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  1. I think I’ve decided to wait and see what Mystic Dewdrop is like before I order Winter in the Tropics. Looking for an LFM enhanced scent.
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    I got Pashazade 60/40 spray for my... my... not sure what to refer to him as anymore! But we both really liked it.
  3. I’m getting a bunch of samples (including Cacao Amor) this payday, but as far as FBs: Friends and Lovers (spray) Odalisque (roller) Winter in the Tropics (roller)
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    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    If you still have this style, does it have either ‘guide dot’ pages (for lack of a better word) or plain blank pages? Any other colors?
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    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    I think I still like the small dark brown & gold Paperblank with the metal latches. I’m guessing the paper is lined? Im looking for unlined, or even better would be the “guide dots” that I see sometimes. I could go for lined IF it’s very subtle lines. How much $$ is it? I also like the green blown glass pen. Still have those?
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    Stalk Talk!

    I guess it could be the scent I’m using, but with different scents and different cats, I haven’t found the pattern yet - maybe I was watching for the wrong issue? ive heard some essential oils are toxic to cats, but I thought that was only when they are forced to lick it off, because someone applied it to their skin for holistic reasons? Just smelling certain oils can be bad too🤯? ETA - I’m currently using just LP fragrances. Which leads me to another question - I understand you don’t use artificial stabilizers (or whatever chemicals ordinarily go into perfume). Does this make it less objectionable to environmentally sensitive people?
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    STORE: Stationary & Journals

    Do you still sell journals? I‘m admiring that small gold Paperblank in the photo quoted below:
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    Desperation & Djinn

    Looking forward to trying this one.
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    Hi from melisse in california!

    Hi there! I’m here to point out that you guys are bad influences - Hello Everyone! And thanks for all your reviews. Recently split with BF and I felt the need for a fresh start. Got my hair cut, and began looking for new perfumes. An Amazon search of perfumes included pheromones. I curiously followed the lead. Lots of dark, glossy medicinal looking bottles with Rx-looking logos that seem to try too hard to impress me. And among the listings, Mara’s brand stood out as being more sincere and arty. I followed the suggestion I go to her website for more selection, samples, etc. I started with 3 sampler packs (pherotine, time travel, and the women’s starter set. From here I fell I love with Luxurious, got the FB before even trying half of the samples. It was that good! FBs I currently have: ~Luxurious - My first & very favorite scent so far, but I think the BI is giving me headaches...? From what I’m reading, it seems somewhat common. ~UN Levitation spray ~1969 w/Open Windows spray ~Tea and Flowers w/MegaWatt spray ~Sophia’s/Lady McBeth, oil ~Caroline’s Nile Spice, oil ~Barbara’s Sandal Rose, oil, pretty but maybe a little too subtle. This might be good to wear phero-less to work (home health care, we typically don’t wear fragrance). Happy with everything so far❤️ At this point though, i was still wondering if pheromone effects were real or just the power of suggestion. So I ordered: ~UN Levitation spray. I totally gave it a workout at home, alone, without a cover scent. Just to see if its just the fragrances that are sending me over the moon, or if there’s really something to the phero thing. I learned there really is something to pheros, but I agree it’s better when used in a more aromatherapeutic habitat, something airy and floaty, I chose ~Distant Planets to showcase it (FB is on order) Went out with my ex for lunch, and a walk. We get along well and we still see each other a few times a month. But it was so surreal just how much fun we had that particular day. I felt like there was magic in the air all around us as we took a Sunday walk through San Francisco’s abandoned-for-the-weekend business district, marveling at how even the Starbuckses were empty. I’m not necessarily wanting to get back together, I’m actually enjoying our mutual freedom. But the first-datiness of it was such a trip ... this comes in a bottle? How fun! On another day, my cat was in my face meowing for dinner. We are very close, but it seemed like the first time I reeeally looked at her. I suddenly became aware of how pretty her markings are, and how her cute little nose wrinkles with each meow. I really felt her pain, it’s dinnertime, man! I meowed back sincerely, and I noticed how expressive her eyes/eyelids were in reply... <melisse shakes head vigorously> OMG I’m totally having deep one-on-one with my cat. I got up to get her meal, rather than waiting until the next time I get up. A Facebook friend shared an animal rights post. Something China was frivolously doing to baby frogs and salamanders (I’ll spare you the details). I cried. Over a frog. I bonded with that frog, I loved that frog, poor little frog... And TV watching! Adds a sense of being there and engaging with the characters in the story. I turned down the lights, the blurriness of the multi-phero cocktail (I was still testing various samples) seemed to form a cozy cushion surrounding me and my TV show. The phone rang and jolted me back to reality. Later I watched a documentary about space on my widescreen HD tv. Kept the lights out and enjoyed the “being there” feeling while watching the universe. I also treated my “fantasy man” to a Risqué Whisque spray. I put it behind my ears at bedtime, perfect placement to reach my nose in a laying down position. It’s nice to feel that fuzzy cushion of male pheromone blend as I cuddle my pillow to sleep. There’s no actual man here, btw. Okay! So Cool! So now comes the Big Guns. Ordered FBs of the most concentrated, single molecule Levitation-type pheros. That was Friday. That’s enough now, Melissa! Geez! But it wasn’t. Picked out a few unphero-ed FBs and samples, gotta have something to wear all that Alpha/Beta/DHEAS with! I’m also looking forward to trying Panther w/Cougar, Peace and Calm w/ Bomb Balm, and Beth’s Milkmaid w/copulins - I skipped their samples and bought FBs “smell-unsmelled”, as well as some PEs, based on their ingredients and your reviews only. So I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming! I guess this newb should have a whole lot to share here soon. Melissa 😉
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    Hi from melisse in california!

