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  1. I still haven't given this one a test drive yet. I like the scent but I haven't had a good opportunity for trying it because I didn't want to walk around wafting BI all over the place for no reason.
  2. I feel like I keep posting in this thread, but really, I have so many good experiences with Odalisque with Bang. I wore it to a dance last night and it really delivered. I had injured one of my hands, so I decided to mainly lead dances last night, instead of following them, so I wouldn't have to use my bad hand. All the men came and asked me to dance and I told all of them my story and said I was only leading. Very few of them could follow at all, but they all wanted to dance with me and so tried it out anyway. It was pretty funny. But the guy who was the most affected is the one who typically avoids me when I'm wearing any of the sexier pheros. I guess his guard was down. Also, I put on more than I usually would, because why not? He was like a moth to a flame - he just couldn't keep away from me. After our first dance he sort of followed me around for a large part of the evening. So even though we danced a lot of dances with other people, when I sat out, he tended to "coincidentally" sit out at the same time and come over and stand with me. If I was talking to someone, he would come over and talk with them too. At the end he announced his intention to leave the dance a bit early, and then completely failed to do so. I hugged him good bye and then stood at the front desk looking over some handbills for a band that one of my friends is in. Suddenly he was right there too, going over them with me and initiating meaningless small talk about the band. We talked about various shitty things that had happened in my life the week before, all of which apparently required him to give me big hugs. Eventually I took pity on him and asked if he wanted to see a movie sometime, and after that he was able to drag himself away and actually leave, but not until I laughed at him and told him to "Get out of here, otherwise you will never leave!"
  3. I wore Honeyed LP with Gotcha this weekend to a big party I was at. I like this one for parties. It makes me feel amazing and I usually have so many great encounters with people when I wear it in the right setting. I got a very prominent hit right off the bat. I was helping to set up the party and had showed up several hours early to get things ready. It was a big fundraiser, so several other people involved with the organization of the party were also there helping out. One of the people is a guy with whom I have a powerful mutual attraction, but nothing every happens because he has a really inflexible rule about dating in his social circle. Annoying, but what can you do? Anyway, when we were all setting things up I was just there in my shorts and old t-shirt with no make up on or anything, and we had our usual encounters with each other. After a while things were all together and he went off on a last minute run to get a few things we were missing, and I went to the bathroom and changed into my dress and put my hair up and did my make up and so on. This is when I put on the Honeyed LP. So I looked pretty good, but I've certainly been more dolled up in his presence before. The perfume, however, was very fresh. When I sailed back into the room he was just back from his errand. He looked up, did a complete double take, said in a hushed voice that I looked very nice, and walked towards me to give me a hug as if he couldn't help it. But he barely contacted me at all before he suddenly backed away and said he had to go sort something else out for the party. This is funny because he usually has no compunction about giving bone crushing hugs, but this time it was like he realized that he couldn't help himself and had to run away. Lol.
  4. No problem I think I'm going to have to test this out again tonight. A girl's got to have some fun ETA: This stuff is gold. I love Bang!
  5. Wow, Bang is pretty potent stuff. I tried it out again at a dance last night. One of my elderly admirers danced with me and afterwards joked that he could die happy now. Forgot to mention that when I wore Odalisque last week he asked me to marry him (in jest, of course!). My usual target was there and I danced with him several times. He often avoids me when I wear blends that have a sexy edge, and this is the sexiest thing I've ever worn before, so he steered away from me as often as he could, lol. But when he did dance with me he was smiling into my eyes the entire time, and he was, hmmn, maybe a bit grabby with his leading - with lots of hip and shoulder leads. Every guy that knew me well enough to hug me gave me a BIG hug after dancing with me at least once. And one very young guy - like twenty years younger than me - who had never hugged me before, seemed almost intoxicated. He pulled me in for a hug and held me so close and for so long it was definitely not platonic. He was so tuned into me that when he let me go he commented how fast my heart was beating (which it was, because I had just danced four or five really fast songs in a row). Then when he was heading out for the night he stopped by to say goodnight and winked at me. I guess that kid has been kind of flirty with me before, but the hug really tipped it over the edge. I can't decide whether I'm going to wear this out dancing all the time because I think it's hilarious, or whether I should just have it around for special occasions.
