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Super Happy Funtime w/Levitation (2023)

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Scent: A totally adorable jammy sweet pink blueberry fragrance.



BLUEBERRY ~ Protection, communication, peace.
SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
STRAWBERRY ~ Attraction, friendship, draws fortunate circumstances in all areas of your life.
ORANGE & BLOSSOMS ~ Strong ‘magnet’ to attract men; eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, thoughtfulness, happiness, tribute.
LEMON ~ Energizing, uplifting. Longevity, faithfulness, fidelity, friendship. Used to attract spirits.
HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.
GINGER ~ Fiery and fortifying, induces passion. Intensifies love spells and success spells. Love, money, success, power. Ginger increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones.

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It IS Super Happy Fun Time! The blueberries and strawberries are perfectly heightened by the tart lemon. The orange blossoms, ginger, and honey anchor the berries. Well-balanced, berry-forward, buzzy effect. Lasts a long time. Happy-happy-joy-joy!

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OMG!!! This is amazing!! 

Sweet fruity jam with lots of sugar goodness when first applied. It dries down to a fruity powdery perfection. Hints of baby powder for sure. I got it in a spray and over did it. It just smelled so yummy I couldn't resist. A spray to each inner elbow, two for my hair, and 2 on my chest and one on my neck. I got it in spray because levitation needs to disperse! I adore this one. I can't believe I overlooked it on my first order. And the powder that comes thru after it dries makes it more appropriate for a grown woman to wear lol not that I would care either way!


Edit to add- if you get this in spray like me remember the pheros will be more intense! I'm in the bathroom right now wiping some off. I felt like I had over dosed on caffeine from too much levitation lol! Short of breath, heart racing etc. How can anyone think pheros don't work?

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I thought I would just come in here and say that blueberry is not for me. When I tried this on Day 0, and every other time I've tried it since then, this was primarily smoky blueberry on me. I could detect the sugar from the sweetness, but I couldn't isolate the other notes. I also applied this on a paper towel around Day 9 along with Phero-Charged Money Potion (2023) and Rubylicious. How it smelled on my skin was the same as on the paper towel. 


This is not the same smell as when you sniff a natural blueberry or bite into one. It's the type of scent I remember smelling from a blueberry candle I sniffed at Bath & Body Works. It was a very sweet, artificial blueberry. The difference is, this fragrance somehow smelled elegant due to the smoky quality that I was getting. Speaking of Bath & Body Works, the vibe of this reminds me of their Black Cherry Merlot. To me, they're both evocative of dark, elegant berries. I used to enjoy that type of scent a couple of years ago, but I'm in a different phase now. If I were just going by the names, this is what I would have picked for a Money Potion: a dark, elegant, yet fruity and uplifting scent to wear before you swim with the sharks at work. I thought it was a fine scent by itself but it just wasn't for me. I resolved to perhaps give away my sample later on. 


Today is two weeks later (Day 14) since I received my package, and I tried a little drop of this again to remind myself of how it smells for writing my review. I thought wait, do I like this now? I put on some more and actually enjoyed it! It does have pretty good sillage even from a small amount. I did not originally enjoy that aspect because I thought it was too strong for a scent I did not really care for. Let me tell you though, that good sillage helped me during a diaper change. Its scent wafting from my right arm felt like a fresh, blueberry-scented breeze. 🔵💨🎐🌬👶🏻🧷😆 I also had Cotton Candy Clouds on my left arm and that one just cheered me on from a safe distance. 


I can see how this is easy to overdo, @Artemis. I just have the trial, but I put this all over my arms and above my clavicle before heading out. Mr. Onyx thought it smelled plasticky, but after I just put on a modest amount, he sniffed it on my wrist and said that it reminded him of a spiced fruit candle. I am also now getting some tartness (jammy) and some of the pinkness from its description. This truly did age well and I am looking forward to future reviews from those whose samples or bottles will age even more. I don't think this is a full bottle for me, but I am going to enjoy the rest of my trial. 


By the way, I accidentally layered this on top of some Love Potion: Red and it smells interesting. I think I need to try that out again later. 



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The candied blueberry aspect of this blend is right up front, and certainly brings that fun vibe along with it.  It's bright, sweet, tangy, all of those positive associations.  As it dries down the other notes help it to evolve to something less blatantly fruity, which is interesting.  It's almost tea-like to me.

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