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Bonbon Booty on my shirt to send to a long distance boyfriend?

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Hi guys!

I'm in Australia and I met this guy in USA 6 months ago on a dating app and we've been video chatting about 20hrs a week for the past few months. We've never met in real life and it might still be a while due to covid travel restrictions so we've agreed to send eachother a shirt of ours to help me with my physical touch love language. 


My plan was to wear a lot of bonbon booty and put my shirt on top. I didnt have any drydown time as I couldn't smell any funk anyway so I thought it was just covered really well. I planned to wear the shirt to bed and take it off in the morning and send that with a sweet letter. It's the next morning now and I don't smell anything disgusting.... but I'm paranoid because of cops and I'm wondering if my nose is just off.


Worst case scenario is there's a whole lot of funk that I can't pick up on and he gets the shirt and thinks "OMG she smells disgusting!!!!"


What do you think?

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I agree with cinnamonmel, I'd be worried about the cops. Do you have a non-pheroed scent that you really love? Or if you're set on pheros, maybe something with only a drop of cops, like Gotcha. 

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Personally, I'd steer clear of the cops, too. Cops require a female present, if I recall correctly 🤔. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong). They cause men to view any women present as generally more attractive, which would give me pause on the off chance that he opens the package with a bunch of female friends there. Mainly my thinking is that you'd be wasting perfectly good cops, since you're not there to stimulate his attraction. 


But the idea to sleep in a tshirt and then send it is a good one. Your own pheromones would be enough. 


Have you read abput the tshirt/pheromone experiment? It's been a while since I read it, so I can't remember all of it, but worth a read if you haven't already. My hazy recall is telling me you're on the right track. 

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