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  1. Just like @Kayla, I was VERY excited to see this comeback. So excited that I ordered a FB, and slathered myself before even getting the rest of the box unwrapped! Thank goodness it was just travel shock! How has no one ever told me that the travel shock is real? How do I not know better at this point? I was worried because I didn't get much from Living Doll on that first day. And now, I could smell like this every single day. Ya'll better hurry up before me and @Kayla buy them all.
  2. All day, so far, I’ve had a little smirk on my face. “Loving you is like loving the dead” has taken on a whole new meaning.
  3. I fell asleep not long after applying this one, so I’ll have to revisit for another impression, but I have to say that it’s next-morning impression is both comforting and haunting. It makes me want to skip my morning shower. If I re-read the notes, they’re all still there, but I’d never pick them out without clues. It’s now soft but not powdery or sheer, the Tuberose and honey are keeping the chocolate and resins deep, sultry, lush. Lilu’s morning-after scent is like cuddling after really good sex. If this scent lingered in a bedroom after you left, he wouldn’t wash that pillowcase until he
  4. I’m going to post this here, as it has nothing to do with Odinsson or Lilu, but @luna65 I read what you wrote about Miss Autumn last night right immediately after I applied a little Lilu. Perfectly timed, my man said “smells like Halloween,” (Oud and labdamun.) Of course I woke with Peter Steele’s voice in my head, which then made me think of the Playgirl shoot... some things can never been unseen.... I just reread all the reviews here. I don’t know what happened to my sniffle, and I know it was more feminine, and he was the opposite of pancakes(!), but the notes sound like you’re describ
  5. That’s the only men’s that I went FB on. Although I suspect Wayward Son will be in a future order! One day I had on Savage Beast and Mother Goddess, my cats and my children were all stuck to me like glue, and my son all but started purring himself!
  6. My man sampled this today, he said it smelled like a "summer breeze." That's his first impression, but we are reading it completely differently. To me, it's manly, earthy, musky. There's only one perfect meeting point on how we both percieve it, that would be the Summer Breeze variant known as Type O Negative's Summer Girl
  7. All my new perfumes are here! Maybe I’ll go stand around the aquarium store and give the staff emergency eyes while they wait on customers who got there before me.
  8. We got our trials today, my man sniffed them all and then decided to try this one today. Now, keep in mind, there’s been no settling, but so far, it’s really good. He’s had it on for about four hours, and whatever was a bit sweeter and upfront has gone, and it’s settled into a really nice and well blended leather and smoky wood, and the whiskey also lingers. The Regarding the leather, it reads to us as a nicer, older bomber jacket leather, different than the new jacket leather of Bad Boy. The smoke stays put and isn’t at all overpowering. It’s pretty sexy. I hope it smells this capti
  9. Hello @Rupps and welcome! I would suggest that you perhaps just start with a full trial set of the women's new releases. It would give you the opportunity to try out a bunch of scents and pheros, and you'll get to see which phero's work for you the best. This is the best release of the year for testing pheros because of this release. All the phero's that are pre-blended into the lovely perfumes are already hidden, so you don't have to worry about any "stinking!" The lollipop method is best for the blends with a lot of copulins, but don't worry about those right now, many of
  10. I think this is a great thread, so hoping to bump it and get some new stories. Hey, @FlowerPower, can you add the new formulas to this thread?
  11. Agreed. Most frequently presented in spoiled dogs and other pets, I believe.
  12. I know that it's way too soon to worry about future brews, but Liebchen w/Treasured Hearts is the perfect phero for the perfect perfume!
  13. I don't think I stole it from you, but who knows? My ex was a tatooer, and there were just 3 appointments a day, 12, 3, and 6pm. Being the nature of personalized art and customer service, the time estimations are not an exact science. He would say that when he was running late, people would stare over the gate to his station and give him "emergency eyes." Of course the same people who "need" their appointment to start exactly on time need extra attention in other ways, and would never in a million years think to cut their visit short. Just like tattoos, even if people think they "need" them, p
  14. @Potion Master no one is having a perfume emergency, they will get to us when they get to us.
  15. I just re-read the notes for Wayward Son, it sounds like it’s going to pack quite a punch! I know Mara has put gunpowder in other blends, like Mangelwurzel, and I have no idea what it smells like but I appreciate the intent! I’m looking forward to huffing that one off my man after the drydown. I’m also wondering if Catch Me if You Can will be this perfect, but as of yet elusive, freshly showered and dressed scent he’s always wanted. (He has like 45 scents, what could he possibly be missing?) The notes, from the water accord to the Egyptian Musk, seem perfect. Nothing in there not to
  16. Just want to remind you all, if you have this on, to get it on your body soon! I was getting whiffs of it from myself earlier today and it is intoxicatingly womanly and sexy.
  17. The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger on a FB of LP Gold is that I know, once I have all the trials, I’m sure I’ll want some of the other bottles, too! I cannot imagine what Idyllwild will smell like, but I hope I love it, my BIL has a cabin in Idyllwild, CA. It would be fun to have a bottle that I only wear the once a year when I go there. I also suspect Kahve and Beach Baby will come live with me, but I really just need to smell them all, and it’s nice to have such a large gent’s collection to play with again.
  18. This is the best plan! I think you picked some awesome scents. I had almost recommended Bella Pesca to you, based on scent. I don't think you could go wrong with peaches! I'm also excited to smell Beach Baby and Kahve. I went with a full set of the new trials, a FB of Living Doll with CB for me, and a FB of Tsai w/ MMM for my man. I'm a little nervous to order a FB un-sniffed for him, but cyphre and a new @Snoopyace designed blend? I hope he likes it, at least for the sake of science and research! Other than SWS, he pays no attention to what phero's he's putting on, so I do hope he
  19. Omg, Tsai w/ MMM! The notes look awesome and that’s the best phero name I’ve heard in a while!
  20. @luna65 I asked him the other day in the morning. He put Smooth Operator on one wrist, and Hush on the other, and had me smell them. "See?! This one is more peppery," (Smooth Operator arm), "and this one is more smooth," (other wrist), "but they're very similar!" He was triumphant and we left it at that. Now, this was at fresh application, maybe he was also smelling the a-nol or some other male phero under the scent?
  21. So, by not mixing, i mean don't use two blends at once, because this is a learning process. Less is more. And remember, a lot of experimenting went into these blends, they're recipes. Just because you like both lasagne and Fettuccine Alfredo, doesn't mean they'll be good stirred together on one plate. Each one is it's own thing, and when you use two complex blends, you can't gauge the results until you really know what each one does on it's own. I would also caution against LFM for bonding, it's more of an "admire but don't touch" awe creating phero. Unless you were super elusive from the gate
  22. Nope! I know I once had a trial of Bunns of Cinn, but it was long ago enough to it would've been back when I alphabetized my trials, and it's not in the unphero'd tea box where I thought it would be, nor the lipstick case of phero'd trials. I think that means I used it all up so I must've liked it! The good news is that I did find a trial of Sogni Incantati from 2012 in that alphabetized box so I get to play with that tonight.
  23. You know, I never heard back more than the thank you’s, but I could check in....
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