  6. In the vial this one had a butterscotchy/toffee kind of vibe for me. Once I put it on, that toned down a little bit and became a bit creamier, but with a bit more depth from the cocoa. Very nice. I didn't use much of this because I have no prior experience with Bang! and didn't want to overdo it - two three inch swipes in my cleavage and two three inch swipes just about my navel. I smooshed it around with my wrists. This was not one that had a lot of staying power for me, but I wore less than I usually would and went to a dance where I danced for pretty much every dance for three hours, so I wasn't surprised to find only the faintest trace of it left when I got home. I could probably wear more. The Bang, which I haven't tried before, was interesting... It was a slightly different crowd than attends the usual dances, so I didn't have the chance to test on all the people I would usually try things out on. The people who typically strike me as being attracted to me and kind of flirty were about the same, or maybe slightly more so. Women were friendly and complimentary. However, there was one man there who I usually have a totally platonic response from and it definitely veered in another direction when I was wearing this. We both like each other and, because of our mutual involvement in the running of this dance club, often work together. We have pretty good "dance chemistry," I guess I'll call it, but we're pretty much just not interested in each other on any other level. Which is good, because his girlfriend is also part of the club and he is very serious about her and I think they're a great fit and I like both of them. Absolutely nothing that was in any degree inappropriate happened between us while I was wearing Odalisque, but he asked me to dance frequently and there was a little something "extra" in our dances - he held me a little closer and seemed more, I guess I would say, appreciative and attentive than he usually would be. So that was interesting. The guy I usually try all my new pheros out on stayed only a little while and I didn't get to dance with him, but I managed to catch up with him right before he left and he gave me a little side arm hug. Or, at least, that's what it started out as. Once he had me at his side he pulled me around in front of him and held me to him in a really tight hug for several seconds. It was kind of as if he couldn't help himself, tbh. As if he only intended to give me a perfunctory hug but then had to go the extra mile. So that was nice
  7. Got my little box of goodies last week I'm going to try this one out to a dance on Friday. I was going to take it for a spin on Monday but in end decided to wear Cuddle Musk with PM because I was totally digging that fragrance and I didn't know if I was in the mood to experiment with Bang. So Friday is the day. I've never worn one of the more sexual blends before - I think Bang has more cops in it than Cougar or Gotcha, which are the only other things I have with cops in them.
  8. I just got a sample of this and I'm really digging it. The smell reminds me of Autumn Wishes, but cleaner, although I can't double check because I can't find that sample right now. Anyway, this smells like the first time you hang laundry outside on an early spring day. It has a fresh, cool, almost outdoorsy kind of sent. I don't mean it actually smells like being outside in nature, I mean that it is so fresh that it makes me want to go outside. Although a very white and powdery musk scent is definitely also present. So, I guess what I'm saying is that this smells like warm skin and cool, fresh laundry If I had to say what Cuddle Musk smells like to me in one word, I would say it smells like possibility I didn't initially see how this could be a masculine scent, or even a cuddly sort of scent, at all until I read Black Cat's comment above. She's right. Any man who smelled like this would be someone I would be very willing to cuddle! I like the Perfect Match also. I have limited experience with this phero and it is not one I have ever worn out and about. But today I wore it out running errands with my daughter around town and I ran into loads of people that I knew, almost all of whom (especially the men) wanted to stay and chat with me until I actually had to excuse myself.
  9. I'm waiting for this one to arrive with great anticipation. I never though I would get into foody scents but I was so wrong. And I've never tried Bang before either, so it should be super fun.
  10. I haven't tried BI before but this fragrance is calling to me. I guess I'd better get a sample first to see how the BI works for me.
