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  1. I didn't expect this to be quite so perfume-y; the vanilla everyone describes above is there but like a secondary layer. It's nice though and has good staying power. I will definitely use it to layer with a lot of other scents, just not the ones I expected to be layering this with.


    I wore this overnight and this morning the remaining scent is now what I had been expecting from this: a pure clean vanilla.

  2. 36 minutes ago, Tinkerbelle said:

    I only get notifications on the site if someone quotes me.  I have it set the way I had it before, but I still don't get the site notifications like I used to.  I was hoping it would resolve itself in time.  

    Ah, yes, I just got that notification because *you* quoted *me* :) But yes I also miss getting them when people post in threads I follow.

  3. I would like to return to having the former little red flag notifications pop up on my screen for the threads I follow (as opposed to the email notifications, which I turned off); I can't figure out how to set that up. The settings seem to only allow for you to choose to turn on the emails.

  4. Ok I took a break from this for a few months and wearing it tonight, I’m addicted to it. The milk accord is so comforting without becoming foodie; when I want something subtle and skin-like, this is perfect. I want to sniff myself all night long.

  5. Sometimes these sorts of scents for men are a bit too masculine for me, but this is wearing nicely on me and I'll happily keep this sniffie for myself. There's a bit of casual sexiness along with the clean soapiness. It's an unassuming, office-appropriate scent that would pair perfectly with Swimming with Sharks.

  6. This was an interesting journey. Sweeter than I anticipated, and with a spiciness that became reminiscent of licorice (?) as it dried down. Once dry, it was like the incense/sweat sort of scent I was expecting, with a hint of licorice on top. I'll have to mull this one over. I wouldn't wear this alone (I'm not a big patch girl and prefer it to be on the light side if at all), but I might use a touch of it in some scents that need more heft.

  7. I've only just gotten to a point where I know how much to wear, but this is trickier for me than other pheros. It consistently does well in terms of how others treat me (and I get a kick out of the heart-eyed looks i get from strangers I interact with when I'm wearing this), but I notice that if I put on a little too much, I'm prone to feeling a bit sensitive or sad, much like some feel when wearing too much est--but PM, of course, doesn't contain est, so is that due to the beta-enol somehow? :Emoticons04280:

  8. Yum. At first sniff it was mostly mulberry (and maybe boysenberry...?); on my skin it quickly became something that smelled almost like cherry (even though that's not in here). The bit of brown sugar that's in there came to the fore, and I was momentarily worried that it would stay and distract from the berries, but it faded (as did the cherry-ish scent), leaving what I had initially smelled out of the bottle. I could wear this at any time of year and will have fun layering this with a bunch of other things I have.

  9. This is a nice chocolate scent, but milky cocoa powder recedes faster than I was hoping it would. After maybe 5-10 minutes what's left is a lightly sweetened, slightly cocoa-y myrrh. I might see what happens if I layer this with some other scents.

  10. This was too sharp for me at first sniff and upon application. After a few minutes, it mellowed somewhat into a crisp green scent before the soapiness came out. Then a tiny bit of spice peeked out. I like clean scents but this might be a touch too masculine for me, however I could easily layer this with something else to make it feel a bit more "me." Open Windows, of course, is always a winner.

  11. Wore this last night; it had been a while. It came off smelling sweeter to me than I expected (and still pretty), but I'm not sure if it's actually aged that way or if my memory of it was inaccurate.


    I need to wear this phero more often to get a handle on it (I have it only in Aliya). I'm not sure yet if this works for me. I feel somewhat in control when I wear it, which makes sense for the alpha nature of the phero. Beyond that I feel pretty normal when I wear it. I don't get much in the way of self-effects usually, although I do feel a subtle lift with other sexy-socials I have (Cougar, SS4W, Lace). With Audacious, I feel pretty much the same and I haven't noticed that people treat me particularly differently (either strangers, acquaintances, or friends). More testing to be done...

  12. This manages to stay mostly like a creamy almond berry on me, which was my hope. I've never tried Petit Four Your Thoughts so I can't compare this to that. So for me, this recalls Determination Potion w Mega Watt, but without the coffee note (or the phero)--and I had been thinking that it would be nice to have a non-phero, non-coffee version of that scent, so I'm very pleased with this. :)

  13. I can definitely get a sense of autumn wind coming off of this. The smoke doesn't show up on me and neither does the coffee. The maple coming out after a few beats was nice, but receded quickly. Overall this is lovely, grown-up, sophisticated, and a bit mysterious. I don't have LFN, but I would definitely pair this with LFM.

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