send, and washed off the Seven Tears which I was suspecting might have influenced my moods and substituted the LP#9 instead. I really think it helped. Took maybe an hour but it really calmed me down. (More on this in a separate thread, methinks). Now, what to try today....?
  18. Okay, I got the bottles I ordered plus a whole bunch o' samples! This is going to be FUN! The first day I ended up putting five seven different trials on me; one on every wrist, forearm and shoulder and Perfect Match (which I thought should have a smell but now know not) all over my cleavage. Perfect Match definitely has staying power with that oil base, no definite self results yet and no victim yet to try it on... The dog came over for her nightly head rub, took a good long inhale (without snuffing like they usually do) of my left hand, and I swear her eyes rolled to the left and she nearly swooned. Gawd knows what this stuff smells like to a canine nose.. the cat did that 'oowie' face to Seven Tears this morning, and I have original Love Potion #9 on now. I think the Seven Tears may have made me crabby but the smell was wonderful. Like flower petals soaking in clean ocean waves. The LP #9 is Pure Classic; It smells like the back seat of a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow after Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart exit, all dressed up and ready for the Oscars.
  19. I'm very late to the party here, but East Indians often smell of sandalwood; much of their toiletries are loaded with it, including soap and whatever colognes they traditionally use. Add in that curry comes out of your pores when you eat it every day (in the same way Italian food lovers often smell of garlic, onions and tomatoes, but in a good way! and you have a spicy component. I'm betting that you were getting strong hints of sandalwood, and that's one helluva aphrodisiac especially to a foreign nose. Americans don't seem to really smell of anything and mores the shame.
  20. Awww, thanks guys. I'm still awaiting my order so nothing to report there. I *did* do some experimentation with a freebie I won over at LoveScent, MojoPro for Women. I haven't had a chance to try it on a human male yet, but my roomie's male golden retriever really liked my leg for some reason! I think the smell of it is pretty strong, I doubt I would wear it more than just once or twice to test results in a noncommittal fashion. One of the tricks I used to use years ago to test pheromones (LoveScents EoW and Alter Ego) was to go into a bar or music venue situation without them on and notice reactions to me. Then apply them, wait for the dry down to happen for a bit outdoors and return to the same scene. You could definitely see the results that way, if any. This week has seen two visits with the 'Chemo Guy' and the 'Radiation Guy'; while at first I was bound and determined not to go ahead with either one, I seem to have been talked into the radiation; I'll be getting brachytherapy, a short version of internal radiation through a catheter that's inserted and left in place for 10 days; there was suspicious cells in the tissue that was removed with the lumpectomy so the case was made that knocking them back into submission would be a good idea. My big problem now is the hormonal therapy; I've had to stop some smart drugs I was taking, DHEA and pregnenolone as well as black cohosh, all for menopausal symptoms as well as memory issues, brain fog, etc. Inside of three weeks I was crashing big time. Coming from a remarkably steady-state, almost nothing bothers me mental and emotional state to hot flashes, massive mood swings, tearing up for no (?) reason and just wanting to hide under the covers. If they put me on aromatase inhibitors to suppress an estrogen-receptive cancer, the little estrogen I have now will be reduced to 98% of endogenous. Add in user's reports of horrible joint pain ('like I'm 100 years old!), osteopenia and osteoporosis, cardiac damage, etc and so forth (not to mention probable deep depression and brain fog) and I'm really not wanting to do those things. I have a question for 'Rosebud' if she's listening; I think she might be the only doctor around here. Any possibility that wearing hormonally based scents will affect blood levels? I don't think so, the research is sketchy though. I think the pheromones might actually help me cope with everything. Well, off to read about all the new scents! This place is becoming my fantasy go-to to get away from real life for a while...
  21. I saw that, Thaumaturgist (a word I need to look up!). I have some coming in sample form but if it works...I'll get more quickly. Now the problem is, since I don't see his new guy but once a week, how do I figure out (quickly?!) which one works best? I can judge which ones I like best on myself fairly well but sometimes the self effects are different than the other people effects.
