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  1. Kind of! I’m going away this weekend and maybe my plane will be re-routed to somewhere without wifi.
  2. Well, I just went to see what Conjurer smelled like again, but stopped when I saw I had it boosted with The Love God! So, that’s my answer, Love God. But, what I also found was (in BF’s perfume box #2) multiple unopened Pherotines that I’ve bought him! So I just secretly spiked his LP Samhain, 2017 Cloven Sand, Crown Jewels, and Lumine d'Terra with The Love God! Shhhh. Don’t tell. Tomorrow I just might sneak around with that unopened Charisma that I saw.
  3. As someone who overly amps allspice, I’d have to recommend that you keep an eye out for both 10:31 w/Magnet-Halloween 2019 and Z-Day from Halloween 2018! They’re both really beautiful and enticing. I had to trade away my Z-Day because of what my skin can do with allspice, but I’ll be keeping the 10:31 forever.
  4. So…. Who can guess what I’m wondering about?
  5. @Basic Witch is pretty much the best forum name, ever. Kinda jealous!
  6. The Blue Fyre was a miss because he was asleep in seconds. But, over the past few days, I wore Bonded and Unisexy with PM, and good times were had. Like the old times, pre-covid, when we didn’t go out because we didn’t want to do anything but enjoy each other. Makes sense, phero-wise, as he used to wear a lot of Girl Nip! Maybe I'll invest in a PM spray, or perhaps some Unisexy. Thanks for asking! ETA- just found an unopened PM pherotine!
  7. Hi @Mister Pheromert, you can just put your fragrance, any fragrance, over your UN PM. They’re designed for that.
  8. I love this PM review! I rarely wear it, it’s generally on my man, I think the only thing I actually have it in is Year One! Maybe I’ll wear it tonight. I’ll take a look around and see if I also have any trials w/ PM. It does do all that for me regarding when he’s wearing it, but selfie’s would be cool, too! ETA found my trial of Blue Fyre w/ Perfect Match because @Artemis. It will be interesting to see if the PM has an effect on my man as he dislikes smoke notes on me. 💨
  9. Well, I guess the good news is that they can smell the fragrance, which was your original concern, right? So now you’ve found your proper amount that people can smell you and offer opinions, so you’re headed in the right direction. As far as opinions go, what’s your opinion on how you smell? My man has the LP #9: Green Chai w/Open Windows because he likes it and how it wears on his skin. There are many scents in his arsenal that I swoon over, but he would never in a million years wear a scent he didn’t like just because I liked it. I know @Eve mentioned in thread above, you can have any phero added to any UN-phero’d scent. And I know you’ve been given a bunch of helpful links, I’ll point you to one more link with all the currently available pre-phero’d scents LIST OF PHERO ENHANCED FRAGRANCES I love that you’re approaching this with such a sense of adventure. I also think that perhaps your audience is all salespeople and customers in a fragrance department? I think maybe there’s too much olfactory competition and Love Potion is NOT a commercial perfumery. Handcrafted, independent, and limited batch niche perfumeries offer you something more unique, you won’t smell like anyone else at the perfume counter in the department store. I hope you find what you’re seeking. Do try all of the great suggestions from @citrine @greenappletart and @Eve.
  10. Hmm, well, my partner had been known to smell freshly applied perfume from the next room, but that is not normal! I agree with @Eve, no one should be smelling you from over 1.5 meters away. That would just be too much! Scent is meant to be subtle and enticing. If my man has on something I can smell from too far away, it would be too much up close. Three feet/a meter is plenty! As far as getting “hits” with the pheros, it does take a while to find the perfect amount. Do take @Eve’s advice and read about “ghosting,” when you overshoot / overload your phero goal and end up with the exact opposite effect of what you wanted. And find pheros that make you feel good!
  11. Hi @Mister Pheromert! Welcome to LP! I don’t know that you’re doing anything “wrong,” sounds like you’re nice and clean and also smell good! Covid times are difficult, to say the least, regarding meeting strangers and luring them closer, with or without pheromones. I feel your pain! I’m not 100% sure you want people to smell you from the other side of the room, that might be a bit heavy handed. And you don’t want anyone to actually smell the pheromones, just to “sense” them. I’m not familiar with the other pheromone products that you’re using, I just stick with LP because they’re tried and true, and also LP has the best Phero products for women. (I also don’t mix pheros, since the blends are complex and I don’t want to send out a confusing phero signature.) Another thing that LP does really well is making phero’s that give us “selfies,” making us feel good. Sometimes when we feel more confident, it draws people in and then they can maybe get a closer look/sniff. And, I’m sure you know, sprays travel much further than oil, as far as perceptible scent goes. Open Windows is a great phero for communicating, making people more talkative and at-ease, and getting to know someone more intimately. But, if you are alone and the only one that the phero is working on, I believe that there’s a slight possibility that it could make you feel a lack of connection more deeply. Then you could end up feeling lonely as a result of craving connection! (Just my personal experience, I don’t recall anyone else mentioning this side-effect.) I think that there are a few people on here that could point you to higher silllage scents that will travel further for you, and you might want to try some more social phero blends. My man does really well with Swimming With Sharks, an all around confident male blend that draws people closer. You might like Sharp-Dressed Humanoid w/ Swimming with Sharks, and it’s available in the further reaching spray. Don’t mix it with anything else! And put it on your wrists if you talk with your hands. MVP is another good male social phero, you can try Ozzie or Gent. Both of these pheros will hopefully give you some selfies. Personally, I’m the kind of girl who gets pulled closer by the phero Teddy BB, a comforting phero that puts off a “I’ve got everything under control” vibe that makes women want to cuddle. Teddy BB causes women to feel safe and comforted. When worn around men, it makes you “one of the boys.” My man has gone through many bottles of Teddy Man 2, the appropriately scented version with the phero, which also comes in a spray. If you are trying to pull in a confident adult woman, you could also try to add in a LP pherotine like Mark's MILF Magnet for Men (MMM) to something you already with a more powerful reach. But I don’t know your age or circumstances, so harder to make a perfect recommendation. Tell us more about yourself and what you are hoping for and maybe others can make suggestions.
  12. Hi @Potion Master! I believe the last time I used forum credits was at 3600, if you have time can you check for me?
  13. Eastwood22