  11. You guys are really selling me on this. It sounds amazing.
  12. Tried out this one again last night at a dance venue I hadn't been to before. Once again, one of my car passengers stepped into the car and commented on how great it smelled. I didn't say what it was this time though. I had a great time and felt like I was able to develop a good connection to almost everyone I danced with - so I had a lot of really nice dances. I also did note that I was touching people slightly more - but only people I knew and was already friends with. I danced with my "target" several times and we had a lot of good "chemistry" moments. He offered to drive my car on the way home because I said I was really tired, and we had some relaxed, interesting conversations on the way home. The only bad thing was that I danced with this older gentleman and he seemed to take a little too much of a shine to me. He asked me if I came from the dance club at the local university and I laughed because I'm over 40. So that was nice. But when we were all leaving he shook my hand and said how nice it was to meet me three times. Also, because it was freezing outside and I was just wearing a thin dress and sheer stockings, I pulled some yoga pants on under my dress before we left. The bathroom was occupied so I just pulled them on under my clothes while standing there. He stared at me the whole time - and not in a, "Well, would you look at that! That woman is putting pants on under her dress. How funny!" kind of way. He was staring at my body like he was hoping to see something (please, as if I don't know how to get clothes on under my dress without giving everyone a show!). But I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he may have been having a DIHL moment because he didn't seem to know he was doing it. I went around the corner and into a deserted alcove to pull a shirt over my head and shimmy out of my dress - even though I could have done that without showing anything either. I was getting a big uncomfortable. Incidentally, I don't usually get changed in front of other people - but I was surrounded, and partially blocked from view, by my friends and people that I am very comfortable with. And I think most women know how to put clothes on under their clothes without revealing anything.
  13. So I have been wearing this phero to my choreography practices. I found it hard to tell whether it was working or not until I tried a practice without it and started making mistakes! So I can now definitively say that this helps me get through the practice, learn the moves, commit them to muscle memory, and have the staying power to go over things again and again. I can't feel any obvious self-effects but I do notice that when I wear it and go out for coffee afterwards with one of the other dancers, we have very focused and intense conversations! Now I'm just not sure whether to wear this to the actual performance. There's a social dance going on as well and Mega Watt doesn't really need to be my signature for the night. Maybe I'll just try a confidence boosting phero like LFM or Cougar and hope for the best. Or maybe I'll just wear Mega Watt until the performance and then wipe it off with some alcohol wipes and switch to something more social.
  14. I'm pretty sure I used three sprays, but they were not full sprays. They were probably one half to 2/3 sprays. I'm something of a phero lightweight
  15. So I wore this to a dance on the weekend and had a couple of massive hits. I've written about them elsewhere but I feel like I should probably put them here as well. First of all, one of my friends told me how great I smelled about three times - like a basket of luxury sweets. Everyone was very friendly, I was asked to dance many times, and generally had a great night out with my friends. But two of my friends in particular seemed to be having a competition to see who could cuddle with me the most. I should mention that they are cuddly people in general, although not usually to this extent. So one of my friends is actually a man with whom I share a mutual attraction. We both have our eye on one another but he has stated that he will not date me because he thinks it could create problems in our larger circle of friends. I think he's silly and I'm also quite sure he has other reasons, but I respect him so we keep it down to mild flirting and he seems to be very conscious, in general, of spending too much time near me. I have noticed before that he is a big responder to OW but I don't think I've tried Levitation very often around him. Wow. When I showed up he pulled me into a hug and held on for a really long time, making a humming noise like he had just been reunited with his soulmate or something. All night long he kept putting his arm around me and talking to me, or watching me while I talked or danced with others. When the two of us danced together he moved straight to a close embrace hold, which is uncharacteristic. Later on he pulled me into his lap where he was sitting down and wrapped his arms around me, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply. He seemed kind of intoxicated by me, if you want to know the truth. Given that he is usually wary of his attraction for me, it was kind of awesome The other friend often puts his arm around me and sits with me but this time it was more extreme, and when I was sitting between the two of them it almost seemed like he was trying to pull me away so I could be with him more. A third friend, who is a straight woman, as am I, was being very giddy and silly with me - even flirty a little. Meanwhile other people who I don't know very well were quick to ask me to dance and kept smiling at me and standing around chatting with me and in general acting like I was absolutely fascinating. I'm pretty sure that Levitation is not supposed to elicit this particular response but it was remarkable. I must have found my sweet spot with this one
  16. So I tried Pumpkin out with LFM for the first of two Halloween parties. I wore the same amount of LFM I usually do - two small spritzes usually works for me. I did a few swipes (because I only have a trial vial) of Pumpkin (without dipping back into the vial) on my torso and smooshed it around with my wrists, and then I did another swipe on my wrists that I smooshed around and then brushed on the back of my neck. So I didn't use very much but I kind of feel like a ghosted a bit. I went out dancing at a party in a nearby city and pretty much only knew the people I went with and a couple of other people I have seen before at other events. I did have some really good dances with the people I know already but not many other people asked me to dance, which is unusual. Also, none of the people I danced with (other than the people I came with) danced with me more than once. I suppose it could just be that they are a bit cliquey in this different community though. I did get a lot of compliments on my dress but it's actually an amazing dress so I wouldn't attribute that to the pheromones because I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. I think there was one person that might have been pretty strongly affected by the combo though. One of the friends I went with danced with me several times and danced very close to me, which is not his usual style, and he kept touching my arm and resting his head on my shoulder on the ride there and back. So perhaps it wasn't a ghosting and it was just an off night trying to dance with a bunch of snooty people. Note to self - wear a friendlier phero than LFM next time I go back to this place! Hmmn. So I have another Halloween party to go to tonight with a group of people that I know much better. Not sure whether I should try this combo out again or try something else.