  22. If I remember correctly, frankincense, myrrh, cedar, sandalwood ?, cinnamon, nutmeg... probably a bunch of others that I can't remember because the ingredients were so exotic. I know there wasn't a synthetic in there, he was quite clear on that. I'm pretty sure there are no pheromones in it.
  23. Hello Chickadee! Methinks we're somewhat in the same boat, time-of-life-wise. Your finding that pheromones affect your moods better than artificial supplements is worthy of a LOT of research. There's something going on here that's medically significant. There's countless reports here of people being affected by pheromones unbeknownst to themselves as to why, but you're reporting, in effect, that smelling hormones is as good as actually having them circulating in your blood. I'm not sure medical science is even aware of that...
  24. Thanks, everyone! Cinnamonmel-Yes I still have the book. It's over 40 years older now! Still kinda crumbling and I'm not sure the 'spells' in it are of any use, but it's certainly a novelty and it's traveled with me all this time. I've lived in a lot of different states since then, given away and sold thousands of books, but this one is a keeper. Gold leaf on the page ends, gold stamping on the cover, a picture of 'Swami' somebody on the frontispiece, the whole bit Quiet Guy, I can't really wear Pheros; I absolutely swoon at the smell of it; the pure resin/no chemicals smell of it is ancient, abiding; it's damn near reincarnational. But it's far too heavy to actually wear on me. I'm a five foot tall, very cuddly built blonde and this needs to be on a Nubian Egyptian Queen. 'Dr. Smell This' once posted the ingredient list to Pheros over at Love-Scent and its very much a Middle Eastern frankincense/myrrh built blend. It's 'spend a night in the King's Chamber and have a mystical experience' type stuff. Mindblowing and precious. So once in a while when I want a hit of the afterlife, I pull it out and smell deeply. Wow. It actually creates memories from another lifetime; walking through dark torch lit hallways of marble and stone; hushed priests chanting, music from another time and many Gods and the Pharoah to be served... My new friend knows about my medical issues. Boy, does he. We had planned a first meeting on a Monday afternoon (meeting halfway so neither had to drive so far) and I had to email a few hours' beforehand and tell him the doctor's office had called, that I had urgent preop appointments finalized for that same time frame, and oh, by the way, I'm having a lumpectomy for breast cancer this Friday... I hadn't wanted to tell him before we met in person, at least; and frankly I was still dealing with it internally and couldn't talk about it yet. I was expecting him to back away and do the 'normal' thing you do when a stranger tells you they have a rather scary medical diagnosis. Instead (this is before even having met in person or talked on the phone!) he offered to come with me to the hospital, did I need a ride or anything else, etc... Anything, anything at all. I was astonished; this in someone I had just emailed so far. Granted, they were some durn good email conversations, but dayum! I guess now I'm worried that he won't want to get involved past a certain friendship point because of this rather looming issue, or if it's more his own realization that in the past he's gone too fast and regretted it and he's learned not to. I probably came on too strong at first too; there's a lot of ummm, pent-up demand, sexually, here. Because the tumor was estrogen-receptor positive (meaning it feeds on hormones) I've had to abruptly stop all the supplements I was taking, DHEA and pregnenolone, as well as black cohosh and it turns out they were stabilizing my moods a lot. I'm now full-on, on a rollercoaster emotionally. Not easy and I'm having trouble holding it together on a minute-to-minute basis. "I have been thinking long and hard about it - and I am sure but maybe you have thought about this approach - you are the one on the ground and can read the situation the best - but before I was married I once found myself in a situation remotely similar - if he knows your medical situation - maybe just say something like "Look - this can go in any direction - but whichever direction it goes I really want to enjoy life to its fullest with you". I know everyone is different but I said "Yes". Yup - very much this is a way of saying it. Thanks for giving me the words. Someone on one of the other threads made a very salient point; that sex is the icing and the cake is the important part. Guess I should keep reminding myself of that and at least wait until the cake is out of the oven and cooled down to slather the icing on This would NOT be my usual way of doing things. What can I say, I'm a Leo
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