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  1. The more I wear it the more I appreciate it. It almost has a cucumber scent to it, it's very refreshing.
  2. This made me very upbeat for a short duration. Maybe an hour? It also smelled like fireballs (sweetened spicy cinnamon) on my skin. I reached for it as a pick me up and missed it when it was gone.
  3. This is a light marshmallowy vanilla that lulls me to a deep sleep. I call it my sleepy potion and I spray it on right before bed almost every night.
  4. This is my absolute favorite phero blend. This works so well for bonding it blows my mind. The effects are so profound. Ladies you can sex it up with cops. Depending on what you're after it can lead to some pretty intense sexual experiences. My personal relationships in every faucet of my life have all been touched by this phero blend in wonderful ways. It has so many uses. Personal relationships, family, coworkers, interviews, friends, strangers on the street. It even helps with depression. All this phero has ever done is help me improve every relationship I have. I cannot express how life changing it's been for me wearing this.
  5. I had La Femme Noire added to this so I'm sure that altered the scent a bit. First application I was like holy pine! At first the pine is a bit overwhelming but it settles down quite a bit after 20 minutes or so. It remains the dominant scent but soon after cedar, a whiff of sage, and a hint of amber peak through. My phero choice was excellent for this scent because it is a very energizing blend for me. The pine smells fresh and natural and is invigorating. If you like the way pine smells and are ok with it being overwhelming for a bit I would definitely recommend this scent. It is unisex and not overly masculine but would smell fantastic on a man. I dimmed it down on first application with a more mellow scent but by the next day I had realized the beauty of the scent on its own.
  6. I had Sexpionage added to this so that altered the scent some I'm sure. I love this scent. It's sagey in all the right ways (think fresh in the garden not dry in the pantry) and the sweetness from the berries balances it in a pleasant rather than cloying way. It's a fresh bright smell that's not at all overpowering once it's had a chance to settle on my skin. It layers well with other scents that compliment it. It mellows out as the day goes on but lingers in a light almost natural way. I was very happy I chose this scent but wished I had chosen a phero blend that isn't so easy to OD on. I want to slather it on but I have to restrain myself.
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