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  1. When I first put this one I had the overwhelming urge to pour the entire sample on me...luckily, I refrained. I love a good peach scent. This doesn't come off like a giant peach smacked you in the face. It has a distinct peach scent, but it's softer. This scent, however loved, did not stay on my skin an overly long time, which kinda made me sad. It's very beautiful.
  2. I can't even describe to you the magnificence that is this fragrance. It seems masculine but not in an aggressive way...more calming and relaxing. It feels like a giant blanket that you never want to leave.
  3. Seriously, Luna!? It's been that long? Where have I been?
  4. Question: I've been outta the loop for a bit, so maybe this has already been covered. What happened to the amazing Autumnal Equinox? I may cry if they're not being created anymore.
  5. That's it!! I think October 2018 needs to be the year I make a trip to the magickal world (and punch bowl) of the LPMP store!!
  6. OMG!! I wait for this moment EVERY year!! I can't wait to see the descriptions of each of these beauties. I so want to go to the Halloween Bash!!!
  7. OMG OMG OMG!!! It's October scents!!! I wait all year for this moment. I want...need all of them. I wants the precious...
  8. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Me, Jane!! My final bottle is getting low. I don't think I'll be able to live in a world with no Me, Jane...the struggle is real.
  9. My Goodness!! I KNEW Lorien's Sugared Darkness and Sweet Nova would fly out of here!! These two were absolutely glorious. :-)
  10. I'm pleading for Sorceress and Me, Jane!!! Please!!!!
  11. I love October releases!!! They all look fantastic. I can't wait for the descriptions.
  12. Yowza!! I received a baby sniffle of this and just put it on after my shower today. I used it all...I couldn't help myself. I had no idea this scent was around and appears to have been around for awhile. I guess it's good for me it's still available because I plan on snagging a bottle. Patchouli scents are either a hit or miss for me. They have a tendency to be angry and aggressive on me, but this one loves me so much. :-) The patchouli here is warm and sexy with the orange sweetening it up it a way I've never experienced before, and the ginger gives it a teasing spicy hug. I love how complex (Is it sweet? Is it warm?) it is. As I stated above...yowza!!
  13. This one was supposed to be similar to Oidhche Shamhna...Oidhche Shamhna is awesomeness personified! This scent wasn't as sweet and yummy foody for me, but it is a very nice one all on its own.
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