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  1. Ok so this isn't similar at all? Thanks
  2. I am trying to find a scent as close as possible to BodaciouS Musk and Snow Musk... is this in the same vein?
  3. I'm utterly amazed with this one. I tried it out, having seen the ingredients list and thinking this was one I could put straight into the trade list. But something amazing is going on. I normally don't like vanilla, but it is just soooo cool and sheer and lovely in this. Even though it's not foody, it is truly delicious. I don't get how there can be actual essential oils in this, normally they are really sharp but this just isn't.
  4. I've gone from an enchantress, to a princess! (of far, far away)
  5. Synergist

    Lady Frost

    I'm just a little bit in love with this at the moment. It's so cool and sheer, yet deliciously sweet. The lemony note is not piercing or nasty like it sometimes goes on me, just sweet and candy like - it reminds me a little bit of a cross between Cupidity and Feelin' Groovy. I didn't think I'd enjoy the licorice note but I can't detect it at all. Drydown is also lovely, a very natural, sweet skin smell. Winner!
  6. Balls didn't work for me either. Neither did Jouir De, though there was *something* about it that kept me coming back to try it again. In general heavy scents, even foody-heavy, go wonky on me. I have found it is best to stick to bright, fresh, "clean" smells.
  7. This started out a bit too chemical/green on me, but dried down to a pleasant, sweet floral. Not a favourite, but it's nice enough.
  8. This hasn't got nearly the cop-y presence to it that I was expecting. Instead it's surprisingly sweet in a "sharp" way, perhaps it's a bit citrusy/fruity? Unfortunately it smells a lot better in the bottle than on my skin (I was expecting it to be the other way around!!), as it quickly turns plastic and artificial smelling on me.
  9. This is almost not there at all... it's very faint, no matter how much I slather on. It's a light floral musk, and yes I get the marshmallow now I am looking for it. I wish it was a bit stronger.
  10. I've got to admit, this just isn't a me scent. It comes off as spicy, rank vanilla, with something almost resiny between it. It is definitely sexy, but not the "me" kind of sexy.
  11. I am loving my Artfire orders! Thanks so much for giving us a second shot at those GGG items!
  12. This is all vanilla on me. It's ok, though I'm not a big fan of vanilla. I wish I got the other notes out of it as well, such as the lavender or caramel, but they're just not coming through on me.
  13. I'm getting quite a fruity vibe from this as well as a deep, rich sexiness. It starts off strong and warm and elegant, but as it dries it goes a bit too rank for my liking. It's not a favourite for me, but it's not bad. Civet can be temperamental on me.
  14. I was just moving my sniffee of this from the table and couldn't resist opening it to take a whiff. Wow, this really is beautiful! Florals at their absolute best. If I could be sure this wouldn't give me a headache I'm not sure I could resist a full bottle. As it is, I will have to make my sniffee and sample last.
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