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  1. Silicone is no longer offered by LPMP I don’t believe. DPG is oil. If you have perfume by LPMP and it is in a roller bottle, then it is oil (dpg). You can follow the directions posted earlier in this thread if you want to turn an oil based perfume into a spray. The ratios of alcohol to oil are listed above. Silicone and alcohol will not mix. It will turn cloudy, and need to be shaken each time before applying. Here are some helpful links Read carefully what PotionMaster wrote in the links below. Everything you’re asking about is there. Lastly, both the forum site, and the online store for LPMP have gone through upgrades, and complete new builds. Therefore, some older links no longer work.
  2. @citrine I’m glad you got through it. Judges are not favorably influenced by name calling. No worries there for you. The best of luck for the next round.
  3. @RosesArePink I’m so glad you like it 🙂. It isn’t discussed much lately, but it’s a great, versatile fragrance. I actually have it on today.
  4. @citrine Man, I feel for you! How abhorrent! I wish you all of the strength, and communication resources that dwell within you, and the awareness to remember they are there to draw on, for your ordeal tomorrow. Whichever pheromone works to instill confidence. It’s going to be an emotionally charged situation for you. Being confident and resolute is going to calm you.
  5. @Mister Pheromert Eastwood, Greenappletart and Citrine all gave you more great information. Follow the links provided, and listen to the intent of what they are trying to convey to you. As far as scents that contain Open Windows, you are not limited to ones that already contain it, but can have LPMP add it to any scent that does not already contain a different pheromone blend in it already. Or, you can add the unscented Open Windows on top of a fragrance you already know you like, so long as it is free of pheromones. Consider branching out and trying different pheromones too. You definitely should not mix different pheromone blends, or wear more than one blend at a time. Fragrance preferences are very personal. Those who know each other here on the forum (albeit only through our online connection) can sometimes help each other decide if they will like something because they already know what the other’s preferences and dislikes are. I don’t have any clear recollections about any of the commercial fragrances you listed. I’m sorry, but it’s been too long. Therefore I don’t have a good feel for what will appeal to you. I also did not try this latest offering of LP #9. (Ihaven’t tried any of them though) hence I’m no help there either. I have smelled (and liked) a few of the men’s fragrances and unisex ones. My guy, who is just not into fragrance, rarely wears anything but an aftershave balm by Calvin Klein. . It’s not a favorite of mine, but after 20 years, I’ve grown to associate it with him, so I like it for that reason. He likes how I smell, and that’s what matters 🙂 Consider trying the men’s sampler. It has some wonderful scents in it, a few I’ve purchased as gifts for others over the years. https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/for-men/products/best-selling-sampler-set-for-men Most importantly, remember that a fragrance and any pheromone formulation should enhance who you are. It should help you be you, only more. Pheromones can be as useful to the wearer (if they respond to pheromones) as they are in how they affect others. Keep that in mind.
  6. @Mister Pheromert welcome to the forum 🙂. I always thought that a fragrance should be detected by others at about conversation distance apart (and the same goes for any pheromones). Also, be able to catch whiff of the scent in the wake of the slight air movement when you walk by. I don’t think it would be desirable or appropriate for a perfume or phero to be smelled by others across a room. 1.5 meters (in my opinion) is a reasonable maximum distance. Really one meter is better though. And that is with the air perfectly still, no one moving around causing it to drift in any direction. And, at that distance, the perfume should not be a strong presence, more like sensed rather that consciously smelled by others. I could be wrong, and often am about many things. Additionally, there are other factors such as how warm your skin is, and how warm the environment is. If it’s hot in a room, or outside, scent will carry farther. Perhaps, if you found a phero that you yourself react to, one that boosts those qualities you want others to perceive in you, then being concerned about the range the scent or phero has, is not important, because you definitely are in range of yourself. Also keep in mind that there are some people who don’t respond to pheromones, and even more people who have strong dislikes of certain scents. There is no way you would be able to know in advance what mere acquaintances or strangers feel about specific scents, either. If what you are wearing is so overwhelming, it will definitely not have the desired outcome you wish to achieve. PS. My advice is to use the search function on the forum, and read about ghosting. This is a real risk for when one overloads the amount of phermones they are wearing.
