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  1. I would like to see Out of This World Musk or a similar version to it. I have been in a "musky"mood lately.
  2. How strong is the catnip note in this perfume? I'm intrigued by the musks but I'm a bit wary of the catnip...I don't want to have cats chasing me or anything like that :-)
  3. I really like this one. It's sweet, fruity and fresh which is perfect for spring. It lasts for a pretty long time. It's tart but doesn't that headache inducing sharpness. I feel uplifted when I wear this scent. It's too soon to see effects on my love life and finances but there's still time
  4. Is this scent still available? The sandalwood and coconut sound lovely.
  5. This is lighter than I expected. It has the resinous quality but this is definitely sweeter than the black musk. I'm glad I ordered the 10 ml because this is my new favourite. It has a presence but it's inviting and enticing to come closer for a deep, long sniff. I'd like to try this with Sugared Coconuts, Sugared Figs or Sugared Cocoa Butter.
  6. I bought this on Etsy. I wasn't sure about it but I'm glad I took a chance and got it. Overall, it's sweet and lot more powdery and mellower than I expected. The frankincense helps to tone down the sweetness of the nag champa to make it cleaner and fresher somehow. Nag champa is one of those scents can be overly sweet and cloying but this is not the case. This is resiny but not too heavy. This is perfect for spring and a beautiful scent.
  7. I just ordered Lorien's Sugared Darkness through the new Etsy special. I'm looking forward to receiving it!
  8. Great article! I shared a couple of e-mails with John (great customer service!) and it's nice to put a face to the name.
  9. I have my eye on Themyscira (the combination of coconut, vanilla and orange blossom honey sound too good to resist) and Cuddle Musk. I'll seriously have to consider a second job to support my growing perfume habit ... more like obsession at this point :-)
  10. Would this particular pheromone be considered okay to wear in social/work situations?
  11. I'm looking forward to placing my order and reading the descriptions.
  12. I keep hearing that this has "blue" sugar or "blue" musk in this blend. What does this smell like? Is it cool and fresh smelling or warm? How would you describe it? Also, how strong is the tobacco and leather in this blend?
  13. mlee

    Caramel Musk

    This wears close to the skin and has a warm and elegant quality. It's something that you could wear on all occasions and it's inviting and luscious. To me, it's sensual and feminine. I keep sniffing myself; it's a very lovely scent!
  14. I just got this in the mail a couple of days ago. I was searching for the perfect Dragon's Blood scent and I wasn't disappointed. This is definitely incensey, rich and full bodied scent. I like the way the sugars and spiced caramel emphasizes the natural sweetness of the scent. It also has great staying power; I can still smell traces of the Dragon's Blood on my scarf from a couple of days ago. This would be interesting to mix this with the Sugared Honeycomb but it's perfect when worn alone.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I did end up ordering the NOCO Red yesterday because it had the same ingredients of LP Red (which I really liked) but it seemed lighter and less intense without the resins. But I will definitely order the LP Original next time. I really liked the warmth of the vanilla and with the apricot. I also ordered the Caramel Musk and the Sugared Dragon's Blood too. Caramel Musk seems to be a good basic to have and I'm intrigued about Mara's version of Dragon's Blood. I'm waiting for it to be delivered so hopefully I will get it by the end of the month.
  16. This sounds heavenly! I would like to reserve a bottle if and when it becomes available.
  17. I'm considering the following: -Caramel Musk -Rocket Fuel -Lady V' Sweet Pussycat -Ivory Cats Creamed Honey -Love Potion Original I'm craving scents that warm and creamy so I'm curious about Rocket Fuel with the brown sugar notes. Can this one be made without pheromones? But, then again, I'm sniffing the LP Original sample that I swiped on my wrist and it's smells divine. I'm getting traces of patchouli, vanilla and apricot. Very warm but uplifting at the same time. It's going to be a tough choice to narrow it down to two choices.
  18. I got this as a sample when I ordered LP Black. When it's wet, it's warm and very spicy. I was concerned about possible irritation from the cinnamon but my skin was fine while wearing it. The cinnamon is definitely dominant, with the amber and vanilla as a faint second. I didn't get any hint of apricot. When it's dry, it smells similar to Red Hots cinnamon candy hearts, which could bring back memories of Valentine's day. I've been wearing it for five hours and it's still going strong. It's spicy and powdery. Very warm and sexy. It's too soon to tell if I'll order a full bottle. I will have to give this another try.
  19. I just got this today and had to test it to see what it was like. When it's wet, the honey is very raw and earthy and to me, has a syrupy quality. Very potent and robust. I can understand why this perfume is described as the essence of sex. But not in a raunchy way. It's more a come-hither-and-sample-my-goodies way. When it's dry, the honey gets lighter and cleaner but still retains it's earthiness. The sugar helps to round out the rawness making it slightly powdery but still potent. This is what I would a grown-ass woman scent, a scent of a woman that's sensual, confident and takes no prisoners in the art of seduction. it's definitely sexy without being brazen and obvious.
  20. This is a nice scent. It's very elegant and smooth and I like the way sugar brings out a bit of the spiciness. This particular musk is not overwhelming and a great stand-alone scent.
  21. I wore this a couple of days ago and this is the type of amber I'm looking for. This particular amber is sweet and spicy with an emphasis on the caramel sugar. It's that syrupy quality that is rich and warm. It's long lasting (for me, it lasted half the day) and wears close to the skin. This is perfect for everyday wear. Next time, I'll order the larger bottle (10 ml).
  22. I tried LP Bittersweet a couple of weeks ago and the scent had a strange smell and weird undertone when I applied it to my skin. It probably was because I was on my menstrual cycle at the time :-( However, after letting it sit for a bit and shaking before applying, I'm getting a much better result now. Upon first application, the chocolate is dominant. It's slightly sweet but not cloying. This smells like a dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate. I didn't smell much of the coffee. When the perfume dries down, I'm getting a nice mix of amber and patchouli with the chocolate in the background. Very beautiful, warm and sexy. I keep sniffing my arm as I'm typing this review. It's a beautiful and complex mix that (for me) sits close to the skin. If you're looking for a more sophisticated blend of chocolate perfume, this hits the mark perfectly. This is suitable for both work and special occasions. I also love the label artwork too!
  23. I'm wearing it right now and it is sweet on me but overly sweet. I can smell the caramel which is a good choice for emphasizing the musk and it's very well blended. Overall, the scent is not too overwhelming. It's also very thick and I'm not able to put on a lot which is good because a little goes a long way. I can smell it on my clothes and has terrific longevity. A very sexy scent! I would be curious to try it with Amber and Honeycomb. I'm letting them rest for a bit before I try them; I just got them in the mail yesterday.
  24. I first saw this scent offered on Etsy but I wasn't sure if I should order it because I hadn't seen any reviews for it. This seems to be the type of plum fragrance I'm looking for, which is something dark, and sweet without having a medicinal smell. The carnation and neroli notes sound unique and add a bit of "edginess" to the sweetness of the plum. Well, payday is tomorrow so here I come with another order!!!
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