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  1. Hi!  I’m rarely on the forum lately, but, I haven’t noticed YOU posting. Maybe it’s because the activity feed seems to not work that well. 

    We’ve had an increase in hawk activity here, (and coyotes and foxes😕). I’ll think to myself that you’d enjoy seeing them, each time I notice one sitting (hunting) on our grape arbor or the gate. 

    It’s not like we are out in the country, but there is a large grassy field with few trees that is surrounded by woods, and our backyard is the border to it. 

    I hope you and yours are well 🙂

    1. oceanjewel



      I'm fine, just busy lately. Thanks for checking 🙂


      I'd love to see your hawks! Wish I'd been able to get a photo of the late season fawn in my backyard. He was adorable running and jumping in the rain.


      Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. @greenappletartlol. Pirate bar😎. Great review.
  3. Wild 🍒 Cherry—with pheros, without —either or both.
  4. I continue to love this. It’s in my all time top three LPMP fragrances. it seems like the most recent past brew of Odalisque had a stronger silage, but, I did not wear often, so my nose likely didn’t get a chance to grow accustomed to it. (PS, the organza bags for this release have a nice gothic Victorian noir vibe)🌔🎃🦉
  5. Where are all the reviews for this? It is such a masterpiece! (That’s okay though, don’t trouble yourselves to try it, I’ll just buy them all 😇.) I too, was surprised at how little it resembles the previous version, but, whereas for some odd reason, the 2017(??) variant smelled like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille on me, this newest release starts out with a blast of almonds. I’d love it if the almond note would stick around longer, but it backs off, then the sandalwood becomes prominent. In time in all comes together in a sweet musky vanilla. It’s very well balanced. It definit
  6. @raydee8_love, good thing I’m into sloughing. 😎. (I actually prefer sugar scrubs over salt, just to throw my two cents in). My daughter is visiting, and she has this clay mask by an overpriced beauty line with the initials of CT. I can’t tell that it does anything beneficial for my skin, but it has an incredible true gardenia scent. It makes me want to try growing gardenias in the house this winter.
  7. Eve

    Cupid's Cathedral

    Okay... called it by the wrong name. Can’t fix it! (Edit turned off, or is it just me?)
  8. Eve

    Cupid's Cathedral

    I was completely taken by surprise at this one! This was part of a generous gift (also a huge surprise!) from two amazing friends. (💕💜💕) I’m not a florals lover. And, generally speaking, I expect that the summer releases won’t be for me. AND I grow lilies. Lots of them. Don’t really like how the gardens smell when they’re all blooming at once. But this fragrance is amazing. It is so so good! I don’t know if it can replace my dearly missed Wild Cherry (but nothing could). The two don’t smell similar in the least, just trying to convey how much I like Cupid’s Chapel.
  9. Oh, I’m so sorry I missed this!!
  10. Oh how cool!!! I’m going shopping 🛍
  11. Loooove the labels! IMO they’re better than the previous ones.
  12. Thank you @Potion Master, for clarifying. It is interesting that you mentioned how oftentimes people who ask for a general reading will end up focusing on something that has been on their mind, even though they did not voice this at the start of the reading. I’ve heard it said that doctors also see this. A person comes in for something else, and as the appointment is wrapping up the patient then starts to talk about why they actually came. I’ve only had one reading, and it was by a well known psychic (known within the area I lived at the time. The news media would interview her oc
  13. @Potion Master Could you give a brief explanation about the benefits of having a reading done? I did not see anything about the event Friday on Facebook, so don’t know if it is fully booked or I just can’t locate a link to contact for it. And, if I (for example) did not have a specific thing I was hoping to gain by having a reading, is that okay too? Or, is it best to schedule one for a certain reason.
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