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  1. I have all 3 and like all 3. For stress reduction, I get the best self effects from balm balm. I use and like it so much that it is one of the pheros I find it worth having in UN-spray, UN-oil, and phero Fragrance forms. I love using balm balm in conjunction with a relaxing LP scent. I find balm balm especially effective dabbed directly under my nose. I also like to spray or lightly roll a few dabs on my pillow before bed on very stressful days. I have had a recent crazy time with work plus family drama and this has been a savior---- strongly recommend! (I find B2 more social/ nice for hanging out w/ guy friends or male work colleagues. I also find teddy bb helpful for PMS. I like both, but for different purposes. I also find I need 2x the amount of these two to get them to work for me compared to balm balm where I don't need to do that).
  2. Dark feminine sexy scent! Incredibly rich dark fleshy orchid. The orchid is not similar to any LP orchid or other orchid scent I have owned--this is beautifully deep and fleshy (not foody). The orchid note predominates the scent. Out of the vial and first applied it was very intense. The orchid though does soften after a few minutes to a deeper scent. For those worried about the honey, I can't pick out any honey notes on me. I also don't get any of the sugar. The black musk melds wonderfully with the dark fleshy orchid. I think those that like deep rich scents will enjoy this. I am definitely ordering a FB. Lots of time I order scents I love in both spray and oil form, however, I think I am sticking to oil for this. The oil form melds so nicely with this scent.
  3. This is a very woody smoky earthy sandalwood on me. The smoke seems a deeper richer smoke than papal purple (perhaps due to the earth note). The sandalwood is a woody sandalwood. After a few minutes the sandalwood settles down and the amber blooms on me. A very rich scent. And it definitley envokes the color of its name!
  4. Welcome to LP! I have purchased pheros from most of the companies you name, however, I by far am an LP addict due to the fragrances plus the unique combination of pheroed fragrances. So you have found a great company in LP! I have both Glacé and Achar from Alpha Dream. Both are good pheros and that is a reputable company. However my suggestion in the circumstances you describe on the next occasion you want to wear those items is to only wear glacé. Glacé is a classic social-- like Open Windows. Some people have more hits with Glacé and some with Open Windows. Both are classic top notch social pheros (I personally get more from OW). Achar is also very nice but is a definite sexual phero--it sounds from your description that the guy your are interested in may have become intimidated (either due to you increased sexual phero signature or due to the increased attention you are receiving from other men). I think under the circumstances you describe, that OW or Glacé would be great to start with. If either OW or Glacé singly works well (by itself and not combined with anything else) then maybe a week later I would try a social/light sexual blend like cougar or lumina--or as an alternative use your social OW and very very lightly add a smudge of cops (OCCO, LAMs, copped fragrances, or 1 drop EOW oil). Good luck!
  5. I like both UN stone cougar and UN lumina. I have them in both in both spray and oil--however I much prefer the spray as it seems to get out there much more. I like UN lumina for male or female social situations. It seems like a softer/lighter version of UN stone cougar. I find UN lumina to be very friendly/classy but not sexy like UN stone cougar. I like wearing UN lumina around mixed company or in work situations where I wouldn't want the sexier/hip swinging vibe from UN stone cougar. I have also though on occassion amped the sexy ante though with UN lumina by adding an OCCO/or other form of cops and liked that. For instance wearing lumina during the day and then adding cops to it for the evening. With all that said, if I was just going to purchase one first it would be UN stone cougar.
  6. I love the scent of this. On me it is a true purple musk with just a hint of smoke. The musk dominates but in a very smooth way. It also truly smells purple (but without being too floral). Has anyone tried this in a spray? I bought it in oil and the only trouble I am having is my skin almost completely eats this and it disappears in less than an hour. Which makes me sad as I really love it. So wondering how it is in spray form?
  7. I didnt know if I would like this...however I love it and am ordering a bottle. On me this is a very very soft sweet honey dust. Very much a relaxing "skin" type scent. The Aja on me is a well blended part of the whole but in no way overwhelming or overbearing. A very snugly, soft, and romantic vibe. Beautiful!
  8. I got both oil and spray as well! The spray is indeed great for your hair! The two combined (a spray in the hair and a few rolls on the body) are the best of both!
  9. I have really enjoyed this one and am glad I purchased a full bottle untested. On me this is a very airy light white musk. I personally don't get a clean/laundry type of scent, it comes off on me as more a sensation of white musk floating on light puffy clouds. I have a bottle of this ordered in a spray and am also looking forward to trying that delivery as I have a feeling it will increase the airy vibe.
  10. I brought out this wax melt for the thanksgiving holidays and it was perfect. The scent of Pumpkin and Banana Bread is great. Made my whole downstairs smell amazing-- a warm comforting great fall bakery! Treasured Hearts is also the perfect complement. Smoothed everyone out and helped contribute to a nice holiday. The melts are long lasting (I get hours), have great throw (cover multiple rooms for me), and don't get the credit they deserve! something I intend to repurchase once the site reopens.
  11. I loved this as a PE and I love it with the addition of LFM. On me (and after having a bottle that is aged for a month or so) this is a great warm well rounded scent. This is a sexy very warm scent with balanced notes of Ylang, vanilla, and sandalwood. The nutmeg is light and adds a touch of warm soft spice on top. This isn't overpowering or sharp. Very soft and balanced componets (it doesnt scream floral or a sharp sandalwood). It doesn't remind me personally of unisexy or anything else off the bat (however that is with a month old bottle). Instead, for me it is very much a warm, snugly, sexy scent. It makes me picture myself wearing this while enjoying great company and having a glass of red wine in a comfy but sexy sweater, leather pants, and killer heels before a fire at a posh ski lodge. The throw is very nice (but definitley not overwhelming or overpowering). I have really been enjoying this on nights out as well as even during the day or to work. It seems to draw people to me. I also have received a ton of compliments on this one (including the SO who notices scent a handful of times a year). So that has been great fun as well.
  12. I love the Spicy Floral you created!!! Can I please get the 3 remaining bottles. Can I also please get 1 Tantalizing TJ. Thank you!
  13. Chitown


    I was surprised at how much I like this one. On me it a very yummy marshmallow scent with a light sweet amber background rounding out the marshmallow. A definite full bottle for me. I have also been pairing this the last few days with Flying Potion and they work wonderfully together.
  14. Chitown

    Cauldron Cake

    I love this and am glad I got a bottle untested! This is a yummy spicy pumpkin. Perfectly balanced with no single component jumping over another. An incredible scent and truly perfect for this time of year!
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