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  1. I use the unscented version of everything in spray, usually x3 (but that's just me) The scented cougar is pretty awesome though so I have that one too. No Open Windows?!! How did that happen?! I think that must have been one of the ones in my first order, I later ordered some for my yr old.
  2. I don't know why, but I like everything in spray. I just never mastered the oils.
  3. I have it x3 and haven't OD'd but I use VERY little. I think I OD'd on my PP x3 though. Still playing with that one.
  4. I love, love, love this one! The first time I used this was at a Ladies night get together. It's a weekly thing so I have a reserved table. I sat down and sent a text to the guy I'm seeing, thought I would invite him to join the ladies and me. Two guys came over asked to sit in the empty seats until my ladies get there. Two of my girlfriends show up, and we still had extra seats so the guys stayed. Anyway, in the hour it took my guy to show up, we collected eight guys at the table. My guy walks in pulls up a stool to sit next to me and it was like man be gone. They left the table i
  5. SS4W is AMAAAAAAZING! I order all of my pheros x3 and in spray form, so that's what I used. Friday night date: I showered, did my lotion ritual and then added my OCCO White and decided that it was going to be a SS4W road test night. I used one spray to the chest, I sprayed another to the wrists, which I also used to dab behind the ears, the last to the top of the wrists. He picked me up in the vette, nice, small enclosed space, with the AC blowing. He kept looking at me as he drove, by the time we arrived at the club and he opened my door, EXTREME DIH. We went in and were seated, our wait
  6. I get everyhing x3 and spray. That seems to be my magic number. I'll absolutely try it again but I guess I was bummed as out of all the pheros I have, (and I have a ton) this was my first failure. I've gotten spoiled.
  7. Well I'm pretty sad... I went to my usual ladies night out last night and I tried out my new PP x3 spray for the first time and got absolutely no hits. It's the first time that's happened to me. People, men and women both go insane over me in Stone Cougar x3 spray. I loved Androtics MX 135 and was really hoping for that reaction. I may have to experiment with how much I use. I've NEVER ODed before, but maybe?
  8. THANK YOU, Thank you, Thank you Mara and John! I got my package with all my goodies at 11:49. The postal worker was frantic, thought it was after noon and you would have to be refunded the shipping. I'm shocked that I got it so quickly since I only ordered two days ago. Thank you soooo much for the extra special items you included for me. I would normally call them freebies but they waaay surpass "freebies"
  9. I actually bought everclear and poured it through a charcoal filter several times and that seems to work very well.
  10. OMG!! Looking through my stash and can't believe no woozy floozy. Off to order some!
  11. I'm no expert but I've used BNOL and EST a lot. The Est seems to make guys around me want to take care of me and protect me, they seem calm/sweet. Does that make any sense? I use the straight BNOL along with whatever other Pheros I'm using when we go out as a group and it seems to make the GFs open up and we have fewer jealousy issues. Too much and I start being to honest though.
  12. Loving my Sparkle Fuschia as you predicted. I went out last night wearing that and felt and was also treated like the belle of the ball. I'm already putting together another order.
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Someone smells like a brothel now..
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