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  1. Whoo boy...Just gettin back into the swing of LP again, and boy did I come at the right time... Sent an invoice for the entire limited OCCO bottle set that just came out, plus Mark's Girl Nip 2018. And then taking advantage of the sale, my freebies are full bottles of Winter in the Tropics, BAM Orchid Rose, and Black Cat's Sultry Kitten.
  2. mine is always oil. I have no problem with dispersion since I live in a tropical climate.
  3. This is the one my saliva won't stop over. FB unsniffed for sure!
  4. Well, I snapped up rouge FB like, instantly. A variant of my favorite scent paired with my favorite phero? HECK YEAH!!!
  5. Thanks! It's nice to be back! And pheros!? Dolphins with Open Windows?
  6. Hey Eggers! I had to back away for a little while after the sales last year to allow my funds to recuperate...that meant no temptation from raving forum reviews, too And these labels are so friggin adorable! Again...BAT! (but no snakes? hehe)
  7. Hey Halo, qg!! I had to take a deep breath and a step away from LPs after last year's sale....but curiosity killed the wallet and I'm hook line and sinker again. XD
  8. OH MY GOD. I remember when you were brainstorming up this PE, Chitown! So much happened while I was away. Now your concept I was drooling over has become a real thing with my favorite phero!
  9. I finally have an official OCCO in my arsenal--red! Storemy and the many other forumites are right when they say that it's a simpler LP Red. It does have that sparkly topnote from the apricot, but no longer has that smoldering, burning scent from LP Red that I love. Yumm yumm, absolutely indispensible. I also have another phero scented with noco black, which smells like a low-calorie version of LP Black; dark and muted, with a demure sweetness. Not at all fatty and sugary like LP Black.
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