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    Well the bf liked this! He didn't think it was too feminine... Although it smelled slightly smokier and spicier on him, it was still a sheer, sweet musky vanilla on him. I might go FB and share with him... Hmmmm...
  2. On the bf, the blueberry faded really quickly and as it dried it became very very spicy woods. As time went on, the words became more prominent and the spices less so. Fairly similar to totem beaver, but it is deeper and earthier.
  3. We use Benzoin tincture in the NICU, we sort of paint it onto the skin and it allows things to stick. It is tacky. It smells like a medical sap. Sweetish, rubbery. Hard to describe, really.
  4. I love this so much and the levitation is actually working for me! I'm perky and just maaaaaasybe I put on too much bc my pulse really went up. As for the scent, its delicious! It smells like my favorite fruit, sugar apple/anon. Sorry, don't know if it's the ylang that I'm smelling, because I'm not sure what that smells like. But this really smells divine! It's soft, with a fragrant tang, sweet and creamy. Mmm! Oh, I really don't get much spice. I did get a free whiffs of licorice but it is not strong. The only problem is that it does not last at all. it's unfortunately gone within two hours. BUT the levitation is not, hence the possible OD.
  5. So. Much. Blueberry. Painful blueberry. I'll have to give this a fair shot on its own later. I can tell the bf will not allow this one.
  6. Where are all the spices I'm smelling in this? I totally got straight up allspice at first. Like AHE w lumina! Now I'm getting a hint of apple and more woods but now I'm really confused! I hope it smells earthier on the bf. I make masculine smells smell so feminine. It has great throw and I can tell it's going to last a long time.
  7. belle-ville


    This is so masculine on me!! I'm loving it. I don't even know how to describe it. I don't smell smoke yet... If anything it may be a touch of very clean, clear smoke, more airy than smoky. I also get a hint of the allspice... It DEFINITELY is elegant. A sweet, clean musk with just a touch of vanilla and allspice. I think i don't know what sandalwood or myrrh smell like loooool. MUST put this on the bf. I may also have to go full bottle but we will share!! Hum. About an hour in, this is getting more feminine. Probably too feminine for him to wear, but I'm still going to try it!!
  8. I wish I could have had the bf try this one too! It sounds really nice. Eta: I derped!
  9. Omg. I can't wait to try this. I'm SOOO excited I got a bottle in the trade forum!!
  10. Ugh Bella that is such a crazy setup. It was raining here in atl so I'm guessing they didn't want to get wet. Ugh ugh ugh.
  11. WELL. they decided not to leave it at all due to "no secure location" which is BULLSHIT because my front door is super fucking secure since I'M HOME AND WAITING FOR THE DOORBELL TO RING
  12. So I did this, this morning. But it's sunday... We'll see what happens. I'm not sure if they deliver on sundays. I'm more miffed that someone can pay for priority shipping, which offers tracking, and then your package not be tracked. For days!
  13. I know this is an old thread, but not only is it frustrating, but isn't scanning/updating a sort of safeguard to make sure the packages are kept track of? I have had packages say "estimated delivery [yesterday]" and a few times where it stays like that for weeks after my package has been delivered. Is it laziness of the workers, overload or is scanning not expected at every junction? Ugh I just want to know when to expect my package.
  14. I was thinking along the same lines. Sneaky clean is a very powerful scent, I think I'd have to use like 1/6th of what I normally use with other scents
  15. LOOOOOL we definitely didn't get any of those types of treats!! I'll blame the testing bitch face I own and my innate state of complete obliviousness!
  16. Well it was me(28) and another young girl (24) and we felt safe enough in Naples. And on the language bit, it's a bit different for me because I speak Spanish but everyone spoke English!
  17. Yes, gluten free! Florence is so nice i'd love to go to Venice... I went to Rome, Florence, and Naples/Pompeii. So lovely!
  18. I've only tried h&s and it makes me more lovey. I love life and people when I'm wearing it.
  19. Ooooh, did I never mention that this is my jam?? It's also very juicy/fruity to me, lots of cream. I wish I was wearing it right now to better review it. I do wear it all the time, though. One of my coworkers liked it so much I gave her the last little bit of my sample since I scored a bottle on the trade forums. Mmmm ~^.^~No selfies for me though
  20. I can't wait to try my sample of this! Such anticipation.
  21. Where in Italy are you studying?? In Florence there is a big farmers market behind the leather market and in there was an older man who makes the most unbelievable caffe lattes I had in all of Italy. PS to the other gf girls on here--Italy is SOOOO gf friendly! Don't hesitate for a moment to go.
  22. belle-ville


    Well this is freaking delicious. I know I'm 5 years late to the party. But omg this is wonderful. It's sweet , non-sticky honey musk for me. I don't smell strawberry... It's almost incense-y. Apparently I love oakmoss too! So glad I got this off the trade forum! Ty Katz!!! ETA: a few hours later I've realized I'm getting faint whiffs of strawberry, after all. Amazing!!
  23. What you're describing sounds like men... talking/thinking about their feelings?! It's like rewriting genetic code!! Glad you could put an end to a negative influence and now I have to try it.
  24. Welcome! Take lumina into consideration, too. It's my favorite so far, but mainly for the selfies. Youre gonna enjoy your order either way!! The scents here are to die for. Also the social blends may get you attention in a non-overly sexual way, which might be more in line with your natural personality. Lfm sounds perfect... Not too sexual so you can use it while you're out! Just remember, cops aren't really appropriate for a night out on the town, they are too sexual.
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