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    Hi Trissalynn!
  2. I don't usually wear very much of the pheremones because I can detect their scent and I find this distracting. Well, except for Mega Watt - I can't smell that one. So I usually use just a couple of half sprays and leave it at that - especially if it's SWS as that seems to be the strongest I've tried. Last week I woke up and decided that it was an LFM day. And it totally was because I picked out this awesome outfit that looked great on me, I had some new makeup to try out and it went on fabulously, and even my hair decided to look really good that day. So all in all a great day, but nothing out of the ordinary. It's not like I hadn't worn the outfit before, or that I don't often have good hair days or wear makeup. All of these things can happen in conjunction on a semi-regular basis. But on this particular day I decided I needed two full sprays of LFM. The first thing that happened that day was that I went in to the secretary's office and started chatting with her about my class. All of a sudden this workman comes up to the door because the secretary has called him down to move some filing cabinets from one office to another. He looked at me, turned his attention to what the secretary was saying, and then totally turned back and looked at again in a really dramatic double take. He had a big smile on his face as he went off to do the work. Then he kept coming back to the office for more "paperwork" that was mysteriously not in order all of a sudden. Each time he was totally checking me out. Chalk up another one for LFM.
  3. I pretty much agree with what everyone else here has said, so no need to reiterate. But welcome! And, yeah, LFM for sure if you want to boost your confidence and make sure you're on his mind.
  4. I just ordered a FB of this and I'm pretty excited about it.
  5. Why not try another approach. Sounds like you've already tried most of the relevant pheros, anyway. Why not have a romantic evening in? Some candles and wine with dinner (maybe order in if you can't be bothered) and your date can end in the bedroom/on the couch/ in the shower/ on the floor, etc. Afterwards you can cuddle on the couch and watch a movie together. You can wear as much Sexpionage as you want that way. Maybe your going out date nights should just be about having fun and catching a great movie with no expectations of anything else.
  6. I don't really have much of a review of this yet so will post more later. I'm new to pheros and so far have only two unscented ones: LFM and SWS. I don't think either of them are supposed to be stinky, nevertheless, I can smell them. They smell kind of like sweat to me, though if I put them on my skin they blend in almost immediately (I did get some on clothes by accident a couple of times and I was irritated to be followed around by the subtle scent of BO all day. Anyway, this one doesn't smell like anything to me. I might as well be putting on water. Curious. I like to think this is because I'm already such a determined and focused woman that this is my natural signature and that's why I can't smell it... but my tendency to procrastinate says otherwise! Anyway, I put this on yesterday, which turned out to be the day before my period. I was grumpy and exhausted. This did not really get me up off the couch and doing anything, but I did manage slightly more than the bare minimum - which is pretty good considering the massive PMS and the fact that my house looked like a bomb went off. By the end of the day my house was tidy, the groceries had been bought, the laundry was almost done and two out of three beds had been changed. So, not bad, considering. Today I feel better and I have a big list of work I need to get through and chores I need to do, so let's see how this works.
  7. Your husband knows not of what he speaks. I really like this one too. I don't get the plasticky vibe - just a nice tart apple with the herbs peeking through. I only have a sample but I often find myself reaching for this one. I think I might get a FB next month when the money grows back as I see there's still some on the GGG part of the other site.
  8. LOL, interesting stuff. Luna, I often feel that the word "bitch" gets thrown around when women are simply acting more like men. When I was with my ex, whenever I was the slightest bit assertive with him he would get all, "Oh, is it that time of the month?" and so on. I hate that. Like somehow standing up for yourself, like men do all the time, is somehow not legitimate when a woman does it and is the result of crazy-making hormones. Just pat the little woman on the head and wait a few days until she's "normal" again. (Incidentally - he was never right. It was never "that time of the month." It was just a trope he used to use to put me down). And Donsie, I didn't know that about phero samples. Hmmn. Maybe I should try Leather instead? Lots of people seem to like it and it might be in some of the fragrances. Ok, I'm off to go check! ETA: Nope, looks like I'm in FB territory for either. However, in perusing the list of all the phero fragrances, I just found a whole pile of other things I might like a sample of. Isn't that always the way?
  9. Well, I'm glad to hear that Dom isn't really bitch juice because that means there are way more situations in which I can use it. But on the other hand - nothing wrong with bitch juice every once in a while, right? There are definitely situations when I would take a slug of the stuff before wading in there and getting sh*t done! Ok, when I save up more money next month I will get a sample of it. I can't see any fragrances with it in right now except Dom Noire, which I can't see wearing - so I'll just go with UN.
