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  1. Ohhh how I wish he was mine but alas no. I found him online....=( Not allowed to have animals here where I live.
  2. Noooo! lol just kidding...His name is Fuzzy Wuzzy! >_<
  3. Congrats to you! You'll be a Jedi Master soon enough...=)
  4. Hullo! Welcome to the forum! =)
  5. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    Sure! No problem. Thanks for merging them here. Couldn't find it in the beginning. =)
  6. This is weird..how am I a Jedi Master again?
  7. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    I was thinking of giving this to my room mate but I don't think he will like smelling like florals...he's more of a woodsy kind of guy.
  8. j5382001

    Highland Fling

    This one is straight up florals....sorry it's not working for me. I gets daffodils, nothing sweet. Thankfully this one is fading fast on my skin.
  9. Keep it up ladies... Wish we had more clues...=)
  10. Is it going to be movie related...?
  11. My top 5 as of right now: Coconut Breeze Oidhche Shamhna I don't know but it's green A lick of cream Playdate
  12. I cannot wait to read your reviews on 3 of pears...I love fruity scents as well as foody so maybe I will look for this one on the trades page first.... I cannot just get a full bottle without absolutely knowing I would like something or not...I do the samples first and that usually means looking at trades pages first!
  13. So only the monthly samples and the top ten male or female favorites right?
  14. This is driving me nuts...lol. Like I said before everytime someone posts I think the nr's are out!!!
  15. j5382001

    Lady Frost

    I had a sample of this one and I enjoyed it alot as well...I got something sweet, and slightly minty. On drydrydown I got some vanilla and lemon. Definitely something light and it worked well on me. Unfortunately doesn't stay long on my skin..
  16. j5382001

    Open Sesame

    I'm happy you got lucky. I just don't think this one will work for me. Haven't tried too many seasame scents though..
  17. Guess I'll just let others guess until the NR come out. =)
  18. I bet it might be a remake of a couple of past best selling months...maybe?
  19. I love LP red myself and foodie scents for that matter. LP red smells like cinnamon on me..it's sweet and sexy. You might like LP black...it's resiny and dark and sexy... If you get both LP red and LP black you can layer them...smells really sexy. I have not tried 3 of Pears but fruity stuff works well for me too. You will definitely feel sweet and sexy in no time! Have fun exploring your goodies when they get to you!
  20. Skin chemistry is a funny thing... I usually love anything sweet, or resiny.
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