    Having a house fire made me think there would be no LP sale for me this year, but then I wore Rubylicious again today…. Has anyone else been struck by the lingering amber? I seem to be all about what’s left behind when all the top notes are gone.
  14. I have to say, when I woke up this morning, the lingering vetiver and mahogany from last night’s application was divine! The overnight drydown is one of those “(I wish it was) me, but better” scents.
  15. This was the perfect scent for me today! Back at my BIL’s in Idyllwild, I spent the day playing with four small man made ponds connected by waterfalls, filled with mosquito eating fish, water sprites, tadpoles and tiny frogs, plus water hyacinth and all kinds of blooming reedy water plants. My main activity was hopping around the pools and artistically wrapping moss around any exposed hoses. There was lots of barefoot scampering, climbing, and balancing, and hovering over tons of busy bees hanging on the hyacinth. Also spotted, empty cicada shells in the reeds. It’s warm, humid, and I’m most likely salty myself! I’d wear this anywhere humid or tropical, doesn’t feel like a perfume, more hot summer skin scent, not overly floral on me.
  16. Eastwood22


    I can’t stop wearing this. I tried to compare a few things with French lavender, putting on a few spots and sniffing away. The main impression that I’m now walking away with is that I shouldn’t have gotten Tickle Tickle in my mouth. LP’s in mouth = bad times. How many times must I learn this lesson? I call BS. My lips are tingly. About the Gogo, it morphs over the course of the day to something deeper/ more sophisticated than I had originally thought. Maybe it’s the Amber? I dunno. Hard to think with my lips on fire.
  17. Hi! Been keeping up with your story! Regarding the TH and feeling sad- This makes sense to me as it is about connection, and if there's no one to connect with, you'd feel more alone. I think I've also experienced this. Could be a kind of imprinting, or just his feelings about you are having a carryover effect! Ha! He's sprung. I'm glad you said a month. Keep us updated!
  18. Just a heads up, on the Etsy site, both 2019 and 2020 Adam’s Nectar are in the Going Going Gone section.
  19. Eastwood22


    To put this gourmand lavender into perspective, for Liebchen lovers like myself, this is not as deep as Liebchen, it’s more like Liebchen’s beautiful younger cousin who’s visiting for the summer. On me, it wears much lighter. I could see this being suitable for any daytime occasion, whereas I wouldn’t go out in Liebchen on a very hot summer day. Gogo is for when you want your beauty to appear effortless. Liebchen is more like “yeah, I know what I’m doing. Of course you want me.” Gogo lets them think it’s all their idea.
  20. No, it’s good. He could barely keep his eyes open during the basketball game he had saved to watch. I knew it was a longshot! He’s one of those people, once they’re asleep, they’re deeply asleep. And he’s a champion at napping, like it’s his superpower. I’m not a good sleeper so I find it admirable! I can smell it still, he smells expensive. Very high class!
  21. He is already asleep! Might have to try this experiment again tomorrow.
  22. Now I’m intrigued. Sex on the Beach! I looked up “Cashmeran,” that never helps. I’ll put it on him tonight! ETA- I smelled it in the vial and instantly got the cashmere effect! On him, still wet, he smells like an expensive present. 🎁
  23. Absolutely. I don’t understand how some people can so easily pick and choose which trials they want from each release. I just need them all, and I need to (mostly) try them all. There are occasional rebrews that I know aren’t for me, and I’m happy to pass them along to friends, but I always at least smell them in the vial! You never know. A minor tweak can change everything.
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