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  1. @Kayla 😎 I’ve been known to run out of test spots. It’s encouraging to hear the LP Gold hasn’t unleashed the patch monster, I’m not a big grapefruit lover though. I’ll probably get a trial just to see....
  2. I agree with Luna. Beautiful coffee, but, definitely a male scent. It smells very posh, and I mean that in a good way. Even though I left the mass produced perfumes behind some time ago, this would do well at the counter of high end department stores. I think it will appeal to many.
  3. This is a very early on take of how the 2021 version wears on me. It only arrived yesterday, so, I’m expecting it may change after it has settled more from its transcontinental journey to my eager grabby hands. So far, no matter how much I will it to be so, it does not smell like Odalesque. It also isn’t that much like the previous iteration of Odalisque was when I tried it. However, it has a different phero added than Odalesque, and the 2017 brew contained Bang!. I never had the opportunity to try versions that predated the 2017 release. Blatant Invitation is a
  4. @Snoopyace we’re late to the party, but at least we’ll be there soon, haha
  5. I just got my shipping notification! Yay😊
  6. Thanks for your review Snoopy. I’ll confess that even though technically I bought it for the BF, I really got it for the label🙂
  7. @Kayla I’m curious about the patchouli too. If you can post after you’ve tried it, I’d like to hear what you think. No guarantee it would read the same on my skin, of course.
  8. @Potion Master YES!!!!! Either invoice me and I’ll pay, or whichever way is easiest for you.
  9. So far, other than a Wizard Whiskers, I just went with trial vials. I would have snagged a virgin bottle of Odalisque, but no more were left. (And this was at 3am my time😕) I loved the Odalesque variant, and actually did have a full bottle of the previous brew of “Odalisque”, but I gave it away, so, I want to try a trial size first. BL works well for me (us) so it has potential to be another great fit. But, I gotta try it... Also trials of Gossamer Thread, Carry On, Sogni, Bacca Rustica, and Kahve. Now I get to obsessively check for shipping updates.
  10. The label for LPGold reminds me of works by Alphonse Mucha...
  11. You’re so right! Yes. Back in the day of Jessica Rabbit my hair was red/auburn, and it was long. Friends would jokingly call me Jessica. It’s still long, but mostly gray now.
  12. @luna65I’m not much of a tv watcher. I had no clue. (Stating the obvious). You know, I had a bottle of the “Odalisque” but I passed it on to another forum member. I’m curious to see how I feel about this 2021 brew. The phero it’s enhanced with works well for me.
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