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  1. This is definitely evocative of the name :) The black tea is very comforting. It would be a good option for women who don't feel like wearing something sweet or particularly feminine. I'll enjoy wearing this alone but I could see this pairing well with Balm Bomb or B2/Teddy BB.

  2. I've come to notice and appreciate the slightly more attentive service this seems to get me when I go from wearing this to work to running errands or getting a drink in the evening. People seem to "hop to it" a bit more.


    Sometimes, when meeting people after work, I just add an OCCO to my chest to femme it up a bit. At other times I've just sprayed on some DHEAS.

  3. Have been experimenting more with this, using it as I would an OCCO by just putting a dab of it in my cleavage. When the vinegar whiff wears off, what's left makes me feel so...exposed :D I haven't been able to wear honey- or amber-heavy scents because they go plastic on me unless I add something to them to tame the plastic, so this is the first smutty scent I've been able to wear on its own. Recently I wore this on my chest and went to a bar for a drink. I caught whiffs of it coming up from my chest and I felt like I was sitting there bottomless, lol! :D

  4. To me, this has an Herbal Essences body wash/shampoo kind of vibe, but way prettier. And since I used to like HE a lot (before switching to organic shampoo), I like this scent a lot, too :) Lace is perfect with it.

    I haven't tried Lace before and I was a little apprehensive about the "ditzy" vibe but wow.... Zombie Repellant is an A++ for me. I want it in everything!

    I felt that way about Lace too when I first read the description, but trying a sample of it (in Ivory Cats: Tantalize) changed my mind. You won't come off as an airhead if you start small (which is the ideal way to start anyway); it just makes you bubbly and happy like you had a glass or two of wine.

  5. This is the second scent with dragon's blood that I've tried. Still sorting out my feelings about that note; it's strange to me yet also kind of addictive. Re: this particular scent, I'd like to smell this on a man, but applied with a light hand.

  6. The guava faded fast on me, and what was left behind was pleasantly sophisticated, as others have noted. I'm not sure yet if this is quite "me;" will try again another time.

  7. I put this on this afternoon to help me shake off my sluggishness for a workout. I wish I'd put some on when I first got up this morning! It perked me up noticeably and helped me power through. I know some ladies find that after putting on a certain amount, the e-none "flips the bitch switch," but I haven't reached that point (yet...?).


    I still have yet to try this in public, but am intrigued by others' results...

  8. That makes me sad, I've finally built a relationship with ambrosia but don't want to slather cops.


    What works best for layering with ambrosia? It's not quite strong enough on my skin to last on its own unless I slather, is there another LP that has a similar scent?


    I wouldn't say that Scented Cougar and Honeyed LP are similar to Ambrosia, but they pair well with it.

  9. I'm happy with this one; it avoids "dishwasher liquid" territory and is just the right amount of sweet and tart. It's uplifting. The softer version it settles into is lovely. It does indeed work well with pink scents; I tried a touch of this with FC Fairy Floss and it brightened it nicely.

  10. Mmmm, I'm definitely reaching for the creamy foodies straight out of the box! I've recently gone back to my Kanary Kremes and have been reveling in the lemon deliciousness. This is a delightfully different take on the creamy lemon trope -- KK is rich, rich, rich pure foodie. This one is much lighter -- lemon meringue, maybe?


    It's coming off as "lemon meringue" on me, too--mmm! Lighter than I expected and a good feminine spring/summer scent. I keep sniffing my wrist. I have no idea which parts of what I'm smelling are the copal and storax though, ha.

  11. I've discovered that this is also great to pair with scents you feel are a touch too strong. I still have some Sneaky Clean left in a trial vial, and I've added this + SS4W (ratio 2/3 Air, 1/3 phero) to the vial and that has worked very nicely to take the scent down a notch.

  12. This definitely came off as leathery Sugared Honeycomb right away. Then the pepper and tobacco came out more and threatened to take over, but then it changed back to a honey-forward scent with a hint of the leather remaining. Definitely sexy.


    This is my first time trying Leather. I feel more focused and in control than earlier in the day before I put this on, which was good because I had been feeling a little out of it and distracted.

  13. This is sexy but comforting too. I like the initial pumpkin boost, which becomes more of a whiff with drydown. Now it's mostly the caramelized sugar with buttery vanilla and what I could have sworn was light patchouli if I didn't know it there wasn't any--I guess the amber plus the Aja is turning out to be patch-reminiscent on me.

  14. I ordered Cougar in the trial size now I wish I had gotten the bottle. Yesterday I wore it to work and just put a tiny amount on. I could not even smell it anymore after awhile. Knowing pheros still work I took notice that when guys walked by they would stop and look back. Even from a distance someone stopped and looked back and smiled. Guys do not usually do that to me anymore so it was a nice suprise. I love the scent too! Guess I know what to put on my list to get...


    I'll always have a special affinity for scented Cougar; the sample I got was the first thing from LPMP that I ever tested in public. It succeeded in helping me turn the head (literally) of my crush, who up until then had been in the "Is he kind of interested or just being friendly?" category. From then on it was no longer a mystery. :purr:

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