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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything. But I’m on vacation, and stopped by the LPMP shop (on my sight seeing list), met the Potion Master herself, and picked up my trial vial heavy order. Sniffing a few here and there, love it! But THIS scent I had on for a bit. Stuck in the hotel for the night since my BF is attending his brothers bachelor party/get together. When he left, I started testing and sniffing my goodies, but I slathered on Lovers and Friends on my arms. I love the marshmallow, fresh, scent. It’s a relaxing scent. A few hours later, my BF came in from the bachelor get toget
  2. Thats so funny!!! It's not like its not the holiday season and the counter girls should be working! lol. This is light, soft, and sweet. It does disappear on me fast though. I may try out my sample tomorrow since my BFF wants to do the absolute worst thing in life (IMO)...which is go Black Friday shopping! I hate crowds, so maybe I should wear this for myself! lol. I can see a ditsy girl doing that!! I think Candy Prada is going to be my next commercial 'fume purchase. I love it!
  3. This is nice, light, and beachy! Soft and coconutty! Makes me want to be on a warm island, sipping an cool umbrella drink!! One of my faves this month!
  4. I got my October Package....I was so excited to play with all of the cute Halloween toys I ALMOST forgot about my LPs...ALMOST. lol The cute goodies made my day Mara! :cat690: :cat690:
  5. I want to try an occo at work, but I'm sooooooo scared. I have 2 classes and don't want to deter my students with the copps.
  6. At first I'm getting yummy rasberry donut...with a hint of sumething musky, I'm a bit scared its gonna morph to yucky...maybe the coffee or guava? I know guava has a hint of musky taste to me. Its drying down, and fading (the muskiness). I'm getting a amber/berry...very nice! NO cops smell either!!! This is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I got OCCO purple today, and dabbed some on...i got a florally grape. And I was expecting it to be more 'dark' for some reason, but I LOVE IT!! Ack! I feel like I need all the OCCOs in my life!! If OCCO Blue is like Cuddle Bunny, thats next on the list!!
  8. This reminds me of Candy Pop at first, but as it dries down, it turns to something refreshing! I cant fully describe it, but its yum!
  9. It's a very nice scent. Very sophisticated, like a powdery floral. I hope you enjoy it as much as many of us do!!
  10. After a while of deliberation, I decided to get OCCO Pink, and its NICE!!! I do smell the cops in it, but after dry down its a nice pink berry scent? I have OCCO green, and its ok, I think purely green scents aren't me? In the bottle I don't like it much, but it does dry down nicely. I'm anxious to try the other OCCOS!!
  11. I dont smell cops in this AT ALL! I'm glad I got this. I havent really experiemented with cops, but with cops and blends with cops, I can usually smell them, but not in this. OMG, IN LOVE!!!! Does every BBMM contain Cops, or is it specially requested? Its hard to believe this contains cops. I keep thinking I got a phero-free version. lol. It sort of reminds me of Darling Clementine, without the clementine. Its too good to be true!!
  12. I wore this to the salon today (I've worn it once before), and as I was getting a manicure, I was daydreaming/thinking/watching the TV behind my manicurist (late 20s, Vietnamese, shes the sister of my usual salon person) so I was staring past her to look at the TV. Tennis was on, and I was probably doing more day dreaming than watching, but she looks at me and asks, 'Do you like whats on TV? No right?' and she laughs. She starts telling me how she wants to watch a movie, and jokingly vents about the male technician who ALWAYS has it on sports, and how she'd rather watch a movie. She commented
  13. Here's my pherotruth journal entry...I should probably start a LPMP Journal Yesterday... Formula: 3 sprays of LPMP Irresistible forces, with Open Windows Phero blend to chest, torso, and split between wrists. Setting: Work, then errands (as usual lol) The scent of this blend is unisex, possibly citrusy-musk-vanilla? Its a nice neutral scent. I didnt notice phero-effects at work (I've been too busy to actually pay attention this week), but after I went to the supermarket, and the bag boy (early 20s) was eager to unload my basket for me. I don't think I ever had a bag boy want to unlo
  14. I'm so glad I got a full bottle of this! Here's my pherotruth journal entry regarding this lovely.... Formula: 3 sprays of LPMP Far Far Away, with Audacious Phero blend to chest, torso, and split between wrists. I diluted a 1.5ml oil sample in a 5ml bottle. The bottle gives some good sprays, possibly sprays of full sized bottles. Setting: Work, then errands Earlier this week I decided to whip out my remaining sample of LPMP Far, Far Away and give it a test drive again. The last time I wore it was at a baby shower, which went well. I cant remember anything too noticeable about work,
  15. Yea, I'm in love with this one. I cant wait for my bottle to get here! I wonder if we can get this un-pheroed?
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