    We had a nice date. And I gave him the Pashazade, it’s a 60/40 oil spray. He liked it, but I’m not sure if pheros work on him. I shared with him my favorites, Open Windows and Balm Bomb, because those seem like the best examples of how they work... but they didn’t on him. And I’m like, damn, Really? My main phero of the night was Panther with some additional cops. He liked the fragrance a lot! But with the failure to feel the more “first person” kinds, I’m wondering if he detected any of these either.
  11. I’m diggin’ my Panther❤️
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    Chrissy's Autumn Halo

    I got my bottle and tried it out immediately. From reading the reviews here, I knew to expect something unusual. It really seemed to take me back to my preteen years, when the warm days were starting to get shorter, and Mom’s curfew was nightfall. So I’d walk home in warm Autumn sunsets at a time of evening when traffic is quieting down, families are together at home, dinner is ready. I refreshed it and wore it to bed. I’d wake from time to time, notice it’s gentle aroma again, and it was very comfy. Very nice.
  13. Hope I’m not a heretic, but I added what I had left of the sample vial of Cougar to my Panther spray and let it rest a few days. Not sure if that was enough to make a difference, or if it aged, or if it just grew on me, but I really like it. I also want to know what “sparkle” means in this case. When I first got it, it gave me tingles, almost to the point of feeling chilly! Or does “sparkle” refer to a note in its fragrance?
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    Now I have nothing on why this is. I thought musks were the issue.
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    I love this. I’m so sensitive to a lot of musks but I keep trying. The smell of this was so goood and I am so used to things that smell like this giving me a headache. But it didn’t! Mmm... Does anyone know why this musk is kind to me while Sugared Honeycomb (and many others) is less than kind? I actually bought samples of Sugared Honeycomb and OCCOSLF at the same time and tried both, one on each hand. It was totally surreal how a headache emerged and followed the SH hand around, increasing when it’s close, easing as I held it away in the air current, disappearing when I washed it off. OCCOSLF is definitely on my (short)list dark musky scents.
  16. Sometimes I go straight to FB, I've been lucky each time so far. I like the notes listed here, the choice of LFM, the pretty label, and I’m thinking FB... I’m specifically looking for an LFM spray - dare I?
  17. And a roller of Open Arms as well as an UN Open Windows. My plan was to mix the UN 1000mcg with the Open Arms 333mcg together, then replace back into their two roller bottles - voila! Two bottles of 666(😬) strength Open Windows but with half the amount of scent! Midway between an UN and a regular Open Arms. i guess my very favorites come down to the simplest self-effects kinds like Open Windows and Balm Balm.
  18. Mmmm... just delivered. It’s Driveby Fruiting the rest of the evening! ETA - I want to drown in this.
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    Elementary Ch.6 w/B2.2

    Ooo this sounds amazing... I’m getting a trial
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    I don’t see one of my daily-wear favorites - 1969 w/Open Windows💗 on the list.
  21. I didn’t know we could do that - is there any more to pre-order? Ive got another buttload of stuff coming. I’ll just hit the highlights: PEs: Chrissys Autumn Halo Trinas Summer Skies Charmed Chiara A Threebie featuring EGG A Threebie of Totems A Threebie featuring Wink at the Moon Driveby Fruiting w/1000mcg Open Windows And best of all, a custom request for a 1000mcg boosted version of my current love, Peace and Calm.
  22. Hmmm... ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Popularity potion FB is listed again😃
  23. Sounds like a good idea.
  24. I may need to get another Lady McBeth. I’m finding that the dark musky scents usually give me headache. But LMcB doesn’t! How can anyone resist a perfume with a label featuring the Lady holding a dagger? Im collecting a small bag of wonderful fragrances that smell fabulous, until the next second where I get punched with a headache. Luxurious (I was so sad about this one, it was my very first LPMP love, I didn’t realize my sensitivity until after I FBed it), Devilish Thoughts (also FB), Always a Lady (FB from a Threebie), Laloo and Sugared Honeycomb (I am now appreciating the need to buy trial sizes first).
  25. Oh! I had my eye on the FB with the Star on the front. Seriously , as soon as I put it back, it couldn’t be found 2 hours later when my 2nd thoughts decided I really really want it. I have a phertine sized Popularity, and I like how I feel with it. Funny how, if you pay attention, you can feel you brain waves change with approx 3 deliberate whiffs. Confidence and feeling like my stage awaits! Not sure if others see me that way, but whatever. This is mostly for me! La Fem Mystere gives me a really nice feeling too. i don’t really have a technique for mixing, i look to this group for info like that. For my little 5ml bottle I put 3ml of Lady MacBeth and 2ml of Sexology. I guess that puts it close to the recommended strength.