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  1. I'd like to reserve two bottles of Cassandra's Petit 4.2. Thanks!
  2. On my skin, I amp the coconut/vanilla with the peach/mango trailing behind. It's such a great tropical fragrance that I can see myself wearing year round.
  3. I'm so fortunate to have found this on the Trading Post (thanks Hearts!). Self effects are perfect - I feel in control, confident, and out going - and I think others see me in the same light, when I wear PP. Scent is amazing, rich brown cake with orange and vanilla. The throw is so strong. I always get comments when I wear this.
  4. I picked up a bottle of LFM after reading posts about how this is a great shopping phero. Heck yes! I have worn 4-5 sprays of LFM, while shopping and received the BEST customer service ever. I went shopping after work, so I was tired, most of my makeup had worn off, not nice... But the sales associates were fawning over me, complimenting me on my outfit and the dresses I tried on. I even got loads of samples from the cosmetics section without even asking for any! Since there aren't any cops on this, this has been my go to phero for work, too. It creates an air of confidence and sophistication.
  5. This is chocolate with a powdery bit of soap. The scent stays close to my skin... I can't stop sniffing my wrists. The chocolate note is present, but it isn't super sweet. As for the phero, my husband was attentive with extra backrubs and feetrubs before bed.
  6. This is powdery, light fruitiness. Yum! I use 2-4 sprays in the hair, in addition to another social, like Un OW. I wore this combo to work early this month and got some great hits. In one day, my manager raved about my work in a team meeting and winked at me multiple times. During said meeting, I noticed one of my coworkers had major DIHL. Like, this was the textbook definition of DIHL. He looked enraptured with me and locked eyes with me several times, like he couldn't help himself. Later, I had a super long, interesting convo with my cubemate, who suggested, out of the blue, that we should have dinner together (with our spouses, too). This behavior was definitely out of the ordinary for these folks. I can only chalk it up to Topper and OW.
  7. I can't detect each individual note. To me, it smells like rich beeswax (honey), caramel, and a touch of chocolate. To make it not as heavy, I've been wearing this with a dot of BBM. It's gourmand, as previously mentioned, but it isn't overly sweet.
  8. I purchased a roller ball of this, but during use it as much, until I turned it into a spray. I adore the scent - it's light and fruity with a touch of tartness. The phero hits with this are awesome. It puts me in a great mood and others are generally more friendly and complimentary.
  9. For work, I can't be without PP, OW, or LFM. I feel like the facilitation of meetings go much more smoothly when I wear one of these blends.
  10. tiffanysushi


    The marshmallow note is sheer... much lighter than what I initially imagined. I'm enjoying the interplay between the smoke, which is also sheer, and the marshmallow and sugar notes. I applied this on my torso, using the lollipop method, and throughout the day, I kept got gentle wafts of this delicate scent. I'm glad I purchased a FB!
  11. I adore this one - Inspire Desire smells like a freshly baked orange cupcake with icing. I detect a bit of honey, but it doesn't turn into that honey/baby powder note, that often happens when I wear scents with honey. The amber nicely grounds it, so it doesn't turn overly sweet on my skin.
  12. tiffanysushi


    Right off the bat, it smells like a cross between marzipan and sugar cookies with raspberry. Upon dry down, I detect a tiniest hint of spice (nutmeg). It's an uplifting fruity scent that's not overly "foody"... I'm rather enjoying my trial vial.
  13. Sniffing it in the bottle, I get a strong, sweet cherry vanilla scent. This is definitely a sugary, sweet cherry. The scent stays true, once applied, and has incredible staying power on my skin. I've worn this alone and also layered with BBM.
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