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  1. Augh this still vinegar on me after all these years, dug it out of my trove of samples that was forgotten about and thought why not? I needed cops for the day lol. Anyways I wore it under LP ORIGINAL*, It smelled lovely at first. A bit deeper, a lil waxy, wee bit vinegary and then it turned what I adored into down right RAUNCHY snatch with a tinge of vinegar that just got louder as time passed 💀 I WORE THIS COMBO TO WORK YOU GUYS AND I SMELLED LIKE THAT! nobody said nuthin thank god but I kept getting wafts of sour vinegar when I was frantically working and lol I was to
  2. Idk where I'm picking up the spices, but this amps whatever it is that has that quality lol. I'm pretty convinced that I *never* tried any of the actually buttery milky scents before and this one is lovely, kinda smells like a coffee cake on me 💖 close to the skin it's got a sticky yet not-quite-"milk" scent (like creme of a pastry?) I feel like pairing this with sugared coffee!
  3. Been wearing the UN for a few days now to work, I prefer LFN over LFM in general since it was the first phero I tried of the two. No major selfies but goddaaaaaamn does it give me some serious camaraderie hits with my mostly female coworkers! We usually bump into each other and fumble n drop things behind the counter but we glided around like...well, like swans on water. Also agree that its definitely gay man nip :0 My boss's energy levels were quite low when I popped in to work and after an hour of us running around making drinks he seemed incredibly happy and chatty and a l
  4. I wish I had my older stash with me to compare the two, alas it's in oregon lol. I tried the 2.0 and haven't gotten any notable hits or selfies, still testing it out with mr.man. I'm curious what others have to say about it!
  5. This is MUCH nicer than I remember! The first version just wasnt for me for some odd reason (I honestly dont remember much about it). But THIS--this is sultry wisteria slinking out of a plume of sweet smoke, it gives off an enticingly edible..aura? I really dig the scent, FB all the way!
  6. This is quite fancy smelling, I put it on yesterday and its still there! The opening, BAM zingy raspberry with a delightful tart to it but now that it's been a day it faded to a subtle fluffy vanilla that's quite nice. Funny hit with my hubby on this one after he blatantly claimed that pheromones only work on mosquitos 😂 I put this on and he was all over me in the kitchen bein flirty, after dinner he went and cleaned himself up with a shave and...well, was a big hit if I ever had one lol. Psh, only works on mosquitos...sure 😂😂
  7. Im still savouring my sexpionage samples, wishful thinking but imagine having Agent xxx and balls! Again ?
  8. I never really played with teddy Bb, or really fancied the idea of nox lol Dealing with working two week straight i was the equivilant of the boogie man on roids xD Not exactly a nice look when working with people I decided to dig this out thinking i have nothing to lose and swiped it on before work. Well well well, I get a blast of dark berries, syrupy wouldnt be the right word for it...strong and juicy with some depth. I loved smelling me at work! idk why I was so scared of nox! The phero seemed like it affected me more than anybody else, my stress levels went from 11 to 0 anf
  9. Lately all the honey scents havent been liking me like they used to, always hearing the baby powder comments these days >.> Then here's this thing. I found a sniffee of it in my pile of sniffees and I remember it never appealing to me when it was around since i already have sticky honey scents i was playing with. I should really kick myself because this hasnt powdered up at allll. Opening, this is a hardy juicy peach dipped in innocent dark flower honey, there is a dark "rim" around the scent but it really just makes it even better. I really want to say theres pink pepper
  10. Something about this is abit odd? Its pink, fairy floss and...savoury spices? (Clove and nutmeg?? Dash of cinnamon?) Anyways, I was blown away by this, after it settled it still smells super spiced pink from afar but snoofing up close I can smell the warmth and syrup of sticky spiced egg batter. Very nice, it took a bit but the French toast really stands out now but...The syrup smells like the one you grab from bottom shelf, that strange tinge in the back of the throat when I smell it. It takes me back to when I was a kid Nothing but good memories here lol
  11. I was steering clear of this because lately, rose just gets sharp n pokey and just amps up to the high heavens. Well, lately my life has been garbage and just hell to live right now. My SO and his visiting family units have been absolutely garbage to me all winter and its getting out of hand to almost hostile and i can't flee from it. I test ran almost all my social pheros and to no avail; i had to pull out the big guns. Before i put this on, everything was usual. Everybody waking up and some hours pass, start to make breakfast and bf got all prickly cuz he wanted the tiny kitchen to
  12. None human hits, I got all the animals to hang out with me tho. All of them. Not just my cat, which doesn't count. but my roomies skittish cat and two lap dogs followed me around room to room and wait outside the bathroom door as well. None of them came to me directly. I can't say for sure if it was a hit but a lady at the store kept hovering close to me at self check out but...I felt it wasnt one and she might just have wanted my credit card info...Idk lol. Today there's a very faint cloud of "sour" following me around of the not foodie variety Not sure if ill reach for thi
  13. Im back! Ive been wearing just cops for a few days to give new bf a break. Ive been kinda hesitant to use this because...well, new and scary lol. I was curious and reached for this today and slathered like no tomorrow. For science. Turns out that its much more than vinegar to me now, its VERY sweet and SNATCHY on different parts of my body (legs/belly) but after i smooshed... my arms and chest give off a powdery scent! like a bright, dry but not so quite "vanilla". if i really had to put my finger on it o.o I also noticed a "waxy" feel and the slightest drag to the application spo
  14. First note, loud puffs of sugar and vertiver on a bed of faint marshmallow root...its...very...vertiver forward scent on me Its sugared marshmallow root in the faaar background and the vertiver is parading around with drums. Okay, i let it sit on me for a while now this has some throoow! Its simplified "flying potion 13" marshmallow with a warm base. I LOVE FP13. Marsha has the similar "grainy/grity" marshmallow that is to die for and it has the same airy feel to it. The vertiver kinda threw me off, it wouldve been an interesting potion if it stuck around longer. None the les
  15. Its musky... its sweet, floral and airy. I cant really describe this with out sounding like a loon, its just a fast morphing floral for me that dries down to a sweetly watery musk
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