  17. Well... Ok I will try it out and report back how it goes!
  18. Genius, Lady V! I think I have just found my phero/scent combination for the Halloween party I'm going to next week. On the other hand, I've been having SO much fun with Honeyed LP with Gotcha lately. Hmmn. Decisions, decisions.
  19. Wow. So I wore this out last night and it packed a punch. First of all, it really amps on my skin. As soon as one of my passengers stepped into my car she said it smelled great and wanted to know what I done to get my car to smell so awesome. Was it an air freshener and, if so, where did I get it? I felt slightly embarrassed to admit that it was me because it made me feel like I was slathered in the stuff when I had actually used very little. After I explained that it was a new perfume and that it was turning out to be stronger than I expected, she and my other passenger started analyzing all the notes. They decided I smelled like a really great candle (beeswax, again). As for the Gotcha, my friends and I had a great drive into a nearby city to go dancing. It was like everyone was extra friendly and happy to be together. I didn't really know anyone at this dance besides my two friends so things were slow going at first, but pretty much everyone I ended up dancing with wanted to dance with me again, sometimes right afterwards. A couple of them told me to make sure to come back and find them again before the night was out. One guy in particular raved about what a good dancer I was and talked about how we fit perfectly together. LOL. Gotcha! And there was one guy that kept wanting to talk to me about dance connection and so on. One of the people that I drove in with danced with me as soon as we got in the door and then he went to the bar to get a drink and ran into and old "friend" who he promptly spent half the night hugging and making out with - which was pretty out of character in this venue. Possibly that would have happened anyway but I bet that being phero-bombed in my car for an hour didn't hurt. As for my other passenger, we started the evening not knowing one another particularly well but by the end of the evening it felt like we had shared half our life histories with one another. I felt that the phero amplified my connection to people, which is a good thing in partner dance, and that because I felt very comfortable and very connected, I ended up dancing better. It was interesting
  20. This is powerful stuff. Honey, honey, honey with a bit of bright apricot peeking through. On the dry down more of the vanilla and amber were apparent but really everything was smothered in honey and it lasted forever. I put it on in the morning and I could still smell it the next morning before my shower, In fact, after my shower I could still smell it on my wrists slightly when I sniffed them. So this is one that will go the distance. So I've never tried anything with a honey note before. I liked it but I found it disconcertingly powerful. it seemed... hmmn... somehow suggestive. I've also never tried Gotcha before. My dance group had a small showcase event in the morning and then there was a meeting during the afternoon so I wore it to both events. I will have to road test this again to see what its effects on other people are, but I really liked the way it made me feel! Because the honey scent was so strong I used less of this than I would other perfumes, but the phero effect was still there. I was in a great mood the whole day and I just felt warm and pleasant and snuggly and like I could talk to people for hours. I noticed that I felt like touching people more. Everyone was very friendly and I noticed one or two people standing a bit closer to me. I'm going to try this out again on the weekend when I'm driving a bunch of other dancers to a nearby city for an event. It will be interesting to see what my phero cloud does to a bunch of people packed in my small car I did get one complement on it from someone who has never commented on my perfume before. He asked me to dance and as soon as we started he looked at me and said, "I smell.... beeswax?" I smiled and said, "Honey." He asked if it was perfume and I said it was and he smiled broadly and said brightly, "Oh. I like it!"
