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  1. Is avv still available ? Sorry but I'm having troubles navigating the new site =( it's been a few months since I last came into the site
  2. luna65 : thanks for replying ! we have 5 years between us , I remembered reading somewhere here that once we reached 25 , our body stop producing cops or something ? perhaps i read wrongly. haha Raq On : Ive tried UN Treasured Hearts , but I dont really see any effects. Just bought unisexy ( perfect match ) and sneaky clean ( ss4w ), hopefully there will be positive reactions from boyfriend =) Thanks for replying ! BlueBear : thanks for replying ! Is it that if the guy is young , I shouldnt use cops at all ? I would like to have a more closer bond with him , not that we are not close now , but I would like a deeper bonding feel at sometimes ? quietguy : Thanks for replying ! Yeah I understand what you mean. But i always thought , even though my boyfriend is more of the protector/alpha male category , there are times he might be attracted to Angelina Jolie kinda girl ?
  3. Hi ladies, I've purchased a couple of perfumes for about a year now and I'm having problem deciding what to get next. I'm 25, my boyfriend is 20, we just gotten together not long, bout 5months plus. He reacts pretty well to cuddle bunny since the start of our relationship, til today whenever I slather on CB, his reactions will always be ' god you smell damn good/nice '. Also got positive results from cougar but he preferred CB more. The weird thing is, I realised he doesn't react well to eow couplins at all, he's rather okay with a tiny weeny dot of compromising positions but I've try Occo white / BAM ( the honey vanilla one ) / pouncing potion / more than a dot of compromising positions , his reaction had been pretty bad to them, to the extend that he will tell me not to use them in future. I don't think it's the scent of the perfumes because I am a huge fan of vanilla scented products, and he loves them too. So I think it should be the eow couplins. Is it because of his age ? Or there are guys who don't react well to couplins ? I've recently just made an order of unisexy , sneaky clean and another cuddle bunny, but I would love to hear from you ladies what else to try
  4. luna65 - ive gotten a sniffie of AVV and yes I do like it alot will get it since LP original is more fruity. Thanks luna65 !
  5. Hi girlies ! I'm having so much fun ever since I learnt about LP. You babes are so warm and friendly. So I took some of your advices and currently I have cuddle bunny scented , compromising positions , BAM ( sugared vanilla & honey) sensual harmony , Red Lace , Pouncing Potion , Occo White , Darling Catalina and LFM ( in spray ) . I love love the scent of compromising positions ! Is LP original something close to that ? I think I have a great love for vanilla scents So I'm thinking to get LP original , un BI , un heart&soul, un cuddle bunny , a lick of cream and cougar scented for my next order. Is there any more you sweethearts can recommend ?
  6. just ordered Red Lace, Pouncing Potion, Darling Catalina, Occo white !
  7. JOC : im soo wishing my lp parcel will arrive soon ! laughs. cant wait to make another order again =D
  8. Hi JOC ~ youre making me really excited over compromising positions !
  9. i ordered LFM in spray , cant wait for it to arrive , the results sounds great !
  10. ElizabethOSP : hi ~! yes i so wanna get lace , soo attracted to the name itself , laughs. ( i love girly stuff ! ) is lace is more of a social blend than sexual blend ? missdarlyncherie : hi ! =) yes there's so many sweet scents around here ! Invidiana : Yes ! i am a foodie! but i think im more of a sweet vanilla person than a foodie vanilla person if that make sense ~! laughs ! oh gosh , LP original and raspberry chiffon are what i intend to order ~ but my man isnt that into very sweet scents , gotta do some trial and error i guess =D
  11. Hi everyone ! thanks for all the warm replies , you're all so sweet =) I felt so happy reading them. laughs. Im turning 25 this year , I am with my man for 7years =) ,and i love love sweet scents , is there any must haves I should get ? im already thinking of getting a unscented lace , maybe something with a vanilla scent , lady's Victoria rose cookies , BAM/LAM for my next order in march. Its super tough to not get addicted to reading the forum everyday and mentally planning out a list of to get ! laughs =D
  12. hi SportyCurve5 , welcome ! im new too ! =)
  13. Hi ~ Ive been hanging around for awhile without posting because Im totally engrossed in reading reviews =) Ive actually made my first order of cuddly bunny ( scented ) and am liking it quite alot , made my second order of la femme mystere , compromising positions and sensual harmony a week ago , cant wait to receive them , and omg i am already planning to make another order in march , i am soo addicted ! laughs. Im glad i came across this forum , cos everyone's replies seem very warm and friendly , its nice be able to get to know you all =)
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