  10. I don't know which Flying Potion I have. It's a sample that came with my order last summer or fall. I don't really get much grapefruit from it so perhaps it's not 2014. Mainly I just wanted to say that I am on record here as saying that I don't like foodie scents and that I really don't like sweet scents. A few scents I've tried that didn't sound like they were going to be particularly sweet ended up turning into an intense smoky sweetness by the end of the day and I didn't like it. So I didn't think I'd like this one and I didn't try it. But yesterday I was feeling kind of bummed out and I was all by myself so I figured I might as well give it a go. I LOVED IT! So marshmallowy and fluffy. I don't even really like vanilla scents but I liked this one and it was definitely vanilla. I'm thinking based on the descriptions above that I might have the 2013 version. I didn't really get any licorice or spice from it, either. Kind of just like a big, juicy marshmallow. I haven't tried Levitation before but it really did turn my mood around. Not like I suddenly had the best evening ever all by myself in my apartment, but just like I didn't feel pessimistic anymore and I chuckled out loud at the book I was reading - that sort of thing. The only bad thing I can say about it was that it didn't last long. I put it on around 5:00 PM and by 10:00 it was almost totally gone.
  11. Interesting. I know that pheros are not a magic wand - as in you can't slather on a few and make someone who hates you and finds you unattractive suddenly want to get in your pants. But the thing is - I often want to be more assertive and dominant. The intent is there, but my innate instinct to be diplomatic gets in the way. Sometimes I don't want to spend so much time going over all the angles and trying to make everyone play nicely - I just want to get sh*t done and people are being difficult. But it takes A LOT to push me to this point. I have a very long fuse and I'm extremely patient and tolerant and I think that sometimes it might be better for me if this wasn't the case. And my ex is definitely one of the people I would be interested in trying Dom on, although there are definitely some others I wouldn't mind using it on as well. Perhaps a sample is in order. In the meantime, I welcome advice from anyone else in this situation!
  12. I was just wondering whether people mainly use pheros to more or less enhance the kind of person they already are or to change their signature in order to fill in areas they feel they lack? I'm speaking about the non-sexual pheros because I'm pretty sure I know what those are for! The reason I ask is that I often look at Dom and wonder if I should try some. I am NOT a dominant person. I'm not a pushover either but the thing is that I'm a died-in-the wool people pleaser and the quintessential diplomat. Nevertheless, there are a number of *ssholes in my life that really need to be dominated! I decided instead to look at pheros that would enhance strengths that I feel I already have, like SWS and LFM (I'm worried I can't pull off Dom but I think I can do mysterious and regal because despite my people pleasing tendencies I have a reputation for being impossible to read). So I'm wondering what other people do? I'm hoping that the good people on these boards have tried all kinds of phero strategies before and can offer some insights on this question.
  13. That's an idea I hadn't considered before. I doubt the fragrances that I'm allergic to would bother me on my feet - it's not like I would smell it there but I would still be wearing it. I had also considered anointing a candle with it as well, but I wasn't sure whether I would still smell it or not.
  14. Good to see you again, Goddess. I hope life is a lot smoother for you now than the last time I was here. Things are still a big ball of chaos and uncertainty for me, but at least the PD is not a big part of it anymore. I actually just ordered the MegaWatt Phero and I can't wait to try it out. I didn't get it in Determination Potion (although the intent is perfect for me) because I'm not really into foodie fragrances and I'm afraid that would make me not want to wear it very often - thus cancelling out the excellence of the intent. I've reviewed some of the pheros and phero enhanced scents that I have, but none of the perfumes so far. I think my taste in perfume is really different from that of a lot of people here! I seem to only like things that are very herbal and "green." Anything that is the slightest bit sweet really bothers after a couple of hours, even it I like it when I first put it on. I wonder if I might be amping the sweet stuff and that's why it seems so overpowering to me? I have zero cash right now so even though I am salivating over a number of the Spell Potions (most of which seem way more herbal than other perfumes), I only committed to Harmonious Self in FB and MegaWatt in FB. I ordered sample sizes of Hex Deflection and Road Opener. I hope some of the other ones I like are still in stock next month when I might have a bit more money. Sorry, I'm blathering on. I do have one question though. What do you do with a Spell Potion that contains ingredients you're allergic to? A lot of the potions have really great sounding intents but I know for a fact that I will be sneezing all day if I wear them. Should I just give them a miss because they are clearly not for me, or is there some other way I can use them?
  15. This is a gift. I clearly need to cultivate some of whatever vibe you are putting out. A) because then my daughter would actually, you know, listen to me, and then sales/marketing/Jehovah's Witness people would leave me alone (CerisLou can obviously teach me something there as well). For some reason I seem to have the opposite talent. I can be thinking "f*ck off, I hate you, go away" in my head but for some reason everyone assumes what I'm really thinking is "please tell me more."
  16. Did you forget to take your zombie costume off before you left the house again? Seriously, though, that is such a weird encounter that it probably didn't have anything to do with you. Maybe he was just there filling his prescription for anti-psychotic meds. Or maybe you're the spitting image of his long lost high school sweetheart who died in a tragic car accident as a result of his drunk driving. Or maybe... You know, I think I have a book plot getting started here.