  7. Eve


    I’ve been test driving this off and on. I did like enough to buy a full bottle, but the verdict (as a mostly non floral lover) is still out. It definitely amps the floral aspect more than the cake accord though. Trying it again today….
  8. Bumping this up for newcomers. As some names pheromone blends have changed, or formulas been discontinued, it might be confusing reading the original legacy listings, and older reviews of pheromones with similar names or intent.
  9. @RosesArePink I hoped Sneaky Clean would appeal to you. It isn’t discussed much on the forum lately, so, possibly easy to overlook. When I first discovered it, I think the phero was SS4W, but now it’s Lumina. I like to use the roll on oil up in my hair at the nape of my neck before I blow my hair dry…. inside elbows, at cleavage, other warm places. I prefer it as a spray, but will sometimes double up with both formulations. The spray creates an immediate cloud of scent. I've even spritzed it on our pillowcases occasionally. It has staying power.
  10. Eve


    As a follow up…. Ash is not going to work for me like I’d hoped it would. For those of you who love it, once it’s sold out, and you’ve entered that desperate search for one last illusive bottle, keep me in mind. I have an almost full bottle.
  11. @RosesArePink you’re very welcome 🙂. …. In reference to your reply, I want to clarify that I don’t think he is taken, or commitment phobic, etc, just that it would be good to know him better before you let yourself become even more smitten by him. Sometimes charming, witty guys (think George Clooney) are the kind that have little intention of entering serious relationships. Not as a rule, but something still to keep in mind. And even George succumbed after a while lol. Getting him to open up and talk about his personal life would be informative, of course. OW, and especially TMI are for that purpose. But, getting him hooked to want more time with you needs to happen. It’s great that you already have some samples that contain the phero blends we’ve been discussing. (BTW, Sneaky Clean has Lumina, it’s part of the permanent lineup at LPMP and I love it.) It sounds like you respond to the pheromones you wear yourself. And that is very helpful, because you can wear the blend that will help you feel more confident. (cops ARE wonderful😎)
  12. And yes, adding a sensual touch with the addition of an OCCO or Blushing Mikmaid is something that will get his personal attention. Just wear a tiny bit. The younger you are, the less you should use. These are some of the best supplies to have in your arsenal. Like always. Never be without lol
  13. @RosesArePink, Yes, but only kind of. I don’t know that you need to match his level of confidence as far as being outwardly outgoing. But, yes, I think you need to own the confidence you have in yourself, and who you are inside. In the balance of life, one type of personality trait has no more value than another as far as quiet vs outgoing, hesitant in new situations vs at ease. Neither is a character minus or plus. Some people just have to work harder at things that come easily to others. And there is at least a little truth to the saying that opposites attract. I’m not sure that holds for complete polar opposites though. We really are all unique in what makes us up. I’m a quiet person, I’m not loud or outgoing. But I’m not particularly shy. I was as a kid, though. I remember one time when I was like 13, I called in to radio station for a contest. I was with some of my school friends at a pay phone. (way waaaaay before cell phones existed). Well, I got through! And I was terrified. I could not say a word. I handed the receiver to a friend. Talk about embarrassment. Somewhere along the path of life, the shyness vanished. But, I’ll never be the life of the party, nor would I want to be. Up to this point you’ve the evidence that the two of you can, and do, have a rapport. You know you can communicate well on the professional side. You don’t know if you will communicate as well in relationship matters if the two of you were to form a personal, romantic relationship. How can you know? It’s too early on. You don’t have a way of knowing if he’s commitment phobic, or, if he is in a personal relationship with someone else. If so, it could be because it would be inappropriate to bring up in the context of work. On the other hand, If he IS in a relationship, and does not work it into the general conversation over the time you’ve known him (and I mean in group settings) that is not a good sign. People in happy relationships tend to mention that person from time to time. Not so much talk about them, but they exist. But then, I don’t know what those meeting are like, if they’re all down to business, or if personal talk is also included. Getting him to want to get to know you, and who you really are is the key. You get along. You like each other. It’s time to see if he wants to make it happen. Yes to to Lumina or Audacious. Charisma for Women too. Even though I’m not a phero expert, these seems to fit the bill. I’ve never tried Audacious. You can look back through old threads. This forum used to be a lot more active than it currently is. I’d look closely at Lumina, and compare it with Audacious. Read about Classy Dame This used to be Super Sexy for Women., so read about this too. Cougar, and Charisma for Women, read the thread for Popularity Potion too, because this became Charisma. I don’t think Lace, but read about it. Possibly La Femme Mystere, maybe not though. Levitation is a great one. I actually respond to it (I’m one of those people who experience little response to most).
