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  1. This is my very, very favourite, y'know... it's just such s warm, sweet, invitiung scent. I love it, love it. And I've pretty much RUN OUT!!
  2. I can't seem to message you right now, but I'd be interested in that... I love the sweet, honey & maple scents! I don't think I have anything you want, apart from maybe in trial sizes, but I'd happily PayPal you, or swap for pyro work.
  3. Scorch

    Sugared Honeycomb

    I got a sample of this a few days ago, and I just LOVE it! It's so sweet and warm...
  4. Heheh - glad you were able to use my "tweakings" - they do look nice...! Thanks, Katz! I'm always SO busy that I don't get a lot of time to keep up with all my forums - it's AGES since I've been here... and I'll drop out agan come tomorrow, now I think of it, 'cos I'll be on holiday and without access for a fortnight. I'll try & catch up a bit when I get back, though...
  5. Oh, they DO look nice. I'm tempted by mugs & bags, too! I can't take all the credit for those designs, though - I reworked a free font, and added bits and such, but all the pretty swirlies are pure Mara and Danna...
  6. Well, I tried Cleopatra's Blend today, and it's quite nice. For me, it's not very strong and I can't really smell it much at all, myself, but The Ladysniffers (my colleagues at work who are dutifully reporting on the scent-of-the-day for me!) quite liked it.
  7. Mmmm, it really is! I like it a LOT...
  8. And now it's mine, all MINE, and I love it so much! Raven Moon is a truly yummy scent, sweet and rich and just so delicious. I smell sort of like the most wonderfully tempting Danish pastry - mmmm...
  9. I love it, I really do! I adore sweet, warm scents, and this is really nice... It's got that uinderlying spiciness, as well as the sweetness - just lovely!
  10. Hiya, May! Thank you for your kind welcome, and for your Trading post too! I'm glad that there are some other UK people here - it'll be fun to swap, indeed... Pyrography is a great hobby, if you have the time for it - it's really fun, and keeps you busy. You don't need to be a wonderful artist (which is just as well, 'cos I'm not!), but you do need patience and a smooth and steady hand. And more space than I actually have, to store all the irresistably nice bits of wood to burn on. I'd gladly give you a try with my machine, but you're a bit far away to just pop in! Thanks again
  11. Cool - thanks for the welcome!
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