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  1. Dolly, do you still have a bottle of Midnight Cravings that your looking to unload?

  2. My smellies show they are to be delivered tomorrow. Normally, I would be ecstatic. Except, we will be having a blizzard tonight with 8-16" expected. Will I get a mail delivery tomorrow? Probably not. Stupid blizzard.
  3. I came up as Keith Moon. Unexpected, but funny as hell!
  4. OK, tested again. Definitely full bottle worthy!
  5. This is a lot like Kamiel's Silken Moonlight on me....I'll have to test again...
  6. I can't wait to try this one. It smells so good in the vial. But, alas, I am wearing Gold....
  7. Sampler for me. Love gemstones. Love perfume. It was a no-brainer!
  8. On me this is totally different than Leather. Leather on me is "On your knees little boy & Service me now!" Audacious makes me want to flirt with the world. I get very feminine, flirty & fun, but make no mistake, guys still see that I am one sexy woman! It's funny. Cougar on me never attracts young guys, but this stuff, SHAZAM! Guys in their 20's just come out of the 'effing woodwork. Me like Cougarism
  9. They were supposed to play this Saturday, but the gig got cancelled (Damn!). I may have to wait till New Years Eve (groan!!!!!!)
  10. Tried this one Friday night. Met my bestest friend for drinks locally. We wound up on the dance floor for HOURS. What is it about this stuff & SS4W that draws 20something men to me???
  11. Got me a bottle of All Hallow's & samples of LP Autumn 2011 & Phantom's Breath
  12. Holy Crap! This stuff is LETHAL! Saturday night with LP Autumn 10, Occo Red & SSFW.....I get to the local hangout & see a male aquaintance (he used to go with my best friend) long beautiful hair, great eyes, tall. You get the point) This guy has ALWAYS been the object of attention in any bar. I sit down, he whips his head around & says to me "GOD, You smell amazing" Marti flips hair "Thanks". He's like "You're Geri's friend aren't you?" "Yup, how've you been?" We start chatting about an unusual piece of jewelry I have on & the next thing you know, he's TOTALLY SUCKED IN!
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