  14. @RosesArePink Hi 🙂. We’ve not interacted before, but I just read your thread, and wanted to chime in. I am no expert on pheromones, if you’ve read many of my posts you probably already know that. But, I’ve been around in life for a long time, and I’m pretty good at reading people, especially men. I’m not so sure that continuing with the communication/ relationship/bonding type pheromones are the best way for you to go. Of course you can’t wear anything to blatantly sexual in a work environment, but you can still emphasize the female aspect of your being. Up to now, it sounds like you’ve been using various pheros in oil, and, you’ve mentioned how careful you’ve been to not over apply. What about kicking it up a notch? Men (typically) are attracted to women that take a little work to be able spend time with. Not so much an a unattainable aura, but an air that you’re confident (even though you’re shy, the two aren’t necessarily incompatible. ) You can be shy in public situations, or new relationships, but yet comfortable in what makes you a unique individual. A pheromone that increases the perception that you in particular are not only those things, but also sexually appealing. Sometimes shy people come off as aloof, so I don’t know that La Femme Mystere is the best option. But I wouldn’t totally disregard it. So, depending on your personality, Lumina (my first choice in your situation) Charisma, and Classy Dame, possibly La Femme Mystere would be great options. Also, using any phero in a spray version, rather than the oil, is going to be further reaching. You’ll have more of it out there for his receptors to react to. I buy (or mix at home) the 60%/40% formulation, rather than %100 alcohol, because it will last longer before evaporating, once applied. So, any phero that doesn’t contain copulins can be used as a spray, and can go in the hair (great diffuser!) and clothing. Then sparingly add some copulins (in oil, not a spray) on some of the warmer spots on your body. Between the girls, small of back, crook of the arm, etc. Subtle but present. Never in your hair, or up near your face, though. I think I probably wear an OCCO every single day. Not a lot, normally just a swipe between the boobs, inside of elbows. If I intend to be sexy, I’ll add it more places. I’ve gone through so many bottle of OCCO White—I’ve lost count. And, I like layering it with the OCCO Sandalwood. Anyway… just putting it out there for you to consider, and for others here who are more knowledgeable than I, to weigh in on. PS, love your forum name. I grow lots of pink roses. My fave.
  15. No idea why I’ve never reviewed this! Here’s the thing, when I first found LPMP the description for Sneaky Clean didn’t really grab me. I’d muse over the individual notes when shopping, and knew they were ones I could like, but never actually ordered it for a very long time. Sneaky Clean smells very much like my all time favorite laundry detergent. I’ve used it for more years than I can remember. It’s made by The Laundress, and it is specifically the “Baby” scent in their line. (The classic scent I like in the all purpose household cleaner, but it’s too overpowering in the laundry detergent version.) This detergent cleans SO well! It smells terrific too. Occasionally I’ll add the Baby fabric conditioner, but don’t usually use fabric softener. The Baby hand soap is great too, not drying, and smells the most like Sneaky Clean. All of this to say, don’t let this one “sneak” past without at least getting a trial vial. I prefer it in spray. The roller bottle oil is nice for travel, but, as this is one that can be applied to hair, clothing, etc, spraying give the best diffusion. It lasts and lasts too. I’m so glad this is part of the permanent collection.
  16. Eve


    I’ve been wearing this off and on (full bottle). It’s a scent I like, not sure that it’s love though. The vanilla in it turns a little plastic-y after it’s been on for a few hours. In the beginning, there’s lots of smoke and chocolate, both of which I adore. I think it something I will continue wearing from time to time. And yes, a perfect autumn scent. The scent lasts vey well too. I can put it on in the morning, and it’s still there at bedtime. I know people test fragrances differently, and it seems like most here on the forum change what they’re wearing daily, or multiple times in a 24 hour period. I tend to wear just one for a few days running. Even my beloved Wild Cherry took me a few days before I set about methodically buying every bottle I could of it. Because with Mara’s creations, even her masterpieces, many times when they’re gone, they’re really gone. (sob!) I want to know early on how I feel about each one, so I can get more while there is still stock.
