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  1. just ordered Red Lace, Pouncing Potion, Darling Catalina, Occo white !
  2. i ordered LFM in spray , cant wait for it to arrive , the results sounds great !
  3. Just placed my order earlier , its my second order =) Bottles : Compromising Positions , Sensual Harmony and La Femme Mystere Im already wanting to plan for a third order ! laughs
  4. scented CB smells innocent ,fresh and clean to me. A guy friend whom I was having a talk to ( just sitting beside each other ) suddenly lean over and smell my hair ( literally putting his nose in my hair/neck ) , then he said what perfume are you wearing ? you smell like strawberries. After I got home , he sent me messages telling me that my perfume is very nice and sweet - like strawberries , he just couldnt help himself but to lean over to take a deeper whiff. My boyfriend is out of the country at the moment , im very curious what reaction i'll get when he gets back
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