  21. This is a great scent. I wore it out dancing a few days ago and it smelled really yummy to me - pumpkin-y, slightly gingerbread-y (must have been the spice coming through) and sweet. I couldn't detect much of the LP base except for the Amber, which often smells kind of buttery on me. I did really enjoy it but it was definitely almost gone after a few hours of dancing, so it is not one of the scents that lingers for me. I have never tried anything with Aja before but I didn't notice anything different in either my behaviour or anyone else's. Well, maybe only subtle differences. I'll have to try it out again and see.
  22. I just ordered this and can't wait to get it. I've never tried a perfume with a honey note before and this will also be my first trial run with Gotcha. I think I'll wear it out dancing with all my friends and see what happens.
  23. So I have a little sniffie of this that I haven't used very much and I decided to try it out in a social dance setting. When I first started going to this scene I wore a lot of confidence boosting pheros because I didn't know very many people and things like LFM and Cougar helped me ask people I didn't know to dance and made me more willing to experiment with new steps. But recently I've been experimenting with different pheros to see what the result is. I tried this one out a couple of weeks ago and it was a definite hit as far as self-effects go. I felt like I was having a great time and everyone around me was having a great time too. I had a dance class before the social dance and a couple of my classmates spontaneously decided to go out for a beer with me in between the lesson and the dance, which has never happened before. While we were out we all talked up a storm and we arrived back to the dance studio giggling and slightly late. The person who was sitting on the bench as we came in is a friend of mine and as I passed him he watched me intently and then stood and waited for me to put my dancing shoes on and pay the cover. I sensed he wanted to say something so I turned back to him after I finished and he just asked me if I was ready to dance with him yet and then he led me out onto the dance floor. Usually he has a slightly too cool for school vibe and I end up asking him to dance rather than the other way around. So I would say those were two definite hits. ETA: I don't really like ylang ylang as a note in anything else I have smelled it in - I find it very heavy. And I have definitely never felt the desire to smell like a marshmallow before. But something about the combination in this perfume is heavenly.
  24. I tried this out in a social dance setting last week and it was pretty interesting. I've been experimenting with different pheros there and this was the first time I tried out PM. I wore it in the form of Kara Kedi but I couldn't find a review thread for that, so here I am! The Kara Kedi wore as a very light fragrance on me, very floral at first and fading out to a light vanilla scent. As for self effects, I had a very good time and really seemed to enjoy the company of whoever I was talking to in the moment but it was a subtle thing. Interestingly, I felt that a couple of the men I usually dance with quite a bit were actively avoiding me. LOL. I guess they didn't want to be a perfect match with me! I will have to try this again to see if this was just a coincidence - it's hard to tell because it was a very busy night. But some other people danced with me quite a bit more than they usually do and were extra friendly. I definitely collected a number of extra hugs over the course of the evening to make up for the few men who were avoiding me. Although, sadly, one of the avoiders was someone I usually like to spend more time with because he makes me laugh. He's usually big on casual physical contact with his friends, so it was interesting to see how that trait completely turned off in the presence of PM. As I said, I will have to try this again to see if the responses are consistent.
  25. Hmmn. I haven't tried out my PM yet. It's in a sample of Kara Kedi I ordered. It could be fun to try it at dancing under those circumstances. I also discovered a couple of sniffies of Caressful Breeze with BI. I haven't used any of the sexual pheros before. I think it might be a bit too much for the weekly social dance though! I also found Flying Potion with Levitation. That could be fun too. Of course it's also OW-based but with the DHEAS it might make things super fun! I really would like to try SS4W. Maybe I'll try Sneaky Clean again and see if I was just having an off day. The one thing I noticed though was that it smelled REALLY STRONG on me. Not in a bad way because it just smells like soap - but like I put on twice as much of it as I needed to (even though I only used as much as I do with any other spray, which is not much - 1.5 sprays).
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