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  1. Can we order a sugared black pepper yet? Maybe a brown sugar black pepper?
  2. My favorite was Peppered sexpot and there was also a cherry black pepper (July girl maybe?) Whatever pepper was used in that would be fantastic!
  3. Sugared question........Black pepper? I love it in all of the PE's I've tried. Would this ever be an option?
  4. I placed an order June 8th and I stil have yet to get it
  5. Can I have one please? I still need to pay my invoice for Pumpalicious, can you just amend it?
  6. Can I please have a bottle of Pumpalicious. Thanks!!
  7. 1. LP Red 2. Peppered Sexpot 3. 7 Mins to midnight 4. Sugared Coconut 5. Cougar
  8. I think we are just praying it is.
  9. OOOOHHHHHH......What pheros do you have? Why don't you sent me an email. It's my username at yahoo.
  10. I have a bottle of Phero Charged Money Potion I would trade you for it!!!!
  11. Hi Lor, I wan't able to IM you but I am very curious about your child's experience. I have 2 kids myself, 5 and 2. If you want you can email me at cirish77 at yahoo. I would really like to talk about this. Thanks again for all of the helpful people on this forum!
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