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Celrynnya's In Your FACE, Space Coyote!

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This one is a present for my brother. It's a mix of clove and musk, brightened with cedar and a touch of amber. It smells both clean and earthy, fresh and dark. It's not sweet or soapy, and it blends incredibly well with my natural skin scent. This is the scent of a coyote in gentleman's clothing. This is the kind of scent that a lady will smell only when she is close enough to hug you, and when she does she won't want to let go.


I like wearing masculine scents, but this is certainly not for girly-girls. This is a virile, playful man scent.


I had wanted to make something like a male version of SLF, and this certainly smells like a virile man on the prowl.


Huge thanks to Mara - this is perfect for my brother :)

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That's really nice that you had this made for your brother. My bro's birthday is coming up and I want to do something like that for him as well, but not a SLF potion, something more along the lines of a protection, alleviate stress, type of scent.

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