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  1. Very excited to try this ! when you get yours irish eyes let us know !!
  2. left you a msg at your CS email addy.lmk
  3. liz

    EBIL-ish 2014

    I wore this today and LLLUUUUUUUVVVVVEEEDDD it !! I think I need a full bottle ! sometimes it remind me of Time Travel Potion and I swear to gawd I got a whiff of Everything Nice (original)
  4. they look FABULOUS !! * gawd I HATE Windows 8.1, now there's LESS I can do on this site*
  5. liz

    EBIL-ish 2014

    This one was a NICE surprise ! I agree Dolly, it is sheer/light on me as well, but this potion keeps me "huffing" still can't believe I hated vanilla scents before LPs
  6. liz

    Red Fyre

    WOW, this is SUPER cinnamon-y !!! on my 1st sniff it cleared my nose !!! smells like what a FIREBALL tastes like !
  7. liz


    This one is my FAVORITE of the "Weenies", think this it's the SALT ! I've been on caramel/salt kick lately, just wanna swim in it !! hope there's FB left by the time I can order w/o melting the CC
  8. Ditto I LUV 'EM BOTH !! live on the edge get 'em both !
  9. LUV LUV LUV this one and have since the original, I layer it almost over EVERYTHING !!
  10. my Mom LUVS this and wears it for her PT/OT sessions, however her therapist says he's gaining weight he stops off at pastry shop for something sweet on his way home, hee !
  11. GAWD, WE'RE ALL A BEAUTIFUL BUNCH !!! Luv, luv, luv ALL the labels !
  12. I don't remember how to use a coupon code for $20 !! HELP PLS !! the previous post aren't making sense to me I wanna order before the Sugareds sell out
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