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  1. I have had my eyes on this one for a while now. Just because it sounds PERFECT!! I mean Sexpionnage is like one of my favorite mix, and I like it that much, I think any carrier would work for me! It's gonna be a full bottle unsniffed for sure!!
  2. This one sounds absolutely amazing! I am not a huge fan of the BI mix, but with such a carrier, it could be deadly!
  3. I simply adore this one! I love the agressive side to it, (I forget which phero, none maybe), I love the staying power, I love the sweetness of it, and DAMN it's sexy. It's becoming one of my favorite. Definitely in my top 3 now. I wear it nearly every day these days. It's like a fool proof phero to me. I got the unscented, but I realised I love the scented version, it's just too perfect. I like the contrast between the overall sweetness or the scent (= you smell like a cookie) and how powerful and sexy the phero mix really is. It reminds me of Beth's Blushing Milkmaid in that respect. The last bottle I got has a little less patchouli than the first, it seems to me. I love both. In fact, I wanna get this one in spray form too.
  4. Interesting. I have noticed I was ODing a few times when I realised I was getting hits at the end of a day, when the pheroblend had sort of died down a bit. This happend to me with Lace unscented. I am much luckier with a blend that has one third of the quantity, like in Garland & Lace.
  5. Oh I forgot to say, this reminds me a lot of Popularity Potion as far as self effects go. I do get a extra dose of take charge/confidence from this though.
  6. Second time of trying this one. I kinda slathered. Yes I did. :-) I am liking the scent better than first time, but it's kinda typical with LP perfumes. I am getting self effects from this one, it's happy fun but it's got a bit of a commanding vibe to it. It's not "bossy" though, it's more self-assured but not in a cocky way. I could see this being a GENIUS blend for parties. It would give me some extra confidence but with a very fun side to it. How awesome would this be in spray?!!
  7. You guys are tough. I read and I read and read. And then I order. I'm weak like that.
  8. Lol lol lol :smiley-laughing024: Mmm yeah. It's pretty much me right there. I remember a few years ago a friend of mine told me about a phero mix she uses (not from here), I politely said 'thanks but no thanks'. A few years later, I wear pheros almost on a daily basis. Cops, OCCO, Compromising Positions... If it's hot, it's for me! I have no issues wearing cops, even socially. To me, they are an enhancement, much like makeup or the right pair of heels. I wear them for me, because I feel better about myself usually when I wear them. And at the end of the day, cops or not cops don't change who I am, and how I behave. So I may feel sexier and look more attractive to some, but I have never for one second felt like I was 'judged' by others based on the mix I was wearing.
  9. Cheshire Kitten & Calii, great reports! Thanks for sharing! Sounds just like Lace! Hehe.... I think I got this mix coming in my last order.
  10. Thanks MissDarlyn! It does sound tempting. Fruity scents are just the type of scents that can turn ugly on my skin, so I'm weary. But yeah, from all those reports this OCCO sounds amazing! And there is such a thing with cops loaded mixes, I end up liking them at some point. It's weird. I've got OCCO green, no my type of scent per se, but I really enjoy wearing it. It's gotta be the cops that make me happy.
  11. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY MOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw it back in stock, there was no question about it! Had to have it!! Yeepee! Love this baby!
  12. I am dying to get this one! I love the idea of a fruity summery cops-cover up! The only thing that worries me is that some fruity scents tend to feel too 'old lady's perfume' on my skin. I am definitely more of a 'girly' type of scents. Like Cuddle Bunny or OCCO/ LP Pink.
  13. Yes, I do this too Beccah. I wear an oil on the chest/arms, and wear my spray in my hair/cleavage area.
  14. Ok so this one is super fruite at first, more like melon type of fruity. They then resins kick in. It is very sweet, and so far pretty strong. It is a lovely scent but not sure it is for me. As far as pheros go, I can't say much about that. No clear self effects so far, need more testing.
  15. I have been wearing this mix a lot lately. I have so many bottles of it (different versions) and still eager to try the fourth one! I love how it helps me to relax, if I know I'm gonna be in a stressful environement. Been wearing this today and a few days ago, and every time, I feel like I get a special treatment! I went to the Louvre museum today, got a lot of attention, from my BF and from total strangers. There is something about this mix that makes me "float through things" a bit. I feel like everything will be fine, and why bother worry?
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