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  1. Ditto! Love the new occo set, but this was my favorite. Don’t really know what to wear with it yet because it’s so awesome alone.
  2. After trying the new OCCO samples and deciding to go FB full set, I was left with these very-much-loved-though-hard-to-open samples. I added my Coco Cocoa and Occo Choco into my Odalisque. Seemed to give it a bit more depth and staying power.
  3. Just received my sale order! So much fun. Sniffed all the bottles, currently wearing Howl.
  4. I’m seeing Evening Breeze and Deliciae as no-brainers (no-nosers?). I have an FB spray of each on the way.
  5. It’s too bad the label is unavailable, because I’d love to make this as a spray as part of my spray collection: Edit - I mean, sure, I can add it to my collection, just sayin’... I’d love to have the pretty label to go with.
  6. omg - I Love this!! Just received my shipment, and omg, omg.... It Is Amazing.
  7. Got my sample last week and it really is great, definitely among the top 10% my favorites LPs so far. FB spray (I love the sprays!) is arriving by the weekend. ??
  8. I also got Teddy Man 2 at the same time, to compare. ETA - following your link. So B2.2 is actually the softer, gentler one? I imagined Teddy as having the softer arrangement... I guess not...? I do, however, enjoy both of my purchases today, Teddy Man 2 & Elementary 6.
  9. My order arrived today! And contrary to what I said one-post-ago... I sprung for FB and I love it. Gawd this fragrance is amazing. I don’t have the awesome ability to describe scents in the same way you ladies (and gents!) do. Let’s just leave it at that... I’m VERY MUCH in love with this unsniffed purchase. And the Phero B2.2 has a nice feel. Does anyone here know if Phero B2.2 is a newer name for Teddy BB (or vice versa)? Their molecule description is the same.
  10. I have a package coming today! I hope my job doesn’t call me away during the crucial moment. Expecting Teddy Man and Elementary 6. And some samples.
  11. I’m starting to keep a file of screenshots of the ingredient listings of frangrances I’m having headaches with. Maybe I’ll figure out what’s going on with me soon.
  12. I tried not to gas him out, like I did to myself when I first (excitedly) found LPMP. I arrived with no pheros/no fragrance on, because I’d already told him I wanted him to try this Balm Bomb. I really thought a nice clean entry into it would affect him like it did me! But no... I was stunned. Balm Bomb was such intense de-stress magic for me. Muscles I never knew I had - relaxed! And even though I thought I had already fully reclined my full bodyweight into the pillow behind my back - wow, it was like some invisible entity had turned the lever on a Lay-Z-Boy. I actually felt SURPRISED when my back slunk deeper into the pillow. I wiped him off from the Balm Bomb & Levitation (Cottonelle wipes) when it seemingly didn’t affect him. Maybe 20 minutes after wipeoff, that’s when I applied my own pheroed scent and no longer said anything about it. And immediately fell victim to my own spell. I also gave him an FB of Pashazade in 60/40 spray form, but suggested he wait till tomorrow to try it. I tried not to overdo - I remember my own excitement at first and how easy it was to overdo... and not feel well. Is it still considered a “selfie” if the entire point of a blend is to get yourself relaxed? I dunno. Noobie here, with noobie mistakes ?
  13. This is on my next order, sounds great!
  14. I did, however, order just a sample of Mystic Dewdrop instead of the FB. It just sounds so wonderful I trust it’s going to be awesome, but the odds of getting $49 headache-in-a-bottle will eventually catch up with me. Funny, my only fullpriced FB that gives me a headache WAS sampled. I just didn’t notice it in the tester.
  15. Yeah... Impatient I guess. I have a hard time making the “pinch” movement to remove the trial vial’s caps - severe CMC arthritis. I wear full braces on both hands and I have to do a “bear paw” thing to pick ANYTHING up, the tinier the more difficult to deal with. I’m opening the trial vials with my teeth and transferring the ones I like into their own tiny screwcap bottles, and sticking handwritten (ouch as well) labels on. That’s a lot of work for approx 3 testings each. So I find it tempting to go straight to full bottle if I feel confident in the scent. But even then, I still get samples too. Had excellent luck with my 7 unsampled FBs* so far, I use all 7 regularly. My VERY favorite, Panther, was unsmelled before FBing it. But yeah, I shouldn’t do that, I’m going to end up with a $49 bottle of headache eventually! I have 2 unsampled FBs on the way, crossing my fingers - I really shouldn’t do it like this: Teddy Man Elementary 6 So far I’ve missed with a couple of PEs and Threebies, but since there was no option for sampling, I don’t count those as failures. I either wanted them or not. *unsampled FBs I bought and absolutely loved: PANTHER?! Tea & Flowers Peace & Calm Lady MacBeth Beths Milkmaid Driveby Fruiting Pashazade ETA - Why do I keep getting weird font changes? I didn’t do anything except type straight on through!
  16. I just read this and immediately went over and tossed Big Cat Mojo in my cart. I have to check this out?
  17. All the ingredients look great, I shoulda mentioned that as well as it just being pretty. I does look like a good bet.
  18. I decided to slow down, get the sample first. I like Winter in the Tropics, but I’m hoping I like the MD more. I love it’s label art, and its green theme. I want to love it, it’s definitely display worthy?
  19. Thanks! It’s actually even nicer than the green one❤️
  20. OMG. This one. Can I add it to my upcoming order I’ll be making on May 31?
  21. I think I’ve decided to wait and see what Mystic Dewdrop is like before I order Winter in the Tropics. Looking for an LFM enhanced scent.
  22. I got Pashazade 60/40 spray for my... my... not sure what to refer to him as anymore! But we both really liked it.
  23. I’m getting a bunch of samples (including Cacao Amor) this payday, but as far as FBs: Friends and Lovers (spray) Odalisque (roller) Winter in the Tropics (roller)
  24. If you still have this style, does it have either ‘guide dot’ pages (for lack of a better word) or plain blank pages? Any other colors?
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