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  1. Luna, ....and then that's all he knows, ha ha ha. Thanks for the reply. The slobbering pouncer is what I'm after so one up for the OCCO. I'm happy you replied Luna, like I said I've been reading a bit and your posts are so honest and informative. And all the ladies seem to know so much from what I've been reading, I'd like to hear what you have to say too.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm new and confused ; ) But I'm enjoying the forum a ton, I can't stop reading. I've learned a bit from you guys so thanks. Here's the deal: I made a list of the pheros and perfumes I want but I NEED one more addition: the cops (oooh, so intriguing). The affects sound like sooo much fun, I really can't wait to order and try them out with my bf. I've been leaning towards either OCCO or Like a Magnet. I can't figure out which would be more jaw droopingly sexy. I've read that LAM has less cops and less scent than OCCO and that OCCO is pretty much scented EoW. So I think okay, I want the OCCO because this is going to be strictly for nights with my babe. I believe that OCCO would get more of the "I want you now" affects from my man but I've been reading and it seems that some of the OCCO reviews don't have any crazier affect than the LAM reviews (unless I haven't found that review yet). Do you think it's possible the guys aren't as affected by OCCO because the EoW's are so well hidden? I know that they shouldn't be in your face cuz they stink, but I think I read somewhere that a teensy bit of cops pokin' through is when a guy actually takes notice of that funky smell (and likes it. Hopefully , if not I'm lucky I have kitty and I'll say he had an accident, he he) So maybe in the end LAM would be more effective because guys may be able to smell the cops coming through because of the lighter scent? But then again, some people layer scents over LAM anyways to cover it more, right? Ahhh, too many choices for me, it's makin' me a crazy woman. Can you please let me know which worked best for you, I'd appreciate the help so much. Thanks. OMG it's Bob Marley BaNaN, too cute.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new here, I don't think this is the spot for intro's but I wanted to say that my very first order is Jouir De. I was laughing from this thread earlier because someone mentioned it would be funny if a newcomer orders this as their first scent, and well thats ME, great. Lol. I should have been patient and read these reviews before my purchase but the excitement was killin' me, I couldn't wait to push "submit order", ahh the rush. But at least I only bought a sample because from what I here it's a toss up. I really, really hope it dries nicely on me like a few of the ladies have said and not like poo or mothballs, I don't even see how that is possible but I guess I will find out soon enough. I don't know much about pheromones or cops but I guess I picked a real bomb shell. I chose this mostly because my bf is coming home from a family vacation on Aug.25 and I know things will be hot between us, maybe a little nerves too, but I really wanted to try to push the envelope by wearing this, I mean the name and photo really sold it for me : ) I also got a sample of sugared honeycomb and now I realize I really may be dripping in sex when I pick him up from the airport. Ooops Sounds like this may turn out to be a real sex potion or a complete disaster. Do you guys think I really should open it outside? I live with other people. And if it does smell good to me, can it reak to other people? That would be so embarrassing. Well, I'll for sure review this and Sugared honeycomb when I get it. Thanks all.
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