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  1. Obsessed with this blend. It's like... a long black dress with a daring thigh-slit. I feel dominant and sexy and reserved and just awesome. I definitely strut when I wear this one. The nice thing is that it's still feminine enough not to be too intimidating (which tends to happen for me) so you still have the "Come take me... if you can" kind of vibe. I'm not even halfway through my bottle and I'm probably going to get another one. Plus it got me laid, which was a plus. Sweeeet.
  2. I work in retail, and we have to push selling pretty hard (eugh) but I've found that Lace works really well for me. I can come off as a bit intimidating so it helps to soften me and make me seem a bit more approachable. People just get comfortable around you. Also, I'm gonna agree with Lor on the Androstenol
  3. I really wish I could enjoy this, especially after reading all these amazing reviews! (I've been heavily on the prowl lately, so it seemed right up my alley) But I think honey scents just don't work on me as much as I want them to, they wind up too cloying I'm so down with the idea of finding a viciously dirty scent, but I guess Jouir De just isn't it. Ah well. Good thing experimenting is so much fun!
  4. Ok, it's been a while since I've visited the forums, but since I've been experimenting with pheros again (new job in customer service... ugh) I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents about DG, even if it's not in the store anymore. First off, I think I really dig the Leather vibe. Assertive, but not too much. However, the scent base of DG is just... blech. So. Much. Fruit. Let me explain. I don't usually mind fruity scents, but this one is just so heavy on me, even if I only apply a tiny dab! I feel like I've been dipped in grape syrup, and let me tell you, I'm not a big fan of synthetic grape. I know it's technically raspberry, but it really doesn't read as such once it's on me. As to other people's reactions, I have never worn this without someone commenting on it, and not in a good way either. People always ask, "Why do you smell so much like grape? It's like... really candy-ish." On me I guess the smell is just... distracting. Not great. I'm sure this scent would work wonderfully on someone else, maybe someone a bit more feminine than I am, but it's just too much for me. Guess I'll just have to get a bottle of unscented Leather instead!
  5. Oh, okay. Thanks! Wouldn't want to go overboard... Haven't OD'd yet, but from the sound of it, I wouldn't want to.
  6. hahaha love this I really like EC, it comes off as a little fruity, and floral too, but on a lighter note. Unfortunately, it gets a little waxy on me for some reason. I asked my cousin to smell me and tell me what she thought, and she said I smelled "like a candle." Then again, this is the same cousin who thinks that A-nols smell "JUST LIKE BACON OH MY GOD." Didn't really get all that much of a reaction to the EST, but I'll definitely be wearing this often.
  7. Just got an email from LP letting me know my BI order has shipped! So excited! I got it with the CPS silicone base, so I'll make sure to shake it real good when it gets here. But I'm just so impatient, especially after reading all the wonderful experiences of everyone else... I want it now! Also, I was wondering, as far as application goes, is it the same with unscented pheros as say, LAM or Eternal Chain? I forgot where exactly, but I read somewhere on the forums that a good method is a stripe down each arm, along the neck, down the cleavage, around the navel and back up again. Would it be the same for both oil and CPS-based mixes? (Of course, if it were up to me, I'd bathe in Eternal Chain, so that method just described is a kind of self-disciplinary limit for me...)
  8. OH MY GOD I LOVE LACE. I got the unscented roll-on and holy moly, it works. The self effects are amazing! I woke up kinda stressed, but when I put it on, I was relaxed, happy, and dancing around my room singing along with my music which I never do when other people are in the house. And, it turned my infamously bitchy cousin into a giddy goofball!! Twice!!! The last two car rides with her have been ridiculously fun. It's uncanny. Love love love love LOVE this stuff. I think I might see the effects of layering it with my OCCO gold for a flirty mix at the next party I go to...
  9. Oh man they are... I used to only have a thing for lusting over actors, but then I went to a few live shows. And well, I just generally have a hot guy fixation... Yup, trying to stay up on both AD info and the pure liquid awesomeness that is the LP forum. I just didn't want AD to kick me out... Oh my! Mara kicks ass! I had no idea she was such a beautiful rocker chick! That is just too cool. Mara, I bow down to your epic abilities to rock out and weave olfactory magic. We're not worthy, we're not worthy!! Agreed!
  10. I'm thinking maybe Love Potion or Backstage Pass with BI/Sexology... oh, so many options! Oh, I plan to! If things were to go my way, he wouldn't know what hit him.
