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  1. I have all 3 and like all 3. For stress reduction, I get the best self effects from balm balm. I use and like it so much that it is one of the pheros I find it worth having in UN-spray, UN-oil, and phero Fragrance forms. I love using balm balm in conjunction with a relaxing LP scent. I find balm balm especially effective dabbed directly under my nose. I also like to spray or lightly roll a few dabs on my pillow before bed on very stressful days. I have had a recent crazy time with work plus family drama and this has been a savior---- strongly recommend! (I find B2 mo
  2. I like both UN stone cougar and UN lumina. I have them in both in both spray and oil--however I much prefer the spray as it seems to get out there much more. I like UN lumina for male or female social situations. It seems like a softer/lighter version of UN stone cougar. I find UN lumina to be very friendly/classy but not sexy like UN stone cougar. I like wearing UN lumina around mixed company or in work situations where I wouldn't want the sexier/hip swinging vibe from UN stone cougar. I have also though on occassion amped the sexy ante though with UN lumina by adding an OCCO/or o
  3. I got both oil and spray as well! The spray is indeed great for your hair! The two combined (a spray in the hair and a few rolls on the body) are the best of both!
  4. I loved this as a PE and I love it with the addition of LFM. On me (and after having a bottle that is aged for a month or so) this is a great warm well rounded scent. This is a sexy very warm scent with balanced notes of Ylang, vanilla, and sandalwood. The nutmeg is light and adds a touch of warm soft spice on top. This isn't overpowering or sharp. Very soft and balanced componets (it doesnt scream floral or a sharp sandalwood). It doesn't remind me personally of unisexy or anything else off the bat (however that is with a month old bottle). Instead, for me it is very much a
  5. Chitown

    Cauldron Cake

    I love this and am glad I got a bottle untested! This is a yummy spicy pumpkin. Perfectly balanced with no single component jumping over another. An incredible scent and truly perfect for this time of year!
  6. I love levitation! It is a great uplifting scent. It is the great combination of both sexy plus instant mood lifter. I get complements every time I wear it (some of that may be the phernome at work). With the sale, I ordered the phernome by itself for the first time as an UN spray and am excited to try that out when it arrives. I also ordered a PE with the sale that is a takeoff on the sold out original perfume phero blend since I miss it soo much. I have the original in oil which is great, however I can also see levitation doing great in a spray so I ordered the PE in both oil and
  7. I have never bought perfume for someone else so I have been really having a ton of fun matching up scents and personalites/occasions! Some of what I have matched up: -For 2 friends that are engaged: bethrothal potion, OCCO white, OCCO blue, LP original, Love Immortal spell potion, and Promise (w/PM). -For a friend that is a pink sugar addict: LP pink, OCCO pink, midnight masquerade, BFF. -For a BFF friend that just had a nasty divorce and is looking for love: LP original, LP red, cuddle bunny, OW, Patience potion, BlackCat Hex breaker, Amber Amour, Love Drawing. And some others also...
  8. I've bought a lot, and more that prior years sales, but saved for this for long time, plus saved some of last year's xmas, and all of my birthday and Mother's Day gifts I received from SO and family were saved for this. I am one of those planners. The sale can't be beat for stocking up on basics I know I go through! Plus this year I am getting gifts to hold for bdays and Xmas for some family, my secretary, and a few girlfriends-- have to convert others to the addiction! This is the first time I intentionally have purchased some for others and that has been a ton of fun trying to matc
  9. Chitown

    Summer Dance

    On me this is very nice light summer musk. Sweet. Also more of a skin type scent. I can't pick out the oud or attar. I think the picture on the bottle does a great job of evocating the scent to come-- very much I get a light summery guazy musk. If you like lighter and sweeter musks I think you will like this.
  10. Hi, I have done 10 reviews now on amazon (mc). I also think cougar would very well on amazon, so echo the suggestion to offer cougar on amazon. Perhaps stone cougar as well. Both are classics and I also could see appealing to the broader amazon market.
  11. Chitown

    Candytuft Tea

    This is one of my surprise favorites this month. I get very soft creamy pink from this. The candytuft by no means screams floral in this to me; rather it is a soft pink heart. I also get the balancing tea and clove, however they are very light on me and work more to round out the pillowy creamy pinkness. This is soft and sensual. Very balanced and well rounded. I enjoyed wearing this one this afternoon but also see myself wearing this one to relax/to bed. It really nicely combines both a sensual as well as relaxing vibe for me. Will be definitely ordering a FB, I see myself gett
  12. My guess for June is summer scents. I too would love to see a month of old favorites, however with the timing of the year and seasons I bet we see a lot of great summer scents appearing in June. Mara, if they are still available can I also add on to my most recent order the following (I will also email): 3 BPanthers 2 Levitations
  13. This is one of my favorites. It is a super relaxing scent. I work heavy hours in a pretty intense profession and combine that with having a toddler suddenly in my late 30's = stress. I therefore have many of LPs phero and fragrances aimed at relaxation Out of all the ones I have, this is my go to TOP choice for stress/trying to unwind. I also have the UN version, however, I reach for the fragranced version even more! This is one where the fragrance's intent truly sings and enhances the phero. I get light mossy/woody lavender from this with a tinge of light amber for depth.
  14. As others have said this is a very girly pretty scent! It also pairs beautifully with OCCO pink and my favorite way to wear both is to pair them. This was also a mind opener for me---- I traditionally haven't liked pure fruit scents or straight sugar scents, however this is so well balanced and such a light airy pinky scent that it works and I really enjoy it. I don't get just sugar or just Cotten candy; rather on me this is a well rounded blend of fruit/ airy pinkness/ light sugar. I frequently find myself reaching for this on weekend mornings. It is a great way to start the day
  15. This has been a great phero for me. It has been very well rounded in terms of useage and fits in great in social settings w/male and female friends as well as in work/client settings. I have had great results in terms of bonding/everyone really getting along and enjoying each other's company in small social settings. I have also had great results using this in more work type settings (particularly with other women). Above all, I have found this really great for self effects. During stressful days this helps improve my mood/optimism and really helps with stress for me. I ordered this on
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