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  1. Got my package today! Thanks Mara! Just in time for my moms birthday!!
  2. I tried this years ago in the unscented oil and it smelled like cat urine on me so I threw it out. I didnt know that I should have worn it with a cover scent back then. I want to get it in the spray now and have it scented with a NOCO Do you think lightly scented would be alright or should I have it fully scented. I am concerned about the cat urine smell coming out. Have any of you had this problem???
  3. I have used a small amount of Blatant Invitation with 4 sprays of Topper many times and I found everyone around me to be in a great, friendly,chatty mood. I really liked it! I also love Topper alone,its one of my favorites.
  4. Can you get this cream with the copulins and NOCO White scented?
  5. Gotcha sounds like something I would like to try soon. Since there are some cops in it do alot of you have it in the spray ? Can you spray it on your cloths and hair? Would you get it lightly scented or fully scented? I was thinking Nola or NOCO White for a scent.
  6. Just ordered this on Artfire!!! I ordered 2 jars last May and my friend fell in love with the scent so I gave them to her for her birthday. So glad I got some for myself now!!
  7. I feel Cuddle Bunny is my favorite phero. Everyone is so nice and they seem happy to be near me when I wear it. I also feel so girly when wearing it, I was thinking about trying Sexology but I am not sure it could get any better than with Cuddle Bunny!
  8. I couldnt wait for Saturday night to try Bang so I wore some today. I used the amount Eggers uses, I didnt notice any self effects for me,nothing at all but I did notice alot of attention while I was out. I went for a hair consultation at a Salon and the man seemed so drawn to me. He is gay so I dont know what he was feeling but he acted like he didnt want me to leave! We must have talked for close to an hour.I even felt drawn to him I must say! It was strange because it seemed like everyone in the salon gathered around me and him for a while. Do any of you notice younger men seen drawn to you while you wear Bang? Even at the food store where I stopped on my way home it was crazy.
  9. I went to the post office last night to pick up my package with Bang oil in it. I am going to try it Saturday night. What is a good starting dose to apply? I tried SS4W years ago in small amounts and saw and felt nothing.
  10. heather

    Top Five

    OCCO White Cougar Cuddle Bunny Blatant Invitation Topper with NOCO White
  11. I ordered NOCO White with Bang and I have been waiting for the shipping notice!
  12. My favorites are Cougar,Cuddle Bunny,OCCO White and Blatant Invitation.
  13. I would not slather on BI, I find it a very sexual blend. I think its better for time alone with someone you are involved with. The ladies here have given me great advice about wearing sexual blends and I have learned so much from them. I find Cougar is great for every day use ands its very sexy too!
  14. Does unscented Lace have a strong odor to it? I cant decide if I should get it lightly scented because I would like to use it in my hair as well as my body. I have un Topper and I find that it does not have a bad odor but I dont like how it smells in my hair.
  15. Does anyone use Cuddle Bunny with Lace? I use Cuddle Bunny with Topper all the time and I love that combo. Would the extra EST a bad thing?
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