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  1. Ohhh how I wish he was mine but alas no. I found him online....=( Not allowed to have animals here where I live.
  2. Noooo! lol just kidding...His name is Fuzzy Wuzzy! >_<
  3. Congrats to you! You'll be a Jedi Master soon enough...=)
  4. Hullo! Welcome to the forum! =)
  5. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    Sure! No problem. Thanks for merging them here. Couldn't find it in the beginning. =)
  6. This is weird..how am I a Jedi Master again?
  7. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    I was thinking of giving this to my room mate but I don't think he will like smelling like florals...he's more of a woodsy kind of guy.
  8. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    This one is straight up florals....sorry it's not working for me. I gets daffodils, nothing sweet. Thankfully this one is fading fast on my skin.
  9. Keep it up ladies... Wish we had more clues...=)
  10. Is it going to be movie related...?
  11. My top 5 as of right now: Coconut Breeze Oidhche Shamhna I don't know but it's green A lick of cream Playdate
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