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  1. I just smell cucumber mixed with something else...gosh I can't put my finger on it...but it doesn't smell very good on me, and it's making my eyes burn and skin burn... Something's gone south with my chemistry...
  2. It's funny because I only ever buy the foody scents here, normally I get floral or spicy scents.
  3. I used to smell them right away. This is the first time trying it this way. The scrub smelled nice like Toffee Coffee also it was a good exfolient(?spelling?) without being too rough. I've had some that hurt alot, but this one didn't. It had little bit of coffee grinds in it. I guess they are more gentle.
  4. I haven't smelled any of them yet. I want the magic of new scents to last. I did shower with the scrub, though. It smelled so nice! It's so much fun getting new scents.
  5. My WHOO-HOO package has arrived!! So happy!! Thank you Mara for the gifts! My SUPER Love Potion Perfume order came today: ~1 fl.oz. Perfume Spray~ Frosted Darling Clementine ~1/3 fl.oz. Concentrated Perfume Oil~ Pie in the Sky Gothic Xmas 2011 Gianduja Abby Normal's Desiccated Brains Kanary Kremes Spinnerett Whoopsy Daisycake ~Sample Sizes~ Nookie Cookie Vamp Cafe Banoffee Coffee Bayou Musk The Smoking Bun ~4oz. Sugar & Coffee Scrub~ Banoffee Coffee ~Squees~ Give Peas a Chance Alabaster Queen Breathe Into Me Marcy Goldman's Wheat Siren Flowers in the Moat Man Nip Love Potion Perfumes Whoo-Hoo Order by Gingerbread Asylum, on Flickr
  6. Marquess


    Those cupcakes look soooo good! I wish I was good at cooking from scratch. The only thing that's ever turned out halfway good for me, are brownies.
  7. This smells like chocolate chip cookies to me. It smells really pretty in the vial, but not what I'm looking for to wear as a perfume. But it does smell nice!
  8. Aww, this scent didn't work for me. Did you ever as a kid, think it would be a good idea to put 10 gumballs in your mouth and chew it up all at once? This perfume smells how that tastes...it's just too sweet for me.
  9. Gosh, you work fast, Mara! I just ordered this and Suzy's Strawberries and Cream....can't wait to smell them!
  10. I missed out on this scent! It sounds so good. Does anyone know if I just write on "Lady V's Rose Cookies' under the craft your own scent, if Mara would make it for me?
  11. I curious to see all of the pr0n names, too!!
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