  11. Just had to post this quote, it was too perfect not to. Oh LP, would you be my phero-cupid? The funny thing is, I'm going to see this guy's band, 100 :UkkiBannana:s soon, and I plan on knocking his socks (or pants...) off. Bows and arrows are for sissies, I'm breaking out a rocket launcher... ...probably loaded with Blatant Invitation. lol
  12. Haha yeah, I figured my sn was different, so I could afford to use the same avi. And thank you! My blog is the only way I've been able to be disciplined in my experimenting. Thank you, and I'm obsessed already! I used my scents ( floral LAM, OCCO gold and dangerous games) for the past week and now I feel naked without them! So far, I haven't had a significant amount of hits with my AD products. Still trying though. However, I got a very noticable hit with LAM and OCCO the first day I wore them! Thanks! I forgot about the trading post aspect of the site... Hmm... the obsession continues. I haven't used any of my old perfumes since I got my first order! And yeah, with the TG, I'll need all the luck I can get...
  13. Definitely things to keep in mind. And thank you! Alright, Mara convinced me. I'm now waiting on another order. This time, Love Potion and Backstage Pass! (I have no self control, whatsoever.)
  14. Because I don't drive, I end up using my bike as a main mode of transportation (if not the bus). On my way to a party the other day I realized that the wind was blowing by my neck/chest really fast and I was wondering if all the air would sort of "waft away" the pheros I had applied. Does this happen? Should I wear a scarf or something? And if I wear something around my neck, would the scents just end up rubbing off on the scarf and not on me? That night I was wearing oils, so maybe not so much, but with alcohol-based ones I feel like they would be more prone to just getting blown away, but then again I don't know.
  15. Wowza... now THAT is exactly what I needed to hear! Amazing story. And I never thought of it that way, with the scents first and pheros second. I really like that idea. Less dependent. Now I really want to buy Love Potion!! ...and maybe Backstage Pass too. You truly are a Potion Master! Okay, officially in love with LP now!
  16. Thank you guys for the wonderful welcome! I keep looking around and I'm finding more and more scents/phero blends that I want to try! (I'm so so sorry, bank account.) Port Jolie and UNE sound loooooovely, Cuddle Bunny sounds so fun, and Blatant Invitation pretty much seems like exactly the message I'm trying to send... hee hee. But PotionMaster, I'm so curious about your story!
  17. Agreed, and I still intend to use my Androtics pheros, but now I can layer them with something pretty! After all, I wouldn't really mind picking a less-favored smell as long as it gets me... results. I already own IS/a and b, Instant Honesty, Instant Shine, and to-gos of CTTM, mx135, IH 2x and Instant Openness. That plus all my new LP purchases... I did check out the sale page! And now my bank account is glaring at me. I can feel it. You ladies are all so welcoming! I love it!
  18. Oh ho... I can't wait! Technically I shouldn't be awake either, but I'm irreversibly nocturnal.
  19. Oh my... no I've never had that problem, although my cousin was convinced that Instant Sexiness A smelled like bacon on me. I'm just so sick of only smelling like neroli. It's clean, but a little too masculine. As a girl consistently stuck "in the friend zone" and considered "one of the guys" the last thing I need to do is smell like a guy too... Thank you! Happy to be here! And no, I'm not a musician. I'm just hoping to seduce one. What can I say? Every girl has the right to be a dirty little groupie now and then. I just need to figure out exactly what pheros will help me grab his attention.
  20. Hello! I've been lurking around on the boards for a while now and I figure I should probably introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old college student (20 this august!) and not completely new to pheros as I've been a member of the pherotalk.com forum for about a year now (though under a different sn). I already have my own tiny arsenal of androtics products, but I hope you won't hold it against me! Even though these new boards are a bit disorienting to me (I'm so used to PT!), one of the things that I liked about them was that people seemed to be able to mention other products freely, whereas on the PT forums I understand it's a bit taboo. I found out about LP covertly through a friend on pherotalk who recommended LAM. Since I just invested in LAM, BAM, OCCO gold shield, and Dangerous Games, I'm hoping I'll be able to mix and match what I have to match my goals. AND, because I am weak (oh... so very weak...) I'm also in the process of buying Eternal Chain, LACE, and SEXOLOGY. Now I am poor, oh so poor... but armed to the teeth phero-wise. Anyway, my reasons for diving into the phero world are that I would appreciate a little help meeting new people, and also just feeling foxy. ...Plus, I have a little show/concert coming up in a few weeks and I plan on charming the pants off a certain target guy there... hehe. So yep! Sorry this was so long, but I'm just so stoked to be here! Here's to finally smelling like something other than neroli!!
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