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Remind Me Again

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I purchased this simply on its notes and the intent written in the description (love eternal, soulmate). It has so many notes in it that knew I’d like: frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, almond, musk, amber, patchouli, cinnamon. How could I go wrong? And I like it. I have just now realized it is unisex and it has always smelled to me that it could work on a guy. It is romantic without being overly feminine. Romantic without being overwhelming. It makes me feel romantic. This was one of the first scents I purchased off Etsy. I wore it again yesterday when I had a headache due to it being a scent I could tolerate with the headache. Despite not being a rose scent person and that being the first not, I still like this. A little goes a long way which is good considering it is long gone and I really like it. I have yet to try it on the husband; he is not really a scent wearer.

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I have a little of the original Remind Me Again concentrate on today. When M said this should last long enough to be passed down to a daughter, she was not embellishing in the least! About 12 yrs later and it smells as potent as when I first got it.

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This is still to date, my favorite perfume ever in my whole life. I only dab a bit on a few times a year because I don’t ever want to run out (and I’m pretty sure what I have is from the only time it was ever re-brewed) I FLOVE this so much, Mara. It’s like the gift that keeps giving. Thank you, for creating this. 

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