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  1. I got my Stamps notif at six. Which means I'll have my package on Monday, if my calculations are correct I'll get to go to school with some sweet Lumina action on Tuesday!
  2. So I think everyone on the board knows how I feel about LPMP's linen note: it's the love of my life. It's in one of my absolute favorites (With Every Breath) and when everything else has died down and all I am left is the linen note, I spend a good chunk of my day smelling my wrists. It's silky and sort of cool, like the other side of the pillow when you're feeling a bit toasty. Soft and sweet. It's my favorite thing ever. I also feel the same way with lavender. I know that a lot of girls around my age tend to lean away from lavender - people older than me do the same thing! Lavender can b
  3. This one I thought would be a sure thing for me: I'm a nanny, so I am exposed to a lot of traditional baby scents. My favorite is Burt's Bees Baby Bee and I think I imagined this one would be similar. Unfortunately, the milk stands too far out. It's nice enough - the milk does not sour on me - but there's a hint of sharpness that seems out of place. When I think of babies, sharp is not what comes to mind. It could be just how my skin interacts with the perfume. I'll keep it around and see if it changes at all for me.
  4. My order came this morning too! I'm already trying to decide what I want to try first.
  5. I just received my shipping notice! I haven't had a proper order since The Empress came out due to financial issues, so I'm basically over the moon about my samples coming and looking forward to trying them out/reviewing them!
  6. If Unisexy were rebrewed, I would be one of the happiest girls on the block.
  7. This smells absolutely gorgeous, and I'm not even ashamed to say that I wear it for myself every so often. It's all honey and brown sugar on me. I strut about the city when I wear this.
  8. I didn't know there was a post count gift cert! :/ I'm kind of afraid to be presumptuous that my postings have earned the gift cert but want to make an order, since I finally have some extra money to spend.
  9. The cinnamon that I get is very faint and usually fades off, leaving me with a delicious sugary linen smell. Not that awful "sun-dried linen" that companies make with migraine inducing citrus and barely any linen smell - just delicious linen. It's sexy and I can't get enough of the linen note that LP uses!
  10. I've tried Liquid Fluorite in the past and I was a little disappointed. I don't know if I was put off by the scent, but I didn't notice any phero effects either, which was sort of obnoxious for me because I had a ton of class work to do on that day and to top it off, I didn't really smell very good. I'm not really a big fruit person (I like gourmand and floral, or gourmand-and-floral) so I knew that I was taking a chance on it, but I thought that the bergamot would be the one that amped on me. Unfortunately, it was the papaya. I can't handle papaya when a slice is sitting right in front of
  11. Oh man, I think I'm going to need a big bottle of this one if it's dreamy, creamy lavender. Although, I'm afraid it might bring my baby fever to an extreme high. Yesterday I was just like...Yeah, I need a baby. Right now. (Of course, when I playfully mentioned to my mother that I could fit a baby in my apartment, she responded with a firm "you could also fit a college degree" :/)
  12. I need to make an altar for B2. What a GLORIOUS blend! Thanks for all of the advice and well-wishes! I'm so excited, I did jazz hands when I got the email!
  13. I GOT THE JOB I GOT IT They emailed me a day early - I guess they really, really liked me!! And I got the job! I can't get a hold of my mother, so you ladies know before she does!!
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