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  1. Hey Mara, I have a question. I just got my sampler package and it was labeled April/May. But only seems to have the April scents in it (11 bottles) did I miss something or was it mislabled? PS I love the new site design.
  2. I wouldn't want to be Mara or SG for a day (I'd mess it up) but I sure would love to come hang out and watch them do their magic
  3. I bought this for the Mr and he wore it for the first time Saturday. I guess I forgot to tell him it was a phero scent. After he'd put it on he asked me "is this a phero? cause it's turning ME on!"
  4. Sea Monkey, I just saw both of these in the Endangered post. What's in both of them?
  5. Oh man I saw this thread and got all worked up! LOL
  6. This one reminds me of the old cider house and orchard we used to go to when I was a kid to get fresh apples. They would make apple cider in one room, and pies and other treats in the other half of the place. Then of course there was all the fresh apples you could eat sitting in baskets on every avalible surface. This is warm cider and spices. It's a complete memory in a vial for me.
  7. A bright heart of citrus embraces decadent florals lying upon a musky bed This is one of my immediate favorites from the August release. It's my favorite type, a citrus/floral. I open it and I smell the grapefruit? orange? or maybe bergamot but it's not like a just open fruit. It's softer. Usually musk goes bad, but this has a nice sweet depth that I'm really liking. LOL sorry, I don't write many reviews because I'm not sure I'm conveying this properly. But I love this one. A full bottle purchase for sure.
  8. I love the new ones this month. And another pinup girl for t-shirts! Do you know how hard it is to prioritize?
  9. Hi, I broke down and got the monthly subscription for sample vials. Any idea when you'll be mailing those out? I'm Dyyyyyyying here! (*credit card trembles*)
  10. Mara can we get sample packs from last month AND this month? (money got tight and I had to budget *grumble*)
  11. Cyclopentasiloxane - 100% Solution aka "CPS" or "D5" For Sale in 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz bottles. What is this or what is it used for?
  12. ahh! Where's the update? I don't see it. I even refreshed all the pages. Have I gone blind?
  13. I agree, the sugared collection is awesome. There isn't one of them that I DON'T like
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