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  1. I’m trying Ash, Belflower, Juju, and Okulo. There’s always trepidation in my case when it comes to summery type fragrances. @Potion Master I’m happy to have so many scents to choose from that are without pheromones. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using pheros, but this allows more choices of when and where to apply. Remember how sad I was when Lilu (which I never expected to love) couldn’t be worn anytime and around anyone I wanted. As an aside, little Ruby looks so much like a girl who’s portrait I painted many years ago, she could be her twin!
  2. Yay! (Now I can stop obsessively checking the forum haha). Thank you Mara. It was a wonderful idea to share the story behind each label.
  3. The likenesses are captured so well! I don’t recognize everybody though. Such bright happy labels 🙂. Can’t wait for the descriptions. Thanks for giving us more to look forward to 💗
  4. @luna65 man, now I have to start obsessively checking the forum! Thanks a lot. No, really, thank you 🙂
  5. Two separate shipments are in limbo ☹️ One was going to my daughter, at her house, and one coming here. Last update for hers is in Portland on the 5th, mine never updated its tracking from Vancouver onward on the 4th. Woe is me
  6. After reading the reviews, I took a chance and got a trial vial. I was so hopeful it was going to work for me. For the first few hours is was beautiful. Even the grapefruit that often doesn’t work for me, stayed in its place instead of shoving to the front and screaming how it was the boss of everyone. Right when I was ready to pull the trigger on a FB, sly sneaky old patchouli came barreling in, and took all of the other fragrance notes hostage. I’m so disappointed. 😟. However, in that same order I’d tried Living Doll, even though not expecting it to be a “me” type fragrance, and as it turns out, I really like it. You win some, you lose some…
  7. Okay.... first of all, I read back through what I previously posted about this, and to clarify, I did not go full bottle “unstuffed” I got it un-sniffed. Good god, I not only can’t type, apparently I fall down pretty regularly on the job when it comes to proofreading what I’ve written. Now on to my experience with it... At first I loved it, so I kept adding more. Which was a mistake. It blossomed and grew into this tuberose monster. It was so bad. Mostly because I over applied, and to make matters worse, this was as I was unwrapping my goodies that’d just arrived after traveling from west coast to east, and it’d had no chance to settle. No matter how much I scrubbed, the scent was overpowering. I put it aside. In fact, I told @Eastwood22if she was interested I’d send it to her.... but I didn’t, as I’ve still not ventured to the post office—and no excuse because I’m fully vaccinated. Fast forward to today. I was rummaging through my overflow box of perfumes. Happily I discovered three virgin bottle of Wild Cherry that still had a few visible drops remaining in them. Drops amounting to less than a sniffie bottle, but I was thrilled nevertheless. Lilu was in there, and I set it aside again , for Eastwood, as I continued to explore what was down further in the box, and next pulled out a bottle of OCCO Mocha that I’d forgotten completely about. Then, feeling daring, I thought I’d try Lilu again. I dabbed a teensy tiny bit inside the crook of my elbow. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t swoon either. A little while later, it seemed like a good idea to apply some OCCO Mocha on top. Why not, right? It currently smells fantastic. Never would’ve thought to pair them, and of course that’s a heavy load of cops.... but, I’m hopeful that I can wear Lilu after all. I don’t think I have another fragrance that has Sexpionage in it.
  8. @greenappletartI don’t know about the amber, because the bottle of v 2017, I didn’t hold onto. I remember it just missed working for me. It may have just been that I was searching for something different at that time. After reading what @luna65 wrote, I dug out my bottle of Halo’s Angelique that was stowed away in safekeeping. And yes, there are a lot of similarities between this year’s brew and Angelique. For me, I think of Odalesque as a completely different perfume. The almond presence makes it so special. When I got out my box that had Halo’s Angelique tucked away inside, I discovered I’d also hidden more bottles of Odalesque. Such a happy find💕 💕 Even though I’ve snagged a couple of backup bottles of 2021 Odalisque, I don’t think I’ll be trying to buy up every single bottle. I wanted some, but will happily share.
  9. @luna65I asked, because there was some confusion when ordering from the shop. I’d used Messenger to reach them, hoping to add a bottle of Lilu in with an order I’d already placed.
  10. Okay, I just went FB unstuffed. Why not, right? But, @luna65is it sexology or sexpionage? I’m confused 😐
  11. I got a trial of this one, intending to wear it myself. I like tobacco, I adore tonka, vanilla, balsam.... wood type notes are usually okay. So far it’s not working out though. When I first put a little dab on, I liked it. An hour or so later I thought maybe this was something I HAD to have, so I slathered it on. Then it took a wrong turn. I think it was maybe the mahogany?? Eventually I will revisit it though.
  12. @Eastwood22 I came so close to getting at least a trial vial with both orders! I guess I’d better snag one before it’s added to my list of loves I have lost...
  13. I almost got this, after reading reviews, maybe I should? I need updates.
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