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  1. ahh! Where's the update? I don't see it. I even refreshed all the pages. Have I gone blind?
  2. ok this is kind of funny. I ordered one of each of the Phero-blends and then the add-ins so that some of my other LP favorites can be "spiked" I got the package today and just started unpacking it (*phew* the concentrates are STINKY even in the bag) My male cat comes slinking out from where ever he hides most of the day and now won't get OFF of me. I've tossed him off my lap and out of the room three times since starting this post. LOL. I I can't wait till hubby comes home!
  3. I think they should make "Window's Wipers" for monitors!
  4. Hehe maybe these should come with a little warning label to check the furniture before applying! And thanks for the tip about buying the add-in. I wanted some but didn't want to buy a whole new bottle of my favorite scent (not that it would be THAT bad of a thing *grin*)
  5. I'm with you Mara, this is so new and facinating Plus the field study is SO much fun
  6. Wow I noticed that Phero-Girl is on the low stock thread. Do you plan on releasing other Phero blends or perhaps another batch of Phero-Girl?
  7. Well for the first try, I have to say this is some pretty amazing stuff. Because my hubby doesn't like the TASTE of perfume on my skin...and always seems to find the application spot, I've taken to wearing it in my hair. (After reading this thread...I see that I need to make some adjustments) He came home and not 5 minutes later was all over me. I did nothing other than sit at my desk, so I knew that I wasn't skewing the results by acting flirtatious or wearing something revealing. Ugly shirt and jeans. and ohhh boy....I'm getting a bottle!
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