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  1. Email sent. I am officially NOT going to cause any more work for you. 🥰
  2. May I please release the large bottle of Sugared Berries? I still have a small unopened bottle. Thank you, Potion Master.
  3. I rather like that new photo, Potion Master..older, a wee bit wiser and a bit worse for wear, and absolutely grizzled. Here's to it! 🥃🥃
  4. Mara, I'll send you the list via email. Just one final thought. When you have a moment, 😳😖😠 (I see you, House Elf, and accept your scorn), wave your hands over the fluorite AND the orange calcite, Pull one of each tallying up to about $40. any shape &/or any finish. Choose whatever you feel drawn to for me. I trust your choices without question. Looking to clear the cobwebs, boost energy, and infuse a bit of joyful balance after such a protracted period of grey. As always, many thanks. Sending you energy, hugs and peace. 🥰
  5. Thank you, Mara. I have never, in all the years of sales, been so discombobulated. So sorry to cause you extra work. I am finished adding, I promise. 💞
  6. Dearest Potion Master of Greatest Patience, I would like to release back the Raspberry Rhapsody to Raydee8_love. I have a bottle here, and I don't want to take another if it was reserved. Thanks to Raydee8_love for the kind gesture. I have done some thinking, and I'd like to please reserve the following: (1) Small Sugared Berries << ONLY AVAILABLE IN LARGE, BUT RESERVED (1) Small Sugared Pine Needles (1) Adult Sized Mask in the Tarot Card Pattern Thank you so much.
  7. Rayde8_love, thank you, but no worries, please. You keep the Raspberry Rhapsody. I have some adding to do, based on Potion Master's updated totals for me. You and Mara work out the Raspbery Rhapsody.
  8. Good Afternoon, LPMP Crew! Here's the please reserve from me, thus far: NOT IN SALE New Releases: $32.95 (1) Full Roller Bottle Lantern New Release Samples: total $32.50 (25.00) Cassia Creme Cake Hemwicke Holliday Infusion Summer Release: $5.00 (6.50) Kiki IN SALE: $10.00 Sm. bottle OCCO Raspberry Rhapsody (18.95) << I'M SORRY, ALL GONE! FROM LP STORE $20-$30 Fluorite sphere/ball << ok, will see what we have on monday. Grand Total: $100-$110 Two Freebies: (2) full roller bottles 10:31 I think this is correct, but if not, just tell me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you lovely, magickal people. I love you oodles!
  9. All hail our fearless Potion Master, her brilliance, her kindness, and her dedication. She and her amazing crew always do their very best, especially during this sale. Everybody read the rules more than once, clarify what confuses you, then buckle up, have fun, and prepare to have a religious olfactory experience. 💞
  10. Thanks, Luna. Sample of Hemwicke (which keeps correcting to Heimlich 🤣), and fb of Lantern, to be sure. There are only about six bottles I am pretty certain I can't live without-Send Help!
  11. Well, here I go asking questions. I am eyeing both Lantern and Hemwicke. Intrigued by both, no, salivating over both. I tend to amp both amber and sandalwood, to the point of those devouring everything else in the perfume. Anyone who works at LPMP have this issue? I am nearly out of all the pumpkin scents I've purchased in the past, so I could use some guidance. I will order samples, but would love full bottles of at least one of these as well-and, uh-a few others. Cassia, Holliday, and Infusion, I'm looking at you!👀👀👀
  12. Admittedly, I sniffed every scent-and tried four of them 30 minutes after arrival. Since then, I have been a good girl and allowed the travel shock to subside. First out the gate for true testing is Bare Trap. It may be better than originally thought (which, is impossible, isn't it?). Somehow, the entire olfactory sensation is almost chewy, like a truly excellent nougat confection-NOT a cheap Milky Way-like Sees or Fannie May Candies. There's a softness, a sweetness, a smouldering spiciness, and such depth. Mara, you've created "The" self-assured woman. Brava!
  13. Have a quick question for our Potion Master regarding Bare Trap: What spice might be giving off the slightest bit of smoke scent? I know, I know, my skin-to-scent reaction is a mystery, but hear me out, Potion Master. Is the vanilla woody, like Mexican Vanilla Beans? Might it have gotten hot and bothered with a spicy smoked Ceylon cinnamon? I get all the beautiful benefits of the listed potion ingredients with the added benefits of a distant whiff of bonfire, which, btw, is intoxicating. Oh, and this lavender is gorgeous, pillowy soft. I know guys are supposed to be incapable of resisting this combo, but seriously, I may add powdered lavender to my pumpkin cookies this year. This is good enough to eat.
  14. The Weenies have landed and the entire parcel is PERFECTION! Goes without saying that Weenie Roast, Flying Potion, Soul Cakes and Bare Trap are exactly what the Good Witch ordered. I was completely blown away by Candied Apple (fresh, crisp-tart with just the right sweetness), Rum Woody (this defies every expectation. Gobsmacked!), and Black Aggie (my kitchen when I'm stirring up holiday cakes). The one that I will dab onto a cloth and use as a relaxing sleep scent?..The Stag. It is the memory of the cabin in the pine woods we used to take the kids to every summer. I haven't even gotten to the rest of samples, but I am so excited that I had to pop in to thank you for yet another amazing contribution to olfactory bliss. I love you oodles!
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