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  1. Eve

    SALE 2021!!

    Yes, if they are available. @Potion Master the first bottle of Chakra Heart was part of the first invoice.
  2. Eve

    SALE 2021!!

    Last reservation request: 1 5ml bottle Chakra Heart. This is in addition to the one I requested above. thank you
  3. Eve

    SALE 2021!!

    May I reserve: 1 5ml bottle Chakra Heart (also in addition to the one already reserved)? 1 5ml bottle Potion Bastet (this is in addition to the one I already reserved) Also, I’d like to release Sweet Leaf, will purchase at a later date. Thanks
  4. @RosesArePink It’s hard to know. Plus, the amount she makes varies. Sometimes she just can’t get the ingredients to make much of a certain perfume in a collection. You’ve gotta figure some are held at the physical store, some on the love potion site, and Etsy has some. Etsy never shows that many, but it can still give you a feeling for if there is much stock. If it’s under 5 full size bottles it’s a sign there aren’t many anywhere. This is not a proven method at all. It’s only what I do to get an idea if I’m in for a perfume shortage crisis or not lol. Maybe Mara or someone who actually knows the answer will answer.
  5. @Eastwood22 Cherry tobacco pipe scent is one I used to adore. I think I’m at the point now that I’d love it again. My grandad used to smoke a pipe, and I loved him so much! But then, as an adult, back when I still lived in the city, there was this majorly creepy guy in my building who had a thing for me, and he would stand just outside of the building entrance on the parking lot side, smoking cherry tobacco in his pipe. He was clearly hanging around waiting for me to come home. He’d be in the building in a flash upon my arrival, timing it so we could have the lovely opportunity to ride up in the elevator together. God it was so awful. I was on the fence about this one, as far as getting a fb (I’m going to) due to the maple. This note is still a little bit more prominent than I’d prefer, but I get the feeling that the longer it ages, the more the tobacco is going to come forward. I plan to keep that fb for quite a while before breaking the seal….
  6. Eve

    SALE 2021!!

    I can’t believe I’m doing this (yes I can). I swore to myself only one invoice (I knew all along this could happen). May I reserve: 1 (5ml) bottle Potion Bastet and not in the sale 1 FB Sweet Leaf Thanks!
  7. I want to get a FB of this. Now that it’s had a chance to settle it’s becoming more complex. At first all I really smelled was maple. And I was relieved the maple was playing nice with my skin. Today the tobacco and musk are showing up, and it went from a “nice autumn scent” to a “wear it anytime” fragrance.
  8. Eve


    This one even surpasses my love of Wild Cherry, something I didn’t think possible. I’m so glad Mara still has ingredients leftover from the first brew.
  9. Eve


    @androstenol it is a sex bomb, isn’t it? I originally planned to have Mara boost one with BI, but my order got complicated, and ultimately I didn’t. This would really be good with any of 5he heavier hitting phero blends. Sexpionage, BI, even Cuddle Bunny or Bang Bang. I did get one boosted with cops though.
  10. I’ve had my nose under the neck of the top I’m wearing off and on all day. The fragrance arising from my cleavage is Just So GOOD! (wearing Beewitched). Sooner or later I’m going to get caught in the act by someone, and you know what? I don’t care.
  11. Fragrances that have maple can be a problem for me. I love tobacco scents, and vanilla and musk are sure bet friends of mine 🙂. So far (I’ve only tested it once) the maple stayed true to a nice maple scent. Maybe because there are no accompanying gourmand spices is why this maple works for me. Or maybe it’s the lack of patchouli. Whatever the reason, this is a maple I can wear. I’d happily wear this especially in autumn. It is a cozy delectable scent. I’d be equally happy to smell it on a guy. Oftentimes unisex scents still play out as “somewhat masculine but not too much so”. Not this one. This is an anybody fragrance.
  12. My initial impression was distinct chrysanthemum when I first applied it. I didn’t smell any carnation really, and I love the scent of fresh carnations. I’m going to give it a little while later to rest, and try it again. I like the smokiness, it is very much like an autumn flower bouquet. I get that impression of having raked a pile of dry rustling leaves. This is very fall like, and a departure from gourmand spices we associate with autumn. It’s not a “me” type scent, but I don’t dislike it, I was hoping for more carnation though. I’ll revisit it later on. Adding that the oak made an appearance after a while, it gives it a more complex quality, and I liked it better after I had it on for a while. I meant to state this in my review above.
  13. One surprise for me is I may actually like Infusion. I had it on last night in the crooks of both elbows. I need to retest when I’m sure there is no other lingering scent left behind from a previously applied perfume. Berry type scents tend to be too sweet or sharp on me. This one is neither of those. It’s really nice.
  14. @Bella15 my math would get skewed when I tried to place an imaginary order on the LPMP website because it would automatically start applying discounts over $100, so I had to use a calculator (actually a pen writing on the border of a newspaper laying nearby haha) and add it up that way.
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