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How to get the best results with La femme Mystere?

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I am fairly new to pheromones and I just bought a bunch from Love Potion and I was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers as to how to get the best results with LFM (strength x 2) ?


1. How much do I apply and where?


2. When is the best time to apply it before being around the guy/people I want to affect?


3. How close do I have to be to the person and or how long do I have to be around him for the pheromones to "hit" him?


4. Can I use perfume over it or will that destroy the mones?

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First, take a quick look at the Phero Tips thread. Some fabulous info here from Dolly, one of the veteran phero users, and many others too. Your mileage will vary but I typically wear a swipe of LFM from my cleavage to my tummy and one split between my wrists. Yes, you should probably cover with a fragrance. Even if it doesn't smell bad to your nose, the pheros could be unpleasant to others, including the person you're aiming for. You definitely want to apply the phero long enough before you get out with others so that any cops odor has adequately dried down.

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Darwinia, do you have LFM as oil or alkohol spray? Mine is an alcohol spray (x1) but I still find it quite strong. So I use only one spray split between wrists and cleavage. I also add a bit of perfume oil. But you can as well put a perfume on top of the mones. The perfume will not destroy the mones, it would just add a good smell which would make the results even better.

Usually, I apply around 1/2 hour before I meet the person. Alcohol based sprays diffuse very well so that you don't have to get very close to the target person and the effects can be seen very fast, after a few minutes. Oil based pheromones stick more to the skin, so you have to get closer to your target. But the temperature of the air around and the body heat of the wearer also have influence on the diffusion. More heat = more diffusion.

As BlueBear said, it's a good idea to have a look at the Phero Tips thread first. There you'll find helpful tips from experienced forum users, much more experienced than I am.


PS: The kitty (your avi) is really cute!

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Hi Darwinia! Welcome to the forum! :bye:


I have LFM Spray in 60% Alcohol, 40% Oil, and to be honest I still need to test it more times to confirm my sweet spot, but I think I already found it.


HOW MUCH DO I APPLY AND WHERE? 3 sprays, 1 spray on each shoulder and 1 more spray on my neck.


WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO APPLY? Same as Snowflake, about half an hour before meeting the person.


HOW CLOSE DO YOU HAVE TO BE OF THE PERSON AND FOR HOW LONG TO GET HITS? Well, with this 60% Alcohol, 40% Oil ratio, I think I don't need to be too close all the time, I would say it has a medium range. I got hits about an hour, but I think it took that long because we were not alone at first.


Of course you can use perfume over it, any perfume you'd like,I use LP potions as cover scents but I also use commercial fragrances to cover up.


If your LFM is Strength X2, maybe you should wear less, but experiment with application, everyone's sweet spot is different...But I'm telling you LFM worked great for me when I wore it on my shoulders, I still need to review LFM and share my sweet spot discovery. I've read that other girls wear in on the back of their necks, and on their hair.


Let us know how it works out for you, Darwinia! :)

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