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  1. Sounds familiar to me too...except I don't restrain myself!!!
  2. I get it! Thanks Mara, Silly Kitty and Beccah, I am learning so much!
  3. Hey Everybody! I had some questions about boosting popularity potion with alpha androstenol. I wore popularity potion today for a small party at work. I noticed one woman who is very well known to be a complainer actually spoke positively today (which I have never seen happen) and was extremely interested in chatting with me (which is very abnormal). So good thing is that it seems it works! Anyway, this same women is throwing a party next weekend that I plan on attending. I was thinking about using popularity potion and spraying some alpha androstenol for an added up beat effect. Is this a bad idea? I'm worried that it may throw off the balance of the pheromones, but it's not like I'm blending two pheroblends together. ETA: Sorry I realized I posted this in reviews when I meant to pot it in general questions but I can't figure out how to move my posting.
  4. I have a sample of kiss of magic which contains heart & soul. I LOVE IT! The kiss of magic smell is amazing and I think the heart & soul really works well. I was at work in my office and noticed I smelled somewhat sweaty, I started getting paranoid as to if I had been wearing deoderant or not. Fortunately I had my sample of kiss of magic that I had converted into a spray. I sprayed it under my arms since I had a meeting to go to soon and I didn't want anyone to think I was funky. Anyway the smell was quite strong but I preferred that over must. At the meeting I ended up sitting next to my boss. Fast forward to a late that evening I get an email from my boss telling how I did a great job speaking up at the meeting, I asked great questions and my boss said he is so happy to have me there. WOW! I think this one really works!
  5. Are Breaking the ceiling and Swimming with Sharks the same?
  6. Hi Mara, I was thinking about this last night. I don't think it's that the pheros aren't strong enough. I used to get self effects for my first two weeks of using IS from AD and then i lost them, even though I use the same concentration. So I think it's just an overall diminishment of self-effects. It seems most people get some self-effects from the phero enhanced perfumes but I am thinking that I just dont because I've become immune. I will go ahead and try the unscented with my next order but I'm worried that may not be the issue.
  7. You're right it is sad...there's a part of me that wishes I never experienced self-effects because then I wouldn't know what I'm missing. I enjoy the effects the pheros have on others so I'm hesitant to take a one month break. I may in the summer however when I don't have to interact with so many people on a regular basis.
  8. Thanks Mara! I was actually planning on ordering the unscented with my next big order. I didn't know they were 3x's as strong...great to hear! Thank you tyvey! The odd thing is that when I was on BC I could feel the effects so I'm confused as to why it stopped while I was on birth control. I have been eating really well, however I may not be taking in enough liquids, I'm going to try to increase my intake of water...and I never drink caffeine.
  9. When I made my first phero order ever from AD two months back I used the small bottle of IS and got amazing self-effects. After that ran out I ordered another- after taking a two week break. Since then I have bought tons of pheros. From Mara. I have a sample of almost every phero she makes for women. I noticed after my second order of IS and all subsequent pheros that I have lost ALL self-effects. They used to be GREAT, now they're non-existent. First I thought it was the extended period I was on, then I blamed it on the birth control. I've since been off birth control for two weeks and still nothing I could understand if I was just one of those people who never gets self-effects but I got them- and they were great! Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?
  10. I was wearing Love Blossom and reapplied in front of some colleagues and asked if they could smell the rose. I really wanted them to get a whiff of the phero's (sneaky I know!) and they all commented on how remarkably rosy it smelled. Then one of them asked for the name of the new perfume. I immediately spit out "Rose". They laughed, i laughed a lot in my head. phew...almost got caught!
  11. Has anyone noticed the self-effects they get from pheromones change or are non-existent when they are menstruating? I was responding to a post in another thread and realized that this hasn't been talked about much. I remember seeing other conversations where people say sometimes it doesn't matter what pheromones they're wearing, they get nothing from them. So could it be that our cycles are diminishing self-effects from pheromones? Does anyone pay attention to their self-effects from pheromones during their time of the month?
  12. So is it true that the self-effects are non-existent when you're menstruating? I have sprayed instant shine on twice yesterday and a couple times today and got no self-effects. I'm wondering if that's related to menstruation and I should just kiss self-effects good-bye during that time of the month. I guess that's a good way to preserve my pheromones though! lol!
  13. Yea I think I was confused about the effect of pheromones while on birth control. It appears the issue is that I wont get any self-effects but it seems as though others should still be effected by it. I'll cross my fingers and see!
  14. Thank you! Also, I had to edit my post listing what I ordered to remove Boheme, Mara emailed me and let me know the women's scent was sold out so I requested Dangerous Games (Leather) instead. BUT and a big BUT(!) I'm just realizing that I can't use any of the pheromones with cops and none because I'm on birth control they wont work! I've tried cops before and didn't notice anything and I was just reading some posts here with women talking about how cops don't work when they're menstruating. I have a feeling it's the same for cops and none for that matter. So sad! I wish I would have put two and two together earlier.
  15. What other pheromones are rendered ineffective when one is on their menstrual? and why is this exactly?
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