  17. I’ve been reaching for my trial vial of this more often than I thought I would. I like it because it’s a pure floral, for lack of a better word. I’m not a floral fragrance lover, but, if I wear a floral, I want it to smell like actual flowers, and who doesn’t love honeysuckle? Seriously. Is there anyone who’s been outside on a warm summer’s evening, and caught a whiff of honeysuckle somewhere in the vicinity, and not enjoyed it? Or, in my case, tried to track down where it’s growing? Beflower lingers a long time, and that too, is a good thing. I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll go full bottle. I think I’ll work my way through what I have for a while first.
  18. I’m posting this in the Charisma thread, although I only have this in the now discontinued Popularity Potion. Of all the social pheromones I’ve tried since discovering LPMP, this one should just have my name on it! I don’t really get much in the way of conscious selfies from most pheromones. Levitation yes, Lumina somewhat. And I’m not really that aware that Popularity Potion/ Charisma affects me, but it really grabs the attention of others. Both sexes. I remember mentioning this in the past, and another forum member suggested Cougar. At her suggestion, I did try it, but, it doesn’t provoke the same level of responses. On a whim I wore PP today (because I had on Juju and thought it would be nice to add some sort of social pheromone into the equation.). I went to Home Depot on what was to be a swoop in, grab my stuff and get out, kind of mission. Good god. First I go into the garden department, ask these two guys who work there, if they still stocked a certain item. (They did not). The one guy offered to go to Walmart and get it for me, as he was about to go on break. I laughed, thanked and moved on. As soon as I was in the main part of the store, this woman who was also shopping, stops me, and goes on about how beautiful she thought I was. Next, I ask another employee dude if he knew where I could find s hooks for hanging plant baskets. He insisted on walking with me to where they were located ( which was easy to spot from where we stood). I grabbed my s hooks, and beat it to a self checkout lane that miraculously had no one in line. And yet another Home Depot guy materialized as I approached the registers, and offered to check me out. He got his scanner gun, and scanned my (two) s hooks for me. Gosh it’s so nice to have assistance with a big cart full of merchandise —wait! I didn’t have a cart. I had two measly s hooks. If you’ve not tried Charisma, no telling what you’re missing out on. Just saying….
  19. Eve


    I love this! I kind of expected it wouldn’t be a strong or long lasting fragrance, and sadly I was right. It wears close to the skin. But, it is fabulous. I bought a few bottles to have, knowing when I wore it, I’d be slathering. So many almond fragrances are fleeting on my skin, not sure if it’s something in my skin chemistry that just gobbles almond scent up….
  20. I’m trying Ash, Belflower, Juju, and Okulo. There’s always trepidation in my case when it comes to summery type fragrances. @Potion Master I’m happy to have so many scents to choose from that are without pheromones. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using pheros, but this allows more choices of when and where to apply. Remember how sad I was when Lilu (which I never expected to love) couldn’t be worn anytime and around anyone I wanted. As an aside, little Ruby looks so much like a girl who’s portrait I painted many years ago, she could be her twin!
  21. Yay! (Now I can stop obsessively checking the forum haha). Thank you Mara. It was a wonderful idea to share the story behind each label.
  22. The likenesses are captured so well! I don’t recognize everybody though. Such bright happy labels 🙂. Can’t wait for the descriptions. Thanks for giving us more to look forward to 💗
  23. @luna65 man, now I have to start obsessively checking the forum! Thanks a lot. No, really, thank you 🙂
  24. Two separate shipments are in limbo ☹️ One was going to my daughter, at her house, and one coming here. Last update for hers is in Portland on the 5th, mine never updated its tracking from Vancouver onward on the 4th. Woe is me
  25. After reading the reviews, I took a chance and got a trial vial. I was so hopeful it was going to work for me. For the first few hours is was beautiful. Even the grapefruit that often doesn’t work for me, stayed in its place instead of shoving to the front and screaming how it was the boss of everyone. Right when I was ready to pull the trigger on a FB, sly sneaky old patchouli came barreling in, and took all of the other fragrance notes hostage. I’m so disappointed. 😟. However, in that same order I’d tried Living Doll, even though not expecting it to be a “me” type fragrance, and as it turns out, I really like it. You win some, you lose some…
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