  17. Ah, so it was just my ex being a dick then. Got it. Kind of what I suspected all along.
  18. Hey, I just got my first rank name. How cool is that?
  19. I can't say about EST around my ex because I hadn't discovered this site until after I split up. He was NOT AT ALL an alpha male type but he was definitely a huge dick when I was pregnant. When I was in labour, he refused to go to the drug store and pick up the mild medication my midwife recommended. He said he was tired and he wanted to sleep for a few more hours and he would get it in the morning if I still needed it. Do women produce EST when they're breastfeeding as well? Because he really hated that I was breastfeeding and was always trying to find reasons why I should stop.
  20. Thanks guys! I'll get reviewing, then.
  21. Yes, the situation at my former office was definitely toxic and one nice side benefit of not being there is that chronic problems I was having with my upper back have disappeared. I'm also losing weight. I have always been thin but put on 30 lbs after I started that job and I was unable to shake it until now - when it is over and done with. That will show you what stress can do to you. Anyway, I think LFM was a real help in that encounter with my former colleague. I selected it on purpose because this individual is actually very sexist and this is one of my major complaints about him, so I thought a blast of LFM would do him good. Obviously it got under his skin.
  22. To me this is a good one to wear when you need to get shit done. I wore this one often in the Fall when my contract was about to end and my position was about to be made permanent. I alternated with LFM. Both of them made me feel very take charge and very competent but LFM definitely had a sexiness to it that this one didn't - obviously. Anyway, my performance evaluations for the Fall were through the roof and I was reaching new heights in my career. Unfortunately, I think I made some people jealous and when the new position came up there was a giant instance of office politics and no one ended up getting hired for the position. However, I'm so indispensable that they have hired me back on a per-job basis. I don't think this is the result of the SWS because there were clearly a lot of office politics going on. edited to remove some personal details
  23. I got some interesting hits from this one. One of the first times I wore it I accidentally got some on my clothes (I know this one is unscented, but I still wouldn't recommend this. While it blends indistinguishably into skin after a few seconds for me - the smell lingers on my clothes). I was at a staff meeting and a recent hire was sitting beside me. I think she got the full hit, but the head of my department was kitty corner to me at the table). Apropos of nothing the head of department was extremely complimentary of the work I had been doing during the meeting (although this was no unheard of). Meanwhile, the new hire, who has the office beside me and had never particularly noticed me before, seemed star struck after the meeting. She had been asking everyone but me out for little coffee breaks to get to know everyone. I think she figured that I was a nobody because I was a contract worker. After this meeting she came up to me in a fan girl kind of way and asked if I would go out for coffee with her and show her the ropes. One thing I have noticed, though, is that I can't wear this one if I haven't had a good night's sleep before. It makes me feel very assertive - which because I'm a woman is characterized as bitchy. When I've had a good night's sleep the edges are smoothed by my natural tendency to be a people pleaser. But when I'm tired I can be a bit "my way or the highway" with this one. I used LFM in a work-related setting again recently. I lost my job last year and one of the people who worked tirelessly to scupper my career emailed me out of the blue asking if we could meet. I almost said no but in the end I went for it because I decided I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. The thing is, though, that I'm an extremely mild mannered person who almost never gets involved in direct confrontations. So I put on some LFM as armour and sailed into my meeting with him. Apparently he didn't know that I was privy to all the things he said about me behind closed doors. I gave him a piece of my mind that he will not soon forget. He was just stammering and babbling and when it became clear that he had seriously misjudged me he started to get nasty. I shot down his every point with relentless logic so that he was more or less incoherent by the end. And then I got up from the table, fired my parting shot, and walked out on him. I don't know if I could have done that without LFM. Maybe. But I think the effect was more potent because of it. Edited to remove some private details
  24. I was actually around these forums a bit last spring and summer but, due to everything more or less going to hell in a hand basket, I stopped coming. I had purchased some perfumes and pheros for specific purposes and came up snake eyes on all of them and didn't want to be a Debbie Downer. I also realized that I can't wear perfume very often. Scented creams and shampoos yes, but perfumes no. Perfume sort of gets under my consciousness and makes me feel (depending on the scent) like I'm not myself. Kind of hard to explain. Sort of like (I don't know if anyone else ever has this) when I go to the mall to buy something and after about 20 minutes of looking for it I start to feel desperately like I want to get out - like I'm coated in other people's stuff and I'm having a hard time focusing. Perfume is not negative like that, but it's sort of niggly. The only one I've found so far that doesn't do this to me is Jewels of Avalon. I wonder if maybe I should try one of the hydrating waters instead. Perhaps something more sheer wouldn't have this effect. However, I've realized that I should really come back and post some of the effects I've had with the pheros I ordered. Some of these have been quite interesting. I'm also really attracted to the Spell Collection, although, alas, I have less than no money with which to purchase any - I totally did anyway, though
  25. Also, watch this Ted Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are I'm a naturally comfortable public speaker, but because I'm a woman I can occasionally shoot myself in the foot by not sounding as smart or as confident as I actually am. When I take a few minutes to put the suggestions described in the Ted Talk in place, this is not a problem. I bet that, boosted with LFM, this will make for an unbeatable interview experience. Good luck!
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