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  1. Aww, this scent didn't work for me. Did you ever as a kid, think it would be a good idea to put 10 gumballs in your mouth and chew it up all at once? This perfume smells how that tastes...it's just too sweet for me.
  2. Would the average person be attracted to the smell of poo? I don't think the phrase "curtesy flush" would have ever been invented, if it were true, lol. I just find it funny that poo was ever in the stuff.
  3. I've been disgruntled for years...I don't know if I could accept life as anything else...it's been so long.
  4. Just ordered a new Darling Clementine in the spray bottle, last night. This will be my first with a spray! I can't wait to try it out. <3
  5. Can someone review this for me? I can't find a thread for it.
  6. It wouldn't matter if I were 50. I don't like that kind of attention.
  7. I'm sad that the cute Cuddle Bunny label has the EoW inside it. *sniffle* lol All these sound so cool! And I love the labels! I want to get something, maybe I can get my dad to agree to yet another bottle??
  8. Marquess


    When I started using this I was able to remember my dreams again, where before I was having trouble remembering them. Has anyone else had this happen? I think it's cool if it's the perfume doing it. Also, I love the smell. It does have a bit of a spicy bakery scent to me.
  9. I love the smell of almonds (but dont like to eat almonds, lol) I think I'll try a sample of this next time.
  10. Hurray! I love the way you coloured my art! It looks so much nicer that way. I'm glad mine was called "Sweet Valentine" and not "Dirty Sexy" lol. It's neat how you have gems in the perfumes now. And I think the idea of Romeo and Juliet being poisoned perfume is really good.
  11. Thanks for all of the advice and good words, everyone!
  12. I have been asked out before. But I'm too shy and always say no. I'd like to have a boyfriend but I can't seem to do anything about it. I'm just naturally shy. I can talk to people alot easier on the internet than I can in real life. But then I can't do messenger cause it's live. I only post on boards. It's sad to be so shy. I don't even call anyone onthe phone cept for my family. I've had people try to be my internet boyfriend, too. But that just seems weird to me. Maybe one day I will comeout of my shell. I always thought I was the only introvert in the family, but my dad said he's one too
  13. I love the Robin+Marian Romeo+Juliet pictures! They look so loving with each other! And it's cool that it's made for girls and guys! Girlfriends and boyfriends can smell like each other. (I wish I had a boyfriend ; _ ; )
  14. I can't wait to see what the Valentine ones are too! It just seems like yesterday though, that the January ones were released! Time goes by fast!!
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