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Lisa's Creamy Ylang 2018


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The rich scent of whipped cocoa butter - accentuated with a dash of coconut cream - swirled together with creamy ylang ylang blossoms and dusted with powdery myrrh and white amber.

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This isn't quite as fluffy as the original version, IMO, but it's such a lovely blending overall (just like in the original) - I love how the sweetness of the coconut and cocoa butter really accentuate the ylang, and the base is so soft and smooth.  It has a delicate vibe but at the same time there's an intensity to those mid-notes.  It stays pretty consistent throughout the drydown.

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Got a teeny of this and Woowwww I love it! 


I feel this one blooms a bit, then my skin eats it all up. 


This got a strong sent memory response from me. I think this must smell similar to something I have used in the past, that I really really loved. I cannot for the life of me remember what it may have been, but I feel like it probably was related to pheros in some way, a blend. 


 It’s driving me nuts I swear it smells just like this thing I used to really really love and I have absolutely no memory of what it was. I put on more just to smell more of it I love it.

Oh you know what there used to be this lotion/cream by Laura Mercier crème brûlée, it was wonderfully amazing. I think maybe that was what had the same sent (unless it was phero related),  but so very long ago when I very first started using them is when I was using the Laura Mercier product, and I would have used it to layer over my cops or other pheros (possibly before I discovered lpmp- I was pretty loyal to a different phero place until I found lpmp. They don’t even sell the 1 item I still buy anymore Tal or Molecule L.

My favorite, so bummed to see it’s gone) I am now pretty certain it was the LM this reminds me of 💟 


 I might full bottle this if any left.  My skin eats a lot of it, but also a lot is left over it really blooms into very rich feeling sent to me, very close to the skin. 

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When I first got this, it didn’t do that much for me. It’s either aged really well or I was distracted by other perfumes at the time, maybe a combination of both. I wore it today and it was so smooth and cuddly. Borderline sophisticated for a foodie like me. I’ll be reaching for this again soon!

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